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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


˙-hˇgligr, a. inconvenient, uneasy;
˙hrakligr, a. not shabby;
˙hrapalliga, adv. unhurriedly, leisurely;
˙hraustr, a. weak; ˙hraust kona, a woman with child;
˙hreinindi, n. pl. uncleanliness;
˙hreinliga, adv. uncleanly;
˙hreinlifi, n. = saurlifi;
˙hreinn, a. (1) unclean ■eim sta­ mß ekki vera ˙hreint); (2) foul, dangerous, of passage (˙hreint ok skerjˇtt); ■eir s÷g­u, at ˙hreint var Ý ˇsinum, that it was infested by a monster;
˙hreinsa, f. uncleanliness;
˙hreytiligr, a. unmanly, not valiant;
˙hrodinn, pp. uncleared, of ships in a battle; .
˙hrˇ­igr, a. inglorious;
˙hryggr, a. unconcerned;
˙hrŠ­iliga, adv. wilhout fear;
˙hrŠddr, a. fearless, unfearing;
uhrŠ­iliga, adv. fearlessly;
˙hrŠ­inn, a. dauntless;
uhrťriligr, a. immovable;
uhrťssi, n. a filthy thing, mean fellow;
˙hr°rligr, a. not ruinous;
˙hr°rna­r, pp. unwithered, undecayed;
˙hugna­r, m. discomfort;
˙hugr, m. gloom, despair (slˇ ß ■Šr ˙hug miklum ok grßti);
˙hvatr, a. unvaliant;
˙hverfra­liga, adv. unwaveringly;
˙hygginn, a. imprudent;
˙hyrliga, adv. with an unfriendly look, frowningly;
˙hřrligr, a. frowning;
˙hřrr, a. unfriendly-looking, frowning;
˙hŠfr, a. unfitting;
˙hŠtt, a. n. without danger, safe (■egar skipum var ˙. at halda.ß milli landa); lßta ˙. vi­ e-n, not to plot against one; as adv.,eigi ˙., not without some danger;
˙hŠttligr, a. not dangerous;
˙hťfa, f. enormity, wickedness (vŠri ■at ■ˇ en mesta ˙. at ver­a mÚr ekki at ri­i);
˙hťf­, f., = ˙hťfa;
uhťfi, n. = ˙hťfa;
˙hťfiliga, adv. wickedly;
˙hťg­, f. uneasiness, inconvenience;
˙hťgiliga, adv. uncomfortably;
˙hťgindi, n. pl. (1) uneasiness, difficulty; (2) pain, ill-health;
˙hťgja (-­a), v. to make uneasy or uncomfortable (˙. e-m, or fyrir e-m); refl., ˙hťgjast, to become uneasy or painful (tˇk at ˙. sˇtt hans);
˙hťgligr, a. painful;
˙hťgr, a. (1) difficult, hard (var ˙hťgt at koma or­um vi­ hann); (2) painful (sˇtt str÷ng ok ˙hťg); honum var svß ˙hťgt, he felt so uneasy; (3) unruly;
˙hťverska, f. discourtesy;
˙hťverskr, a. unmannerly;
˙h÷f­ingligr, a. unworthy of a great man, undignified;
˙Ýtarligr, a. humble;
˙jafn, a. (1) uneven, unequal (tveir kostir ujafnir) : ˙jafnt, unequally, unfairly (skipta ˙jafnt); (2) of numbers, odd.
˙jafnadar-fullr, a. full of injustice;
-ma­r, m. an overbearing-man.
˙-jafna­r, m. (1) inequality; (2) injustice, unfairness, tyranny (hvart man Gunnari hefnast ■essi ˙.).
˙jafn-girni, f. unfairness;
-gjarn, a. unfair;
-liga, adv. unequally;
-ligr, a. unequal, uneven -lig orrusta);
-skipa­r, pp. unevenly manned.
˙-karlmannligr, a. unmanly;
˙kßtr, a. gloomy, dismal;
˙kembdr, pp. unkempt;
˙kenndr, pp. (1) not expressed by a 'kenning' (˙kennd heiti); (2) not intoxicated;
˙kenniligr, a. unrecognizable;
˙kerskr, a. weak;
˙keypis, adv. gratuitously;
˙kj÷rligr, a. wretched (˙. kostr); ■ˇtti honum sß hlutr ˙kj÷rligastr, the worst choice;
˙klaksßrr, a. not sensitive, thick-skinned;
˙kl˙sa­r, pp. unhampered;
˙klŠddr, pp. unclad;
˙kl°kkvandi, pr. p. unmoved; sß einn hlutr var svß, at hann mßtti aldri ˙. um tala, that he could never speak of it without being moved to tears;
˙knßleikr, m. lack of strength;
˙knßligr, a. pithless, infirm;
˙knßr, a. weak, infirm;
˙knyttir, m. pl. bad tricks;
˙kominn, pp. (1) not come; (2) future;
˙konungligr, a. unkingly;
˙kostigr, a. wretched;
˙kostr, m. (1) bad choice; (2) fault;
˙krisma­r, pp. unanointed;
˙kristiligr, a. unchristian-like;
˙kristinn, a. unchristian;
˙krŠsiligr, a. undainty, filthy;
˙kr÷ptugr, a. lacking strength, weakly;
˙kr÷ptuligr, weak, feable;
˙kulsamr, a. insensitive to cold;
˙kulvÝss, a. insensitive to cold;
˙kunnandi, f. ignorance;
˙kunnigr, a. (1) unknown; (2) unacquainted with; H. brßst ˙. vi­ ■etta, H. made as if he knew nothing about this;
, adv. like a stranger (ekki ri­a ■eir ˙.)
˙kunnr, a. unknown, strange (˙.

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