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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


come, resource;
-taka, f. (1) taking up; (2) seizure, confiscation (-taka b˙anna); (3) the translation of a saint;
-tekja, f. (1) a taking to a thing; (2) beginnixg; (3) reception (cf. taka e-t vel, illa upp);
-tekning, f. the translation of a saint;
-tekt, f. (1) seizure (fjßr -tekt); (2) income, revenue; (3) beginning of a discourse (hann haf­i ■ß -tekt, at);
-tendran, f. kindling;
-tœkr, a. (1) confiscable, forfeitable; (2) helpless, at one's mercy, =-nŠmr;
-varp, n. (1) throwing up (of a volcano); (2) source, cause (-varp alls ˙fri­ar);
-vÝss, a. found out, known (var­ aldri -vÝst, hverr ■etta vÝg haf­i vegit); lßta e-t -vÝst, to make known;
-v÷xtr. m. (1) growth; seinligr Ý -vexti, slow in growing up; (2) stature, height (lÝtill var -v÷xtr hans).
uppv÷zlu-mikill, a. boisterous = uppiv÷zlu-mikill.
upp-■unnr, a. thin upwards.
ups, f. eaves (Egill skaut endanum, er loga­i, upp undir upsina).
upsi, m. coal-fish, a nickname.
ur­ (pl. -ir), f. heap of stones fallen from a hill (grjˇt ok ur­ir).
ur­a (), v. to cover with stones.
ur­ar-ma­r, m. outlaw (gera e-n at -manni); cf. 'skˇgarma­r'.
ur­ar-mßni, m. a 'weird moon', boding evil;
-or­, n. decree of fate.
ur­-grťfr, a. that ought to be buried under piles of stones.
ur­r (gen. -ar), f. weird, fate.
ur­r, m. bane, curse (u. ÷­linga).
urga (ab), v. to gnash (u. t÷nnum).
urga, f. strap, rofie's end (rare).
url, n. a kind of hood (for. word).
urt (pl. -ir), herb, = jurt.
usli, m. burning embers, fire (eldr OK usli); devastation by fire.
usli, m. damage, = auvisli.
utan, adv.; see '˙tan'.
uxa-bßss, m. ox-stall;
-hn˙ta, f. joint-bone of an ox;
-h˙­, f. oxhide;
-h÷fu­, n. head of an ox;
-kjˇt, n. ox-beef;
-merki, n. Taurus, in the Zodiac.
uxi (pl. uxar, older forms yxn, eyxn, °xn), m. ox; yxninir, the oxen; eyxn margir, many oxen; neut. plur., ■rj˙ yxn, three oxen.
˙ or ˇ, a negative prefix before nouns, adjs., advs., and verbs, in-, fix-, dis-.
˙a (only pret. ˙­i), v. to swarm, teem with (hvert vatn ˙­i af fiskum).
˙-aflßtliga, adv. incessantly;
˙aflßtsamr, a. unintermittent;
˙afskiptsamr, ˙afskiptinn, a. not meddlesome;
˙alandi, pr. p. who must not be fed, of an outlaw.
˙aldar-, gen. from '˙÷ld';
-flokkr, m. band of rovers;
-ma­r, m. rover, villain;
-vetr, m. famine-winter.
˙-alinn, pp. unborn;
˙arfgengr, a. not entitled to inherit;
˙argr, a. wild, savage; hit ˙arga dřr, the fierce animal, the lion;
˙armvitugr, a. uncharitable, hard-hearted;
˙athuga-samr, a. inattentive;
˙athygli, f. inattention;
˙au­igr, a. unwealthy, destitute;
uau­ligr, a. not likely to be destroyed;
˙au­na, f. ill-luck, misfortune;
˙au­rß­inn. pp. not easily managed;
˙ßfenginn, a. not intoxicating;
˙ßgangasamr, a. not encroaching upon others, peaceful;
˙ßgengiligr, a. not aggressive;
˙ßgjarn, a. not covetous;
˙ßhlř­inn, a. self-willed;
˙ßkafliga, adv. listlessly;
˙ßkafr, a. not eager, slovenly; engu ˙ßkafari, no less eager!
˙ßleitinn, a. unencroaching;
˙ßr, n. bad season, dearth;
˙ßran, n. bad season, dearth;
˙ßrenniligr, a. not easy to attack;
˙ßrligr, a. unthriving;
˙ßrvŠnn, a. not promising a good crop or season;
˙ßrŠ­iligr, a. unlikely;
˙ßstfˇlginn, pp. unbeloved;
˙ßst˙­ugr, a. loveless;
˙ßst˙­ligr, a. unamiable;
˙ßtan, f. a thing not to be eaten;
˙ßvaxtasamr, a. unproductive;
˙bar­r, pp. unbeaten;
˙be­inn, pp. unbidden;
˙bei­ull, a. not requesting;
˙beinn, a. not straight; awry;
˙bernskliga, adv. unchildishly, like a

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