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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fr -hafi, from the beginning; (2) advancement, honour (tti eim mikit -haf , ef au vri lk gui);
-hafari, m. founder;
-hafligr, a. original;
-hafning, f. elevation, pride.
upphafs-mar, m. author, originator (-mar at e-u, til e-s);
-stafr, m. initial letter.
upp-hald, n. (1) holding up, lifting; (2) keeping up, preservation (veita -hald musterinu).
upphalds-kerti, n. a taper to be held up or carried in procession;
-mar, m. upholder, maintainer.
upp-hr, a. coming high upon the leg (-hr skr);
-heimr, m. the heaven;
-heldi, n. upholding, maintenance;
-hlaup, n. riot, tumult.
upphlaups-mar, m. rioter.
upp-hlutr, m. the upper part of a kirtle;
-h, f. elevation.
uppi, adv. (1) up; sitja u., to sit up; hafa u. xina, to lift the axe; standa u., to be left standing (eir, er stu u.); to lie ashore, of a ship; var u. rst mikil firinum, the current rose high; eiga vef u., to have a loom up, to be at work weaving; vera snemma u., to be up early; lta e-t u., to come forth with; (2) vera, u., to live ( eira manna minnum, er vru u.); to be at an end, gone (var u. hverr peningr); n munu u. sgur nar, now you must be quite at the end of your stories.
uppivzlu-mar, m. a turbulent, overbearing man;
-mikill, a. turbulent, overbearing.
upp-kast, n. stretching, drawing;
-koma, -kvma, f. coming-up, outbreak (-koma elds);
-kveiking, f. kindling;
-lendingar, in. pl. the men from the Upplnd;
-lenzkr, a. belonging to the Upplnd;
-ltti, n. ceasing, of rain;
-litning, f. looking up, contemplation;
-litill, a. small at the upper end, tapering;
-lok, n. unlocking opening;
-lokning, f. (1) = -lok; (2) delivery;
-lost, n., false rumour;
-lostning, f. false rumour;
-lgr. a. elevated, lying high.
Upp-lnd, n. pl. the Uplands, inland counties, in the east of Norway.
upp-nm, n., tefla -nm, to expose a piece so that it can be taken;
-numning, f. being taken up into heaven, assumption.
uppnumningar-dagr, m. Assumption-day (-dagr Maru).
upp-nmr, a. (1) confiscable, forfeitable (f -nmt konungi); (2) vera nmr fyrir e-m, to be helpless, at one's mercy;
-orpinn, pp. = -nmr 2;
-rs, f. (1) rise; -rs elds, eruption; slar -rs, sunrise; (2) raid, descent, from ships (veita, gera -rs); (3) origin (-rs ok fi eira merkismanna); (4) cause (-rs alls friar);
-regin, n. pl. the high gods;
-reising, f. a raising up, reparation;
-reisn, f. = -reist 2;
-reist, f. (1) uprising, rebellion (gera -reist mti konungi) (2) raising up, reparation (hljta skaa, en enga -reist); f -reist, to rise again.
uppreistar-drpa, f. a poem on the creation;
-saga, f. the story of creation, the book of Genesis.
upp-rennandi, pr. p. rising (at -rennandi slu);
-rttr, a. upright, erect (sitja -rttr);
-risa, f. resurrection (eptir -risu Jesu).
upprisu-dagr, m. Resurrection-day.
upp-runi, m. (1) rise (-runi slar); (2) growth; (3) origin; (4) the growing age, youth;
-rta (-tta, -ttr), v. to root up;
-saga, f. pronouncing (-saga dms);
-st, f. and n. a place where ships are drawn ashore;
-skr (-sk, -sktt), a. communicative (gerast -skr urn e-t);
-skelldr. pp. mounted (-skellt skaptit me silfri);
-skot, n. delay;
-sltta, f. = upplost, false rumour;
-smii, n. building, raising a house;
-spretta, f. (1) spring fountain-head (-spretta rinnar) (2) source (-spretta friar landinu)
-staa, f. (1) a standing upright; (2) a standing up, rising;
-stertr, a. strutting; ganga -sterti, to walk haughtily;
-stigning, f. (1) rising, ascent, advance; (2) the Ascension.
uppstigningar-dagr, m. Ascension-day.
uppstigu-dagr, m. Ascension-day.
uppstu-tr, n. post.
upp-sgn, f. - -saga;
-tak, n. in-

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