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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ugga (-a, -at), v. (1) to fear, suspect (eigi uggi ek brr na); eigi uggi (imperat.) sungsbana, fear thou not the slayer of .; u. ekki (ltt, ftt) at sr, to apprehend no danger, be off one's guard; er at ugganda, at, it is to be f eared that; (2) impers., mik uggir, at, I fear that.
ugg-lauss, a. fearless, unconcerned;
-laust, adv. no doubt, undoubtedly;
-ligr, a. (1) to be feared (e-t ykkir -ligt); (2) doutbtful, questionable (er at -ligt, hvrt ferr lofi mnu).
uggr, m. fear, apprehension; u. er mr , at = mik uggir, at.
ugg-samligr, a. to be feared;
-viss, a. doubtful, = uggligr (2).
ugla, f. owl (uglur gular al klm ok nefi, en svartar at lit).
ull (dat. ullu), f. wool.
ullar-lagr, m. tuft of wool; -reyfi, n. fleece (snjr sem -reyfi vri).
ull-band, n. woollen yarn;
-hvtr, a. white as wool (-hvtr hr);
-kambr, m. wool-comb;
-kli, n. pl. clothes of wool;
-laupr, m. -wool-basket,
um, older umb, prep, with acc. and dat.; I. with acc. (1) around (sl hring um e-n); (2) about, all over (hrit fll um hana alla); um allar sveitir, all over the country; mikill um herar, large about the shoulders, broad-shouldered; liggja um akkeri, to ride at anchor; (3) of proportion; margir voru um einn, many against one; um einn hest voru tveir menn, two men to each horse; (4) round, past, beyond, with verbs denoting motion (sigla vestr um Bretland); leggja um skut essu skipi, to pass by this ship; ra um tn, to pass by a place; (5) over, across, along (flytja e-n um haf); kominn um langan veg, come from a long way off; ganga um glf, to cross the floor (but also to walk up and down the floor); sl, er l um vert skipit, a beam that lay athwart the ship; um kn sr, across the knee; e-t er hgt um hnd, gives little trouble, is ready to hand; (6) of time, during, in the course of (um messuna, um ingit, um sumarit); at var um ntt, by night; um ntr sem um daga, by night as well as day; lengra en fara megi um dag, in the course of one day; (7) at a point of time (hann kom at hllinni um drykkju); um at, at that time, then; um at er, when (um at, er vr erum allir at velli lagir); (8) of, about, in regard to a thing; bera um e-t, dma um e-t, to bear witness, judge about; tala um e-t, to speak of; annast um e-t, to attend to; svir um sik, wise of oneself; hvrr um sik, each for himself; var mart vel um hann, he had many good qualities; (9) e-m er ekki um e-t, one does not like (var honum ekki um Normenn); with infin., honum er ekki um at berjast dag, he has no liking to fight to-day; er r nkkut um, at vr rannskum ik ok hs n, have you any objection that we ... ?; e-m er mikit (ltil) um e-t, one likes it much, little (Gurnu var ltil um at); s, er mnnum vri meira um, whom people liked better; e-m finnst mikit um e-t, one is much pleased -with, has a high opinion of (konungi fannst mikit um list ok kurteisi , er ar var llu); (10) because of, for; funda e-n um e-t, to envy one for a thing; vera tlagt um e-t, to be fined for a transgression; um sakleysi, without cause; (11) beyond, above; margir fengu eigi hlaupit um rst, more than one mile; hafa vetr um rtugt, to be thirty-one; e-m um afl, um megn,beyond one's strength, more than one can do (etta ml er nkkut r um megn); kasta steini um megn sr, to overstrain oneself; um of, too much, excessive (tti mrgum etta um of); um alla menn fram or um fram alla menn, above all men (hn unni honum um alla menn fram); e-m er e-t um hug, one has no mind

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