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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


for, dislikes (ef r er nkkut um hug kaupum vi oss); (12) over, across; detta, falla um e-t, to stumble over (fll bandinn um hann); (13,) by; draugrinn hafi okat at orsteini um rjr setur, by three seats; (14) about; eir sgu honum, hvat um var at vera, what it was about, how matters stood; hvat sem um at er, however that may be; eiga e-t um at vera, to be troubled about a thing (ltr sem hann eigi um ekki at vera); var ftt um me eim, they were not on good terms; (15) ellipt., ef satt skal um tala, if the truth must be told; annig sem atburr hefir orit um, as things have turned out; (16) as adv., gekk um verit, veered round, changed; ra (sigla) um, to ride (sail) by; langt um, far beyond, quite; fljtit var langt um frt (reitt), quite impassable; um liinn, passed by, of time; eirri viku, er um var liin, in the past -week; II. with dat. (1)over, esp. poet.; sitja um borum=sitja yfir borum; s es um veri glissir, he that gabbles over a meal; (2) of time, by; um dgum, um nttum, by day, by night; um sumrum, haustum, vetrum, vrum, in the summer, etc.; um vetrum ok sumrum, both winter and summer.
uma-lauss, a. without (disadvantageous) report (cf. ' umi').
um-annan, f. care about a thing (umannan ok forr staarins).
umb, prep., see 'um'.
um-band, n. bandage (-band urn sr);
-bera, v. to bear with (m vera at eir -beri betr vi ik);
-bergis, prep, and adv. =-hverfis;
-bo, n. charge, commission (f e-m -bo sitt).
umbos-mar, m. commissary, steward (-mar biskups, klaustrs).
um-bt, f. (1) mending, bettering; (2) esp. pur. repairs (urfa -bta).
umbta-mar, m. one who mends matters (vr urfum -menn).
um-breyta (-tta, -ttr), v. to change, alter (aldri -breytti hann snum orum);
-breyting, f. change;
-brot, n. pl. violent struggle, convulsion;
-b, f. (1) apparatus, equipment; (2) arrangement, preparation (eir tku strengina ok veittu essa -b alla);
-bnar, m. (1) = -b; (2) burial (grftr ea -bnar); (3) bed; var honum veitir hgligr -bnar, a soft bed;
-bningr, m. = -bnar; outfit (var henni veitir -bningr, sem hn urfti at hafa);
-dri, n. lintel;
-dmi, n. adjustment;
-dogg, f. poet.,
-dgg arins, 'hearth's dew', soot;
-fang, n. struggle, bustle.
umfangs-mikill, a. making a great stir, boisterously active.
um-fer, f. circuit, round journey.
umferar-piltr, m. itinerant lad.
um-fram, prep, with acc. (1) above, beyond (-fram ara menn); (2) as adv. besides (tlf menn ok lgsgumar -fram); ra -fram, to ride by; at hvrigir gangi ar -fram, trespass beyond that; (3) -fram um or of, beyond; vera -fram of ara menn, to excel others.
um-gangr, m. (1) a passage round a building; (2) management, care.
umgangs-mar, m., mikill -mar, a great husbandman, good manager.
um-gengi, n. management, care;
-ger, f. (1) sheath, scabbard; (2) mounting, frame;
-gjr, f. = -ger;
-grptr, m. ' digging round', searching;
-gyra (-ra, -rr), v. to encircle, surround;
-horf, n. a looking round; hversu ar var -horfs, how it looked there;
-hugsan, f. reflection;
-hverfis, prep, and adv. (1) with acc. round, all around (settu eir li sitt -hverfis borgina); (2) as adv., ar -hverfis, allt -hverfis, there about, all around;
-hverfum, prep, and adv.= -hverfis;
-hyggja, f. care (eir vilja svipta ik vrri -hyggju ok forsj).
umhyggju-lauss, a. neglected; -laust, adv. carelessly.
umi, m. unfavourable rumour.
um-kast, n. sudden change, convulsion;
-kaup, -keypi, n. exchange, barter;
-kringis, prep, with acc. = -hverfis;
-kringja (-a, -r), v. to surround;
-kvi, n. term, expression, wording.
umla (a), v. to mutter, mumble (hann umlai vi).
um-leitan, f. a seeking for, negotiation (stta -leitan);
-les, n. = -lestr.

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