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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


˙giptu-ßr, n. hopless year;
-brag­, n. ill-boding countenance;
-fullr, a. hapless, unlucky;
-liga, adv. haplessly;
-ligr, a. of luckless appearance;
-ma­r, m. unlucky man;
-samliga, adv. = ˙giptu-liga;
-samligr, a. hapless looking, evil-boding;
-verk, n. = ˙happaverk.
˙-girniligr, a. undesirable;
˙glat­r, a. cheerless, gloomy;
˙gle­i, f. sadness, melancholy; taka ˙., to grow melancholy;
˙gle­ja, (-gladda), v. to make sad (■arf ■ik ■etta eigi at ˙.); impers., ˙gle­r e-n, one turns sad; refl. ˙gle­jast, to turn sad Ë. ˙gladdist, er lei­ ß vetrinn);
˙-glÝkr, a. see '˙lÝkr';
˙glÝminn, a. not good at wrestling;
˙gl°ggt, adv. not clearly (sjß, vita ˙.);
˙gnˇgligr, a. insufficient;
˙gnˇgr, a. insufficient, not enough;
˙goldinn, pp. unpaid;
˙gˇ­gjarn, a. evil-minded
˙gˇ­gjarnligr, a. spiteful;
˙gˇ­r, a. bad, wicked; gera sÚr ˙gott at e-u, to be displeased with;
˙grandvarliga, adv. dishonestly, immorally;
˙grandveri, f. dishonesty;
˙grei­a (-greidda), v. to put in disorder (˙. e-t fyrir e-m);
˙grei­fťrr, a. difficult to pass over;
˙grei­i, m. impediment (■etta var mÚr ˙.);
˙grei­r, a. unexpeditious;
˙grimmir, a. not cruel, humane;
˙grynni, n. boundlessness, immense quantity of (˙. fjßr, ˙. li­s);
˙grť­iligr, a. irremediable;
˙gylldr, pp. ungilt;
˙gŠfa, f. = ˙gipta;
˙gŠfr, a. (1) luckless; (2) unruly.
˙gŠfu-fullr, a. unlucky;
-ma­r, m. luckless fellow;
-samliga, adv. lucklessly;
-samligr, a. luckless-looking.
˙gŠtiliga, adv. heedlessly, incautiously (mŠla. u.);
ugŠtinn, a. heedless;
˙g÷fugr, a. not of noble extraction;
˙g÷randi, pr. p. that cannot he done (n˙ er ■at ˙g°randa);
˙g÷rla, adv. not exactly (vita, sjß ˙.);
˙g÷rr, pp. undone, unaccomplished;
˙g°rr, adv. compar. less clearly (vita ˙.);
˙hagfeldr, a. inconvenient;
˙hagliga, adv. inconveniently;
˙hagligr, a. inconvenient;
˙hagna­r, rn. inconvenience;
˙hagr, a. unhandy, unskilled;
˙hagstť­r. a. unfavourable (˙. vindr);
˙hagvirkr, a. unskilled as a worker;
˙haldkvŠmr, a. disadvantageous;
uhallr, a. not slanting;
˙haltr, a. not lame;
˙hamingja, f. bad luck, disaster.
˙hamingju-samligr, a. evil-looking.
˙-handlatr, a. not slow of hand;
˙happ, n. mishap, ill-luck, misfortune (korna ■Úr ˇll ˙h÷pp senn).
uhappa-dvergr, m. wicked dwarf
-fullr, a. unlucky;
-laust, adv. without a mishap occuring;
-ma­r, m. unlucky man;
-verk, n. unfortunate deed (vinna hit mesta -verk).
˙-har­fťrliga, adv. not harshly, gently (tala ˙. til e-s);
˙har­mannligr, a. not hardy;
˙har­natr, pp. unhardened;
˙har­skeytr, a. weak as an archer;
˙hßskasamr, a. not dangerous;
˙hßttr, m. bad habit;
˙hefndr, pp. unavenged;
˙hegndr, pp. unpunished;
˙heilagra. unholy; outlawed;
˙heill, a. insincere;
˙heill, f. mishap, ill-luck.
˙heilla-trÚ, n. unlucky tree.
˙-heilsamr, a. unwholesome;
˙heimila (), v. to deprive one of title to (˙ e-m e-t);
˙heimill, a. unlawful;
˙theimskr, a. not foolish, intelligent;
˙helga (), v. to proclaim a person to be ˙heilagr;
˙helgi, f. the state of being ˙heilagr;
˙heppiliga, adv. unluckily;
˙hermannligr, a. unmartial, unworthy of a warrior;
˙herskßr, a. (1) unmartial; (2) not harried by war, of a country (fyrir ■ß sˇk var ˙herskßtt Ý SvÝ■jˇ­);
˙heyriliga, adv. in an unheard-of way, wickedly;
˙heyrligr, a. unheard-of, wicked;
˙hlÝfinn, a. not sparing oneself;
˙hljˇ­, n. shoutings;
˙hlutdeilinn, a. unmeddlesome;
˙hlutsamr, a. unmeddlesome;
˙hlutvandr, a. dishonest;
˙hlř­inn, a. disobedient;
˙hlřnast (a­), v. to disobey (˙. e-m);
˙hlř­ni, f. disobedience;
˙hneistr, pp. undisgraced, = ˙neistr;
˙hneppiliga, adv. not scantily, fully (˙. at ■ri­jungi);
˙hn°ggr. a. liberal;
˙hˇf, n. (1) excess; (2) immensity (˙. kvikfjßr).
˙hˇf-samliga, adv. immoderately;
-samligr, a. immoderate;
-samr, a. intemperate;
-semd, f. excess.

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