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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


undan-bo, n., -bo fjr, taking invested money out of a person's keeping;
-brag, n. device, subterfuge;
-drttr, m. evasion, shirking;
-fer, f. means of escape;
-ferli, n. evasion;
-fri, n. - -fer;
-frsla, f. evasion, pleading one's innocence;
-hald, n. flight;
-herkian, f. shirk, subterf uge;
-koma, -kvma, f. escape;
-lausn, f. releasing, redemption;
-mli, n. excuse;
-rs, f. running away;
-rr, m. rowing away.
undar-liga, adv. wonderfully, extraordinarily;
-ligr, a. wonderful, extraordinary, marvellous.
undir, prep. with dat. and acc.; I. with dat. (1) under; brast sundr jr u. hesti hans, the earth burst asunder under his horse; ungr u. rum, heavy to row; eir leita eirra ok finna u. eyju einni, they seek for them and find them under an island; u. eim hesti var alinn Eifaxi, that horse was the sire of E.; (2) fig. (undir eim biskupi eru ellifu hundru kirkna); eiga u. sr, to have under one, in one's power; eiga f undir e-m, to have money in his hands, deposited with him; (3) under, depending on; orlg vr eru eigi u. orum num, our fate does not depend on thy words; hann vin u. hverjum manni, he has a friend in every man; (4) ellipt. or adverbial usages; vru au (Njll ok Bergra) brunnin u., they were unburned underneath; mean tur manna eru u., whilst the hay is lying (mown, but not got in); ef r tti nkkut u. um mik, if thou hast cared at all for me; sl (dagr) er u., the sun (day) is down, under the horizon; vri oss mikit u., at vr fengim lisinni hans, it were worth much to us to get his help; II. with acc. (1) under, underneath, denoting motion (var settr u. hann stll); (2) of time; hrkk u. midegi, it drew close to midday; (3) fig. leggja u. sik, to lay under oneself, to subjugate; jna u. e-n, to serve under one; essa laxveii gaf hann u. kirkjuna, he made it over to the church; bera f u. e-n, to bribe one; leggja viring konungs u. vpn mn, to let it depend on my weapons; ef u. oss skal koma kjrit, if the choice is to be left with us; Hjrt tti mr eir hafa undir, H. me thought they got under; ef kona tekr mann u. bnda sinn, if she be untrue to her husband; bja f leigu u. sik, to offer to pay money for one's passage.
undir-biskup, m. suffragan bishop.
-borg, f. suburb;
-brot, n. subjugation, subjection;
-bi, m. underdweller;
-byrli, m. under-cupbearer;
-djp, n. gulf, abyss;
-drttr, m. unfair gain;
-drttull, a. covetous, making unfair gain;
-eldi, n. offspring, breed, of animals;
-flk, n. subjects;
-frull, a. dealing underhand, false;
-gefinn, pp. subject;
-gjf, f. subjection;
-grefill, m. underminer;
-grptr, m. undermining;
-gor, f. cushion under a saddle;
-heimar, m. pl. the nether world, lower regions;
-hlutr, m. the lowest part (of a ship);
-hs, n. the nether part of a house;
-hyggja, f. craft, cunning, deceitfulness.
undirhyggju-fullr, a. guileful, false;
-lauss, a. guileless;
-leysi, n. guilelessness;
-mar, m. guileful man;
-samr, a. guileful.
undir-k1i, n. under-garment;
-konungr, m. tributary king;
-kurr, m. secret artifice;
-kyrtill, m. under kirtle;
-land, n. province;
-mar, m. subordinate, subject;
-ml, m. pl. underhand dealings, secret stipulation;
-oka (a), v. to subject;
-orpinn, pp. subjected;
-prestr, m. subordinate Priest;
-rt, f. origin prime cause of a thing;
-seta, f. pressure, influence;
-skli, m. under-hall;
-skemma, f. under-room;
-staa, f. (1) stand, = sttt (kross me -stum); (2) groundwork, base; (3) the true sense or meaning;
-standa, v. to understand, perceive;
-stokkr, m. under-post in a building;
-stlpi, m. pillar;
-tekt, f. answer (vitrligar -tektir konungs).
undorn, m. (1) mid-forenoon, 9 a.m. (um morgininn at undorni); (2) midafternoon, 3 pm
undr, n. (1) wonder (brestr sv

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