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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


e-n, one is under obligation to a person,= e-m er vandi vi e-n; (3) careful; v. at e-u, particular about (hversu v. muntu vera at kaupunautum
vand-raun, f. hard trial.
van-drengr, m. mean, dishonourable fellow, = -drengr.
, n. troublesome fellowship;
-gripr, m. troublesome thing;
-kostr, m. dire choice;
-laust, adv. without troubles; skildu eir allir -laust, they parted without a quarrel;
-lkligr, a. likely to cause trouble;
-mar, m. troublesome person;
-samr, a. troublesome;
-skld, n. troublesome poet, a nickname.
vand-rast (dd), v. refl. to grumble over, complain of (-rast um e-t).
vandra-tak, n. troublesome taking;
-vant, a. n. difficult.
vand-ri, n. difficulty, trouble, perplexity (hann leysti hvers manns -ri);
-snn, pp. difficult to see; -st er vid e-u, it is difficult to be on one's guard against;
-settr, pp. difficult to place;
-skipar, pp. difficult to man (-skipar mun r stafninn);
-stilltr, pp. difficult to temper.
vand-styggr, a. 'wand-shy',flinching from the rod, of a horse.
vand-tekit, pp. n. difficult to receive; -tekit er vi e-m, it is not safe to receive one;
-veittr, pp. difficult to give;
-virkliga, adv. painstakingly, carefully;
-virkr, a. painstaking, careful;
-virkt, f. (1) good workmanship; (2) carefulness, painstaking;
-yrkliga, adv. = vand-virkliga.
van-efni, n. pl. lack of means;
-farinn, pp. in a strait; vr erum -farnir hj honum, we are much short of him;
-ferli, n. things going wrong;
-festr, pp. badly fastened;
-fraag, f, disrepute;
-frgja (-a, -r), v. to bring a bad name on;
-fri, f. disability;
-frr, a. (1) disabled, infirm; (2) unable, incapable (frr em ek til at gera r veizlu).
vanga-bein, n. cheek-bone;
-filla, f. skin andflesh of the cheek;
-gull, n. ear-ring;
-hgg, n. box on the ear.
van-geyma (-da, -t), v. to be negligent of;
geyminn, a. negligent;
-geymni, f. negligence.
-geymsla, f. negligence.
vangi, m. the upper part of the cheek.
vangr, m. field (cf.'himinvangr'); fr mnum vum ok vngum, from my hearth and home.
van-gzla, f. negligence, = van-geymsla;
-hagr, m. (1) disadvantage; (2) misconduct;
-hald, n. damage, loss (ba -hald af e-m); pl. ill-luck, thriftlessness;
-haldin, pp. getting, less than one's due, wronged;
-heir, m. dishonour;
-heila, f. = -heilsa;
-heiligr, a. wretched, ill;
-heilindi, n. failing health, illness;
-heill, a. (1) not hale, disabled; e-m verr -heilt, one is taken ill; (2) pregnant;
-heilsa, f. failing health, illness;
-henta, v. to stand in need of, want (hann kvad sr henta annat);
-hentr, a. not suitable; e-m er e-t -hent, it suits him not well;
-hertr, pp. not pushed up to one's mettle;
-hluta, a. indecl. unfairly dealt with; vera -hluta, to be worsted;
-hlutr, m. damage, loss;
-hyggja, f. lack of fore thought.
vani, m. custom, usage; leggja e-t vana sinn, to practice habitually.
van-kunnandi, f. want of knowledge, ignorance;
-kunnasta, f. want of knowledge, ignorance;
-launar, pp. badly rewarded;
-lofar, pp. under-praised;
-luktr, pp. half-finished;
-lyktir, f. pl. neglect, me (at) -lyktum, unfinished, half done;
-mtta, a. indecl. weak, infirm;
-mttigr, a. failing in strength; unable, impotent;
-mttr, m. failing strength, illness;
-megin, n. (1) weakness, illness; (2) fainting, swoon;
-meginn, a. feeble, weak;
-megn, n. = van-megin;
-megna (a), v. to weaken; refl., megnast, to grow pliant
-menna, f. worthless person;
-menni, n. worthless person;
-meta, a. indecl. in a weak, bad condition (var ftrinn -meta);
-metnar, m. disgrace;
-mettr, pp. hungry;
-minni, n. forgetfulness;
-mlt, pp. n., eiga e-t -mlt, to have anything unsaid, anything to say; hvrt sem mr verr of mlt ea -mlt, whether I say too much or too little.
vanr. a. (1) wont, accustomed (ba

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