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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hann ganga, til stis ess, er hann var v. at sitja); v. e-u, used to a thing; (2) usual (ekki fekk ek minna til bs en vant er).
vanr, a. lacking, wanting, with gen.; handar em ek v., I lack a hand; vn geng ek vilja, I walk joyless; e-s er vant, something is wanting or missing; eitt sinn var vant kr ykkvab, a cow was wanting.
van-rtti, n. loss of right, injury (ola -rtti);
-rkiliga, adv. carelessly, slovenly;
-rkinn, a. careless, negligent;
-rkja (-ta, -tr), v. to neglect, disregard;
-roekni, f. lack of care, negligence;
-roekt, f. lack of care, negligence;
-sami, m. dishonour;
-snn, a. difficult to see.
vansi, m. (1) lack, want (v. matar ok kla); (2) shame, disgrace (vera fyrir, f, vansa); (3) harm, injury; eir fengu engar btr fyrir vansa sina, they got no compensation for their hurts.
van-signar, pp. cursed;
-skr-ungr, m. wretched fellow;
-stilli, n. lack of moderation, intemperance;
-stilling, f. lack of moderation, intemperance;
-stilltr, pp. (1) wanting in temper, rash; (2) excessive;
-stti, n. discord;
-smd, f. dishonour, contumely, = smd.
vanta (a), v. to want, lack; impers. with acc. of the person and thing (e-n vantar e-t); vantai eigi hesta n ara hluti, they wanted neither horses nor other things.
van-talat, pp. n. = van-mlt; ek vi hvrigan ykkar -talat, I want to speak to neither of you;
-talit, pp. n. not fully accounted for, short in the tale;
-tempran, f. immoderation;
-traust, n. lack of trust;
-tr, f. unbelief;
-trar, pp. unbelieving;
-trnar, m. distrust;
-trr, a.= van-trar;
-unninn, pp. unfinished:
-vira (-ra, -rr)l v. disregard, dishonour, put to shame;
-vira, f. disgrace, shame;
-viring, f. disgrace, shame;
-virkja, f. defect fault;
-vizka, f. foolishness.
vanyfla-stt, f. habitual illness.
van-yfli, n. pl. chronic ailments.
var-, a prefixed particle, = van-
vara (a), v. (1) to warn, caution; v.. e-n vi e-u, to caution one against, bid one beware of ( hefir at r upp tekit, er ek varaa ik mest vi); v. sik, to be on one's guard, beware; (2) refl., varast = vara sik (eir orgils vissu sr engis tta vn ok vrudust ekki); v. af e-u to take warning from (sv at arir varist af frum inum); v. e-t, to be on one's guard against, shun, take care not to (hann varaist at mest at koma vi landit); bad jarlinn vi v., to be on his guard.
vara (-i), v. to give (one) a foreboding of; ess varir mik, at, I have a presentiment that; eir kmu ar jafnan fram, er engi mann vari, where no one expected; bar hann skjtara at en vari, sooner than they expected; er minnst varir, when one least expects it.
vara, f. wares, in Norway chiefly of fur (gr-, skinna-vara), in Iceland of wadmal (vara slenzk).
varan, f. (1) warning; (2) shunning.
varar-feldr, m. a kind of cloak;
skinn, n. skin current in trade;
-v, f. = vruv.
var-boit, pp. n. underbidden, underrated;
binn, pp. unprepared.
vara (a), v. (1) to warrant, guarantee, answer for; v. fyrir e-n, to stand bail for one; ek vil, at Flosi eirm vari vi mik, my will is that F. alone shall be answerable (for the fines) to me; (2) to bargain for (S. hefir r varat viinn fyrir rj hundru einlit); (3) to be of importance (ef r ykkir v. um mna vinttu); v. e-n, to concern one, be of importance to one (at segja r at, er ik varar); v. miklu, litlu, engu, to matter much, little, naught; hann kva engu at v., said it was no business of theirs; vararengu um vra aptrkomu, it does not matter whether we come back or not; (4) to guard, watch, defend (v. land, alla vega); v. e-m e-t, to ward a thing off from a person withhold it from him; v. mr btinn: to forbid me the boat, by force; v. e-m, with infin. to hinder, prevent (varar hann f vru at komast yfir na); (5) to be liable to, punishable by (varar at fjrbaugsgar); hvat

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