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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


t-jr, outlying estate;
-kastali, m. -borg;
-kirkja, f. outlying church;
koma, f. (1) coming out; (2) arrival in Iceland;
-kvma, f. (1) coming out; (2) arrival in Iceland;
-kvmt, a. n., eiga -kvmt, to be permitted to return to Iceland;
-laga, a. indecl. outlawed, banished;
-laga (a), v. to deprive one of his possessions (-laga en af-snu gozi); refl., -lagast, to be fined;
-lagr, pp. outlawed, banished;
-lagr, m. outlaw;
-lagr, a. (1) outlawed, banished; (2) having, to pay a fine, fined, with the fine in dat. (vera -lagr um e-t, rem mrkum); (3) forfeited ( eru birnar -lagar vi ann, er landit );
-lausn, f. (1) redemption, from captivity; (2) ransom (bjda Helju lausn, ef hn vill lta fara Baldr heim Asgar); (3) dismissal of guests (vru ok gjafir strar at -lausnum);
-lt, n. (1) Putting out to sea (ar var Englandsfar albit til lts); (2) pl. outlays;
-leg, f. (1) banishment, exile (reka e-n -leg); (2) fine (riggja marka -leg).
tlegar-mar, m. exile;
-sk, f. fixable case;
-tmi, m. time of exile.
t-leggjast, v. refl. to be fined;
-lei, f. the outer course, at sea =haflei;
-leii, n. = t-lei;
-leiis, adv. on the outer course (snua -leiis);
-leizla, f. (1) 'leading out' of guests, taking leave of them after an entertainment (veizlan var hin vegsamligsta ok -leizlan hin skruligsta); (2) burial (jarlinn andaist ok var gr virulig -leizla hans);
-lenda, f. outlying estate, opp. to 'heimaland';
-lendast, v. (1) to travel abroad; (2) settle abroad;
-lendingr (-s, -ar), m. foreigner;
-lendis, adv. abroad.
tlendis-mar, m. foreigner.
t-lendr, a. outlandish foreign
-lenzka, f. foreign idiom;
-lenzkr, a. = tlendr (arlenzkr ok tlenzkr).
tlima-smr, a. having small, large, hands and feet.
-strr, a. having small, large, hands and feet.
t-lgja (-a, -r), v. to banish;
lgr, a. banished, outlawed;
lnd, n. pl. (1) outlying fields; (2) foreign countries (sem ttt var -lndum); (3) outlying provinces ( bygust -lnd, Freyjar ok sland);
-messa, f. afternoon service;
-mokstr, m. shovelling out, digging;
-nes, n. outlying ness;
-norr, n. north-west;
-nyringr, m. northwest wind;
-rs, n. (1) sally, sortie (gera -rsir hendr e-m); (2) outlet, outflow.
-traur, a. not reluctant, willing,; neut., trautt, as adv. quite;
traustr, a. untrusty, insincere, weak;
tregr, a. unreluctant, willing.
t-rei, f. riding out, expedition;
-rr, m. rowing out to fish (hann lt aan skja -rra).
trirar-mar, m. one who rows out to fish, deep-sea fisherman.
-tr, f. unbelief, faithlessness;
trar, pp. unbelieving;
tranligr, a. incredible;
trfastr, a. unbelieving;
trleikr, m. (1) faithlessness; (2) unbelief;
trliga, adv. (1) unfaithfully; (2) incredibly;
trligr, a. (1) incredible; (2) suspicious, not to be depended on;
trnar, m. faithlessness;
trr, a. (1) faithless; (2) unbelieving;
tryg, f. faithlessness, falseness;
tryggligr, a. not to be trusted;
tryggr, a. faithless, not to be trusted.
t-ri, n. = t-rr;
-seldr, pp. lost (:ollum tti konungr -seldr, ef hann fri vi annan mann);
-sending, f. sending out;
-sigling, f, sailing out to Iceland;
-sjr, m. the ocean;
-sjr, m. the ocean;
skagi, m. = tnes; -
-skeifr, a. splay-footed;
sker, n. 'out-skerry', distant skerry;
-skra (-a, -r), v. to explain;
-skring, f. explanation, interpretation;
-sog, n. the backward flow of the surf;
-stt, f. dysentery;
-stafr, m. outward post;
-strnd, f. outlying strand;
-sur, n. the southwest, opp. to 'landsur';
-sunnan, adv. from the south-west.
tsunnan-ver, n. = tsynningr.
t-synningr, m. south-westerly gale;
-valning, f. election;
-vega (a), v. to procure;
-vegr, m. (1) a way out; (2) expiedient, means of escape (ngan -veg hn nema renna undan); (3) state of affairs (segir hann konungi allan -veg ann, sem var );
-ver, n. outlying fishing station;
-vinna, f. service at sea;
-vgi, n. out-work;

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