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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tylli-stt, f. a loose, unreal agreement;
-sk, f. a light, futile charge.
typpa (-ta, -tr), v. to tip, top; hagliga um hfu typpum, let us wind the hood neatly about his head.
typta (a), v. = tykta.
typtu-meistari, m. chastener, tutor.
tyrfa (-a, -r), v. to cover with turf.
tyri, n. resinous fir-tree.
Tyrkir (gen. Tyrkja), m. pl. (1) the Turks; (2) the Trojans.
Tyrk-land, n. the land of the Turks.
tyrkneskr, a. Turkish.
tyrvi, n., tyr-vir, m., tyrvi-tr, n. = tyri (lokarspnir af -tr).
tysvar, adv. twice, = tvisvar.
tja, f. poet, doubt.
tja (tr, ti, tt), v. to avail, = tja (hvat man mr tja, etc. ?); at ti ekki, it was of no avail.
tna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to lose, with dat. (eir tndu hestunum); t. lfi snu, to lose one's life; (2) to destroy, put to death (t. sveininum); t. sjlfum sr, to destroy oneself; (3) refl., tnast, to perish (Hkon jarl tndist hafi).
tning, f. destruction.
tni-samligr, a. destructive.
Tr (gen. Ts), m. the god Tr.
ts-dagr, m. Tuesday.
tla (-da, -dr), v. to entice, entrap.
tli-grf-, f. pitfall, = tlgrf.
tpi-djarfr, a. timid; -liga, adv. sparingly, scantily (launa e-t -liga); -ligr, a. scant, scarce.
tpt, a. neut. scantly, barely; spjtin tku tpt til hans, the spears scarcely reached him; Klfr gekk heldr tpara, stepped more cautiously.
tra (-a, -r), v. (1) to consume, spend (t. penninga); (2) to entertain, with dat. (konungr tri honum vel ok smiliga).
tja (t, ta, toer), v. (1) to grant, bestow (t. e-m e-t); (2) to help, assist (t. e-m); (3) to avail, = tja (hvrki li bn manna n fbo).
tki, n. pl. implements, outfit.
tki-ligr, a. due, proper ( -ligum tma, -ligri t).
tkr, a. fair, acceptable (tk vitni).
tla (-d, -t), v.; t. um e-n, to keep a person under control.
tma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to empty; (2) t. sik til e-s, to give one's leisure (tm) to, attend to (t. sik til at heyra gus or); (3) refl., e-m tmist arfr, an inheritance falls vacant to one (honum tmdist arfr Vatnsdal).
tnaar-mar, m. helper.
tnar (gen. -ar), m. help, assistance (bija e-n tnaar).
tu-, gen. frm 'taa';
-alinn, pp. fed on infield hay, of a horse;
-annir, f. pl. the season for mowingthe infield (manured field);
-garr, m. stackyard of infield hay;
-gltr, m. homeboar,=tngltr;
-verk, n. the making of hay in the infield;
-vllr, m. a manured infield.
tfl, f. piece in a game.
tgla (a), v. to champ, gnaw.
tgr, m. ten, = tigr.
tk-vsi, f. rapacity; -vss, a. rapacious (-vsar hendr).
tlugr, a. well-spoken.
tlu-, gen.from 'tala';
-list, f. arithmetic;
-pallr, m. speaker's stand, platform;
-snjallr, a. eloquent; -star,
-stll, m. = -pallr;
-verr, a. worth counting, considerable.
tl-vsi, f. skill in numbers, arithmetic;
-vss, a. skilled in arithmetic.
tng (gen. tangar, pl. tangir and tengr), f. smith's tongs (taka e-t, n e-u, me tng).
tnn (gen. tannar, pl. tonn, tennr, ter), f. (1) tooth; glotta um t., r vi t., to grin scornfully; rja t. e-m, to redden one's teeth on a person, to do one harm; (2) walrus-tusk; grafa t., to carve a tusk.
tpun, f. perdition, = tapan.
trgu-, gen. from 'targa'; -buk-lari, skjldr, m. target-shield.
ttra-baggi, in. rag-bag; -bassi, m. ragamuffin.
ttrugr, a. tattered, torn.
tturr (pl. ttrar), m. tatters, rags; tattered garment.

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