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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


t-bori, m. the outboard, seaward side;
-borg, f. outworks;
-brjtr, m. outburst;
-brotning, f. outbreak;
-burr. m. (1) a beating out; (2) exposure (of an infant); an exposed child;
-binn, pp. fitted out;
byris, adv. overboard;
-dalr, m. a valley near the coast, opp. to 'fjalldalr'
-dyrr, f. pl. = tidyrr.
-teitr, a. not gladsome;
tekinn, pp. not taken, unleased;
telgdr, pp. uncarved;
teljanligr, a. innumerable (ar vera -lig tkn).
t-ey, f. out-lying island;
-eygr, a. gogyle-eyed;
-eygr, a. gogyle-eyed;
-fall, n. ebbing, ebb, reflux of the tide.
tfarar-, gen. from 'tfr';
-drpa, f. a poem on a voyage to Palestine;
-leyfi, n. the king's leave to return to Iceland from Norway;
-saga, f. a story of a voyage to Palestine;
-skip, n. a ship for a voyage to Palestine.
t-fer, f. (1) a journey to a remote, outlying place; (2) journey to Iceland.
tferar-leyfi, n. = tfararleyfi;
-saga, f. =tfarar-saga.
t-firir, m. pl. the outer fjords;
-firi, n. ebbing;
-fri, n. exfiedient;
-fttr, a. splay-footed, =tskeifr;
-fr, f. (1) = tfer; (2) burial (var hennar -fr gr smilig eptir fornum si);
-ganga, f. (1) a going out (from a house); (2) passage; (3) payment, discharge;
gangr, m. (1) a going out; (2) passage;
-garar, m. pl. the outer building; fra e-n vi -gara, to throw one to the wall; fra e-n um -gara, to cast one out;
, n. (1) payment, discharge; (2) outlay, fine;
-greizla, f. discharge;
-grunn, n. = t-grynni;
-grunnr, a. shoaling gradually from the shore;
-grynni, n. shallowness stretching out from the shore (sakir straums ok tgrynnis).
tgngu-leyfi, n. leave to go out.
t-gr, f. outfitting, of a war expedition;
-haf, n. the out-sea, ocean;
-hlfa, f. outskirts;
heimta, f. craving for payment;
-helling, f. outpouring, shedding (-helling bls);
-hey, n. hay of the unmanured outfields;
-hlaa, f. outlying barn;
-hlaup, n. raid, sally, excursion.
thlaups-mar, m. raider, pirate;
skip, n. pirate ship.
t-horn, n. out-skirt, out-corner;
-hverfr, a. turned inside out;
-hsa (-ta, -t), v. to deny shelter to a stranger, with dat.;
-hsi, n. outlying house;
hfn, f. carrying out to Iceland.
ti, adv. (1) out, out-of-doors (. ok inni); liggja ., to lie in the open air, houseless; byrgja ., to shut out; vera ., to be lost, perish, in a snowstorm or in a desert; (2) out at sea; eir vru . rjr vikur, they were out three weeks; drekka jl ., to hold Yule out at sea; hafa her ., to have a fleet out; (3) at an end, over (n er . s tmi).
ti-br, n. out-house, store-house.
tidyra-umbningr, m. fittings of the outer-door.
úti-dyrr, f. pl. outer door;
-f, n. cattle that graze outside in the winter;
-fugl, m. wild-fowl, opp. to 'alifugl';
-gangr, m. grazing out in the winter.
tigangs-jr, f., g -jr, land with good winter-grazing.
-tiginn, a. having no title; tiginn mar, commoner.
ti-hur, f. outer door;
-hs, n. out-house;
kamarr, m. an outside privy;
-klukka, f. outside bell;
lega, f. 'out-lying', of robbers or highwaymen; piracy (Eirkr blx var -legu ok hernai).
tilegu-mar, m. highwayman, pirate;
-vkingr, m. pirate;
-jfr, m. highwayman.
-tilheyriligr, a. improper;
tili, m. mischance;
tilltsamr, a. un-yielding;
tilleitinn, a. inoffensive;
tiltkiligr, a. inexpedient.
-tr, a. rare, infrequent.
tma-dagr, m. day of misfortune, evil day (etta er -dagr).
-tmi, m. evil time, misfortune, affliction (tmar ok gfur)
tr-ligr, a. unsightly, wretched.
ti-rr, m. = trr;
-seta, f a sitting out in the open air, esp. of wizards for the practice of sorcery.
tisetu-mar, m. wizard (sitting out at night).
ti-skemma, f. an outlying, detached house;
-vist, f. a being out at sea; hafa -vist langa, a long voyage.

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