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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mikill, at llum tti u. at); (2) with the notion of shame, scandal (at var u. mikit, at hann skyldi liggja fyrir ftum eim); gora sik (grast, vera) at undri, to make a spectacle of oneself, be made a spectacle of.
undra (a), v. (1) to wonder at, with acc. (allir undra essa manns afl); (2) impers., mik undrar, it astonishes me; (3) refl., undrast e-t, to wonder at (fru menn t r hverri b at u. ); u. um e-t, to be astonished at.
undra-mar, m. wonderful man.
undran, f. wonder, astonishment.
undranar-verr, a. wonderful.
undr-ltr, a. given to wondering, eager for strange news;
-ligr, a. wonderful, strange;
-samligr, a. wondrous;
-sjn, f. a wonder to see, spectacle; vera at -sjnum = vera at undri;
-skapar, pp. of portentous or wonderful shape.
unga-aldr, m., -aldri, in his youth.
ung-barn, n. infant;
-f, n. young cattle, young stock;
-herra, m. = jungherra;
-hryssi, n. young colt.
ungi, m. the young of a bird.
ung-lamb, n. young lamb;
-leiki, m. youth;
-ligr, a. youthful; -ligr sjnu, boyish-looking;
-menni, n. young man, youth.
ungr (yngri, yngstr), a. young.
ung-sveinn, m. young lad;
-vii, n. young trees.
unna (ann, unna, unnat and unnt), v. (1) not to grudge; to grant, allow, bestow; u. e-m e-s (Hreimarr unni eim einskis pennings af gullinu); u. e-m laga, to give one the benefit of the law, give one a fair trial; ek ann r eigi famlagsins Helgu ennar fgru, I grudee thee the embrace of H. the Fair; with infinitive, hann unni ngum at njta fjrins nema. sr, he could not bear that any one should enjoy the money but himself; (2) to love, with dat. (eigi leyna augu, ef ann kona manni); u. e-m hugdstum, to love one dearly; eim var ek verst, er ek unna mest, I was worst to him whom I loved the most; (3) recipr., unnast, to love one another (au unnust mikit systkin).
unnandi (pl. -endr), m. lover.
unnasta, f. (1) sweetheart; (2) mistress (ein af unnusturn jarls).
unnasti, m. lover, = unnandi.
unnr (gen. -ar, pl. -ir), f. wave.
unn-vrp, n. pl. dashing of waves; falla (fella) -vrpum, to fall (kill) in large numbers.
ununar-samr, a. delightful (var ar harla -samt inni).
unz (for 'und es'), conj. till, until (glar skyli gumna hverr, u.sinn br bana); til ess unz, until,
upp, adv. (1) up; u. ok nir, u. ok ofan, up and down; korni renn u. ok nir eptir askinum, a squirrel springs up and down the tree; grpa u., to pick up; u. me, up along; lta u., to look up; ba (gera) u. hvlu, to make up a bed; drepa u. eld, to strike fire; (2) with the notion of consuming; drekka (eta) u., to drink (eat) up; ausa u., to bale out; skipta u., to share it all out; (3) with the notion of discovery; spyrja, frtta u., to find out; (4) quite; fullr u. flrar, brimful of falsehood; (5) of time; u . fr v, ever since; u. hean, henceforth; (6) upp , upon, on; u. tr ina, upon thy faith; u. Ebresku, in Hebrew; sj, horfa u. , to look upon; hugsa u. , to yearn for, to be bent on.
uppaustrar-mar, m. babbler.
uppburar-ltill, a. shy, timid.
upp-dalr, m. up-dale, inland valley,
-dyri, n. =ofdyri;
-festa (-sta, -str), v. to suspend;
-festing, f. suspension;
-fstr, n. rearing, fostering;
-fring, f. instruction;
-fi, n., breeding, fostering;
-fzla, f. breeding, fostering;
-ganga, f. (1) going up, ascent (-ganga borgina); -ganga slar, sunrise; (2) going.up on land, going ashore (hann eggjar menn sna til -gngu); (3) boarding a ship (fengu eir gngu; skipit); (4) landing-place, Pass;
-gangr, m. (1) = uppganga 4; (2) good luck, success, fame (var -gangr hans sem mestr);
-gefning, f., -gjf , f. remission (-gjf um sakir);
-greizla, f. payment, discharge;
-haf, n. (1)         beginning (at er -haf . sgu essi);

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