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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a. unswift of foot; ekki ˙., not slowof foot;
˙fˇtlinr, a. not soft for the foot (stigr ˙.).
˙fr (-a, -ar), m. (1) roughness, rough edge, splinter; (2) hostility (risu ˙lar ß vinfengi ■eira); (3) the uvula (fekk hann til lŠkni at skera sÚr ˙f); (4) the horned owl.
˙fr, a. hostile (˙far 'ro disir).
˙-framarr, adv. less forward;
˙framgjarn, a. shy;
˙framliga, adv. not forwardly, shyly;
˙framr, a. unforward, shy;
˙framsřni, f. improvidence;
˙frßleikr, m. slowness;
˙frßr, a. faint, weakly;
˙fregit, pp. n. unasked;
˙frekliga, adv. not forwardly;
˙frekr, a. not forward;
˙frelsa (), v. to make captive, deprive of freedom;
˙frelsi, n. tyranny;
˙fremd, f. shyness;
˙freski, ˙freskr, see 'ˇfreski, ˇfreskr';
˙fri­ast (), v., ˙fri­ast me­ ■eim, they become enemies.
˙fri­ar-flokkr, m. hostile band;
-fylgjur, f. pl. 'fetches' of hostility;
-kvittr, m. rumour of war;
-laust, adv. peacefully;
-ma­r, m. enemy;
-vŠnn, a. boding hostilities.
˙-fri­liga, adv. in an unpeaceful manner (lßta ˙.);
˙fri­ligr, a. unpeaceful, unruly;
˙fri­r, m. war, hostilities; er ■eir ur­u varir vi­ ˙fri­, when they found that the enemy was near;
˙fri­samligr, a. unpeaceful, warlike, disturbed;
˙fri­samr, a. unruly;
˙fri­vŠnn, a. unpromising for peace;
˙fritt, a.n. unpeaceful; e-m er ˙., one's life is without rest;
˙frÝ­leikr, m. ugliness;
˙frÝ­r, a. ugly;
˙frjßls, a. unfree;
˙frjˇr, a. barren;
˙frjˇsamr, a. unfertile, unproductive;
˙frˇ­leikr, m. want of knowledge;
˙frˇ­liga, adv. foolishly (spyrja ˙.);
˙frˇ­ligr, a. foolish (˙frˇ­lig spurning);
˙frˇ­r, a. ignorant;
˙frřnliga, adv. frowningly;
˙frřnligr, a. frowning;
˙frřnn, a. frowning;
˙frŠg­, a. discredit;
˙frŠgja (), v. to defame;
˙frŠgr, a. inglorious. eigi ˙frŠgari, not less famous;
˙frŠndsamliga , adv. unkinsmanlike;
˙frŠr, a.=˙frjˇr;
˙frť­i, f. ignorance, lack of information;
˙frťkn, a. unwarlike, timid;
˙ff˙inn, a. unrotten;
˙f˙ss, a. unwilling (˙. e-s);
˙fylginn, a. not following (˙. e-m);
˙fyririatsamr, a. intractable, headstrong;
˙fyrirleitinn, a. reckless;
˙fyrirleitni, f. recklessness;
˙fyrirsynja, f. want of foresight (■at mß ■ykkja mikil ˙.); ˙fyrirsynju, accidentally;
˙fŠliliga, adv. undauntedly;
˙fŠlinn, a. dauntless;
˙fťra, f. (1) impassable place; er ˙. at komast ■ar yfir, it is impossible to cross it; (2) critical state (vera Ý (˙fťru); hla­a skip til ˙fťru, to overload a ship; (3) dangerous task (ek kalla ■at vera ˙fťru at berjast vi­ ■ß at svß b˙nu);
˙fťr­ir, f. pl. impassableness, esp. from snow (lag­i ß snjßva ok ˙fťr­ir);
˙fťri, n. dangerous situation; mei­a til ˙fťris, to disable;
˙fťriligr, a. (1) impracticable, not to be done; (2) impassable;
˙fťrr, a. (1) impassable (˙. vegr, ˙fťrt vatn); (2) disabled (G. var ■ß ˙. fyrir fˇtarins sakir); (3) impossible (at honum mundi ekki ˙fťrt).
˙fťru-vegr, m. an impassable road.
˙-fˇlr, a. not pale;
˙fˇr, f, disastrous journey, disaster; esp. in pl. disaster, defeat, ill-luck (gle­jast af ˙f÷rum e-s); fara ˙f÷rum fyrir e-m, to be worsted by one;
˙gagn, n. hurt, harm, loss;
˙gagnvŠnligr, a. unprofitable;
˙gaman, n. no pleasure;
˙gaumgŠfi, f. inattention;
˙gaumgŠfr, a. heedless;
˙gß, f. (1) inattention; (2) careless life (liggja Ý ˙gß ok Ý drykkju);
˙ge­ligr, a. disagreeable;
˙gefinn, pp. (i) not given away; (2) vacant (˙gefnar kirkjur);
˙gegn, a. unreasonable, self-willed;
˙gegnliga, adv. improperly:
˙geigvŠnligr, a. not dangerous;
˙gengr, (1) unfit to walk on (Ýss ˙.); (2) unable to walk (var sveinninn ˙.);
˙getinn, pp. (1) not begotten; (2) lßta sÚr ˙getit at e-u, to be displeased at;
˙geyminn, a. heedless;
˙gildr, a. unatoned, for whom no weregild has to be paid; falla ˙., to be slain wilh inpunity, without liability to wergild;
˙gipta f. ill-luck;
˙giptr, pp. not given away, unmarried, of a woman.

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