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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


e-m); ˙kurteisi, f. discourtesy;
˙kurtefeliga, adv. uncourteously;
˙kurteiss, a. uncourteous;
˙kvßnga­r, pp. unmarried, of a man;
˙kve­inn, pp. unrecited, of a poem;
˙kvenska, f. unchastity;
˙kvi­inn. a. unconcerned;
˙kvŠ­a, a. speechless from wonder (ver­a ˙. vi­ e-t).
˙kvŠ­i, a. speechless from wonder (ver­a ˙. vi­ e-t).
˙kvŠ­is-mßl, n. offensive speech;
-or­, n. abusive word.
˙-kvŠntr, pp. = ˙kvßnga­r;
˙kynjan, n. a noisome thing, monster;
˙kynligr, a. not strange;
˙kynni, n. (1) uncouthness, bad manners, ill breeding,; (2) wonders (valda slÝkum ˙kynnum);
˙kyrr, a. unquiet; varrar jarls vˇru ˙kyrrar, quivered;
˙kyrra (-­a. -­r), v. to stir; refl., ˙kyrrast, to be stirred, excited;
˙kyrrleikr, m. commotion, disturbance;
˙kyrrligr, a. unquiet, tumultuous;
˙kyssiligr, a. unkissable;
˙kŠti, n. joylessness;
˙kťnn, a. unwise;
˙kťnska, f. ignorance;
˙lag, n. disorder; Ý ˙lagi, out of order;
˙laga­r, pp. unbrewed;
˙lamil­r, pp. unthrashed;
˙latliga, adv. quickly;
˙latr, a. not lazy, eager;
˙launkßrr, a. indiscreet, unreserved (var hˇn jafnan -kßr af tÝ­endum);
˙lßtr, a. disorderly, unmannered.
˙ldna (), v. to decay, rot.
˙-lei­ingasamr, a. not easily led, headstrong;
˙lei­r, a. not loath, agreeable;
˙leigis, adv. without rent;
˙lendr, a. outlandish;
˙lÚttr, a. heavy        child (˙lÚtt kona);
˙leyf­r, pp. unallowed, forbidden;
˙leyfi, n., m. the phrase, at ˙. e-s, without one's leave;
˙leyflliga, adv. without leave;
˙leyfiligr, a.=˙leyf­r;
˙leyndr, pp. unhidden;
˙leysiligr, a. indissoluble;
˙leystr, pp. unreleased, unabsolved.
˙lfalda-hßr, n. camel's hair.
˙lfaldi, m. camel.
˙lfa-■ytr, m. howling of wolves.
˙lf-grßr, a. wolf-'grey;
-hamr, m. wolf's skin, a nickname;
-hanzki, m. a glove of wolfskin, used by a sorceress;
-he­inn, m. wolf's skin, a berserk wearing a wolf skin;
-hÝ­i (-Ý­i), n. wolf's lair, wood;
-huga­r, a. evil-minded, savage;
-hugr, m. a wolf's mind, savageness, = ˙lf˙­;
-hvelpr, m. wolf's cub;
-i­Ý, n., see ˙lf-hi­i;
-li­r, m. wolf's joint, the wrist (ß h÷nd fyrir ofan ˙lflÝ­.
˙lfr (-s, -ar), m. wolf; ala e-m ˙lfa, to breed wolves for one, plan mischief (spyr ek ■at frß, at Danir muni enn ala oss ˙lfa); fig. enemy.
˙lfs-hugr, m. = ˙lfhugr;
-kj÷ptr, m. wolfs jaws;
-munnr, m. wolf's mouth :
-r÷dd, f. wolf's voice.
˙lf-˙­, f. = ˙lf-hugr (fullr upp -˙­ar) slß ß sik -˙­, to get angry.
˙-lÝ­, n. harm, mischief (veita e-m ˙.)
˙li­liga, adv. unhandily, awkwardly;
˙li­ligr, a. clumsy;
˙li­mannliga, adv. awkwardly;
˙lifat, pp. n., in the phrase, eiga skamt ˙lifat, to have a short time left to live, be near one's end;
˙lif­r, pp. dead, deceased;
˙lipr, a. not adroit, clumsy;
˙lÝfhrŠddr, a. not afraid for one's life;
˙lÝfi, m. = dau­i; sŠra e-n til ˙lÝfis, to wound one to the death; sßrr til ˙lÝfis, wounded to death.
˙lÝfis-ma­r, m. a person deserving of death;
-s÷k, f., a case or deed worthy of death.
-verk, n. a case or deed worthy of death.
˙-lÝfligr, a. not likely to live;
˙lÝkamligr, a. not bodily;
˙lÝkan, n. proud flesh;
˙lÝkindi, n. pl. (1) improbability; (2) sham, dissimulation (gera e-t til ˙lÝkinda);
˙lÝkliga, adv. improbably; hann tˇk ß engu ˙., he did not call it unlikely;
˙lÝkligr, a. improbable, unlikely (■ˇtti Ů. ˙. til lygi);
˙lÝkr, a. unlike, different;
˙lÝtill, a. not small, great; ■etta er ˙. herr, no small host;
˙ljˇss, a. dark;
˙lj˙fr, a. 'unlief ', disagreeable;
˙lj˙gfrˇ­r, a. well-informed and truthful;
ulj˙gheitr, a. making no empty threats;
˙lof, n. = ˙leyfi; at ˙lofi e-s, without one's leave;
˙lofa­r, a. unallowed;
˙lofat, a. without leave;
˙loginn, pp. true;
˙lokinn, pp. (1) unshut; (2) unpaid (˙loknar skuldir);
˙lund, f. ill temper, spleen.
˙lundar-ma­r, m. ill-tempered man.
˙-lyfjan, n. Poison;
˙lyginn, a. unlying, truthful;
˙lyndi, n. = ˙lund
˙lystiligr, a. disagreeable, unpleasant;
˙lŠr­r, pp. unlearned; lay;
˙lŠti, n. pl. ill-manners, disorder,

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