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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


umles-mar, m. slanderer;
-lestr, m. slander.
um-liinn, pp. past, of time;
-lining, f. course of time;
-ml, n. (1) circumference; (2) what is said or uttered, = -mli;
-merki, n. (1) a marking out (setja stengr til -merkja); (2) boundary;
-merkja (-ta, -tr), v. to bound, form the boundary of.
um-mli, utterances, words said (r skulu ra yrum -mlum);
-mling, f. circumference;
-mrk, n. pl. = -mli;
-r, n. (1) consideration; (2) guidance, management (me, eptir -ri e-s); (3) pl. deliberation, consultation; ykkir mr at r mikit traust til -ra, for consultation;
-rs, f. course (-rs slar);
-rennendr, m. pl. marauders;
-renningr, m. vagrant, marauder;
-ri, n .= -r;
-ra, f. discourse, talk;
-riligr, a. worth mentioning;
-samning, f. agreement, reconciliation;
-sat, f. (1) siege; (2) ambush, waylaying (veita e-m -sat).
umstar-mar, m. waylayer.
um-seta, f., -setr, n. siege (-seta Jrsalaborgar);
-sitjendr, m. pl. neighbours;
-sj, f. oversight, care, supervision (veita e-m -sj).
umsj-lauss, a. unprovided for.
um-sjr, m. the surrounding sea, the ocean;
-sj, -sjn, f.= -sj;
-sjr, m. = -sjr;
-skipti, n. change, turn (-skipti hafa n orit);
-skiptiligr, a. shifty, changeful;
-skipting, f. change;
-skorning, f. -skurr, m., -skurn, f. circumcision;
-skyggja (-a,-r), v. to overshadow;
skygnari, m. outlooker, scout;
-snining, f. circumcision;
-sna, v. to overthrow;
-spillendr, m. pl. slanderers, disparagers;
-stilli, n. guidance, management;
-svif, n. activity.
umsvifs-mar, m. an active man (hann var -mar mikill um b sitt).
um-ssla, f. occupation, assistance, aid (ht hann sinni -sslu vi fur sinn).
umsslu-mar, m. (1) man of business, active man (-mar mikill); (2) steward, manager (hann var -mar Reykjaholti);
-mikill, a. active, busy (vn kona ok -mikil).
um-tal, n. talk, conversation (er hann heyri -tal manna).
umtals-ml, n. matter of discussion.
um-turna (a), v. to turn upside down, upset;
-turnan, f. upsetting;
-vandan, f. reprimand, admonition;
-venda (-nda, -ndr), v. to turn about, change;
-vending, f. conversion;
-vergis, prep, and adv. = -bergis.
una (uni, unda, unat), v. (1) to be content in a place (Tumi undi eigi Flateyju); (2) to dwell, abide, in a biblical sense (u. helgum frii); (3) to enjoy, be happy in, content with a thing; eir undu illa snum hlut, they were much dissatisfied with their lot; u. lfi, to enjoy life; u. vel vi r sitt, to be content with one's lot; uni (imperat.) vel vi, be content! u. sr, u. vi sik, to be happy, feel at ease; u. ltt eptir e-n, to feel deeply the loss (death) of a person.
una, n. delight, happiness (etta er sllfi ok una heilagra).
una-ligr, -samligr, -samr, a. delightful; -samar vistir, a happy home.
unas-bt, f. delight (skmm -bt).
una-semd, f. charm, delight.
unas-ilmr, m. sweet smell;
sn, f. happy sight;
-vist, f. happy home.
und (pl. -ir), f. wound (undir dreyrgar); cf.' holuna', 'mergund'.
und, prep, under; see 'undir'.
undar, pp. wounded (geiri, sveri u.); cf.'hjrundar'.
undan, prep, with dat. and adv. (1) from under, from beneath; hann hj u. honum ftinn, he cut his leg off; hann spratt upp u. borinu, he sprang up from (sitting at) the table; hann spratt upp u. garinum, from under the fence; halda skipum u. landi, to stand aivayfrom the shore; (2) without motion; skerit var t u. firinum, the skerry was just off the mouth of the fjord; G. prestr u. Felli, from Fell; (3) from, away; sna u. e-m, to turn away from; heimta f mitt u. Hrti, to claim my property out of Hrut's hands; (4) ahead of, before (ganga, fara u. e-m); (5) as adv. (hann ltr fara u. sauf at, er skjarrast var); komast u., to escape.

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