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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


grown-up man;
a. not naked, hidden;
˙beygiligr, a. unbending, unyielding;
˙bilgjarn, a. unyielding, wrong-headed;
˙bilt, a. n. not frightened; brˇ­urnum var ˙bilt, the brother was not afraid; lßta sÚr ver­a ˙., to take fright;
˙birgr, a. unprovided;
˙birktr, pp. unbarked;
˙birta, f. darkness;
˙bjartr, a. not bright, dark;
˙blau­r, a. dauntless;
˙bli­a, f. disfavour;
˙bli­r, a. unkind, frowning;
˙blˇ­igr, a. unbloody;
˙bo­inn pp. unbidden;
˙borinn, pp. unborn;
˙bˇkfrˇ­r, a. unlettered.
˙bˇta-, gen. pl. from '˙bťtr';
-ma­r, m. criminal;
-mßl, n. a case which cannot be atoned for with money;
-s÷k, f. crime, felony.
˙brag­ligr, a. dull-looking,;
˙brß­g÷rr, a. slow of growth;
˙brß­r, a. slow;
˙brßtt, slowly;
˙brß­rei­r, a. dispassionate;
˙breiddr, pp. unspread;
˙breytÝliga, adv. in a common manner;
˙breytiligr, a. unchangeable;
˙breyttr, pp. unaltered; u. ma­r, a common, plain, everyday man;
˙brig­anligr, a. unchangeable;
˙brig­r, pp. unchanged, steadfast; (u. vinr)
˙brotgjarn a. not brittle
˙brotinn, pp. unbrokem;
˙bryddr, pp. unshod;
˙b˙inn, pp. unprepared; unready, unwilling;
˙byg­, f. unpeopled tract, wilderness;
˙byg­r, pp. unpeopled;
˙byggiligr, a. uninhabitable;
˙byrja, a. barren, sterile, of a woman;
˙bŠriligr, a. unbearable;
˙bťnir, f. pl. curses, imprecations;
˙bťtiligr, a. irreparable,
˙bťtr, f. pl. an act that cannot be atoned for by money;
˙bťttr, pp. unatoned, not atoned for;
˙dau­ahrŠddr, a. not afraid for one's life;
˙dau­leikr, m. immortality;
˙dau­ligr, a. undying, immortal;;
˙dau­r, a., ˙. at eins (at einu), all but dead
˙daufligr, a. not dull;
udaunan, f., bad smell.
˙daunn, m. bad smell.
˙dß­a-ma­r, m. malefactor;
-verk, n. crime.
˙dß­ir, f. pl. misdeeds, outrage.
˙deigliga, adv. harshly;
˙deildr, pp. undivided, whole;
˙dirf­, f. lack of courage;
˙djarfr, a. timid;
˙drßpgiarn, a. hot bloodthirsty;
˙drenliga, adv. unmanfully, meanly;
˙drengiligr, a. unworthy of a man;
˙drengr, m. bad fellow;
˙drengskapr, m. meanness;
˙drj˙gr, a falling short;
˙drukkinn, pp. sober
˙dyg­, f. faithlessness, bad faith; dishonesty;
˙dyggleikr, m. dishonesty;
˙dyggr, a. dishonest, wicked;
˙dřrr, a. not dear, cheap.
˙dŠldar-ma­r, m. overbearing man
˙-dŠll, a. (1) difficult, hard; (2) over bearing, quarrelsome;
˙dŠlleikr, m. overbearing temper.
˙dťma-mikill, a. portentous
-verk, n. monstrous deed, enormity.
˙doemi, n. pl. enormity, monstrous thing; vera me­ ˙dťmum, to be unexampled;
˙dťmiligr, a. unexampled, enormous;
˙efni, n. perplexed, precarious state of affairs;
˙einar­r, a. insincere;
˙eirarfullr, a. unruly;
˙eir­, f. disquietude, tumult (kapp fullr ok ˙eir­ar);
˙eirinn, a. unruly unforbearing;
˙endanligr, a. endless, interminable;
˙fagna (), v. condole with;
˙fagna­r, m. (1) row; (2) wickedness; (3) plague;
˙fagr, a. ugly;
˙fagrligr, a. unhandsome;
˙fall, n. mishap;
˙fallin, a. unfitted, unbecoming;
˙falr, a. not for sale;
˙falsa­r, pp. unfalsified;
˙farinn, pp. not gone;
˙farna­r, m. misfortune;
˙fßguligr, a. unpolished;
˙feginn, a. not glad, sorry;
˙fegra­r a. unadorned;
˙feigr, a. not fey;
˙feldr, a. = ˙fallinn;
˙fengiligr, a. of little value, unimportant;
˙fenginn, pp. not got;
˙ferjandi, pr. p. not to be ferried, of an outlaw;
˙fÚsamr a. yielding little profit, unprofitable;
˙fimleikr, m. unhandiness;
˙fimliga, adv. awkwardly;
˙fimr, a. awkward;
˙fj÷llˇttr, a. without mountains;
˙fjˇt, n. pl. broils, blunders;
˙flattr, pp. uncut up, of fish;
˙fleygr, a. unfledged, not able to fly;
˙fljˇtr, a. slow;
˙flokkr, m. rabble;
˙flugumannligr, a. not like a fluguma­r;
˙flřjandi, a., a. u. herr, an overwhelming host;
˙forsjßligr, a. imprudent;
˙forvitinn, a. not curious;
˙fˇlginn, pp. unhidden;

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