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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tvinna-hnoa, n. a ball of twisted thread; -rr, m. twisted thread.
tvinnr, a. = tvennr.
tvistr, a. hushed, silent (var ar allt tvist ok daprt).
tvistra or tvstra (a), v. to scatter.
tvisyar or tysvar, adv. twice.
tv, interj. to express loathing, fie!
tv-, twice, double, in many compds.;
-angar, a. double-forked;
-aukinn, pp. twofold;
-breir, a. of double breadth, of cloth;
-burar, m. pl. twins;
-burur, f. pl. twin-sisters;
-bli, n. two households on one farm, a f arm with two households;
-drgr, a. ambiguous;
-dyrr, -dyrr, a. double-doored;
-eggjar, a. two-edged;
-elleftr, a. twice eleven, in the phrase, vera -elleftr, to be twenty-two years old;
-eln, a. two ells broad;
-eyringr, m. a thing worth or weighing two ounces;
-falda (a), v. to double;
-faldleikr, m. twofoldness;
-faldr, a. twofold, double;
-frar, pp. double-lined;
-fttr, a. two-footed;
-gjald, n. double payment;
-grr, a. double;
-henda (-nda,-ndr), v. to hurl or wield (a weapon) with both hands (hljp Sti enn upp ok -hendi xina); -hljr, m. diphthong;
-hlkar, pp. mounted with a double ring;
-hsar, pp. double-housed;
-htta, f. dilemma; leggja -httu, to run a risk;
-hfar, pp. two-headed;
-kendr, pp. of double meaning;
-klifa (a), v. to repeat twice;
-kostr, m. choice between two,alternative;
-kvngar, pp. twice married;
-kvea (see kvea), v. to repeat;
-kvenni, n. = -kvni;
-kvslar, pp. two-pronged;
-kvni, n. bigamy;
-kvntr, pp. having two wives at once, bigamous;
-lemdr, pp. with two lambs;
-litar, pp. parti-coloured;
-loinn, a. double-hairy, hairy on both sides;
-mnar, m. 'double-month', the fifth month of the summer;
-menna (-ta, -t), v. to ride two on one horse (sarr var hestinum -mennt);
-menning, f. riding two on one horse;
-menningr, m. drinking together in pairs, two and two (drekka -menning e-n, vi e-n);
-merkingr, m. a ring of the value or weight of two marks;
-mli, n. doubt, discordant report;
-mlingr, m. two meals a day.
tvmaelis-lauss, a. undisputed.
tví-mlt, adv. two meals a day (eta -mlt);
-oddar, pp. two-pointed;
-ri, n. ambiguity,
tvris-or, n. ambiguous word,
tv-rr, a. ambiguous, doubtful;
-settr, pp. double;
-sklmttr, a. two-pronged;
-skipar, pp. double-seated, in two ranks;
-skipta (-pta, -ptr), v. to divide into two parts; refl., -skiptast, to waver;
-skipti, n. division into two parts;
-skiptingr, m. changeling, idiot;
-skiptr, pp. (1) divided info two parts; (2) uncertain; (3) of two colours; (4) double (-skipt brynja);
-slgr, a. ambiguous (-slgr draumr);
-syngja (see syngja), v. to chant double, of two-voiced music;
-sni, n. uncertainty, doubt;
-snn, a. doubtful, uncertain;
-taka (see taka), v. to repeat;
-tala, f. (1) the dual number; (2) the double number;
-tjn, card. numb, twenty;
-tjndi, ord. numb, the twentieth;
-tugr, a. (l) aged twenty; (2) measuring twenty (fathoms, ells).
tvtugs-aldr, m. the age of twenty.
tvtug-sessa, f. twenty-oared ship.
tv-tugti, ord. numb, the twentieth;
-tyngdr, pp. double-tongued;
-vegis, adv. to and fro (fara -vegis).
tv-vetr, a. two winters old.
tyggja (tygg; tgg, tuggum; tugginn), v. to chew (tyggr nkkut ? ek tygg sl).
tygi, n. gear, harness.
tygil-knfr, m. a knife worn hanging on a strap.
tygill (gen. pl. tugla), m. strap, band ( tuglunum taflpungsins).
tygja (a), v. to harness.
tykta (a), v. to chastise.
tyktan, f. chastisement.
tylft (pl. -ir), f. a body (number) of twelve, dozen.
tylftar-eir, m. an oath of twelve;
-kvir, m. a verdict of twelve neighbours;
-kv, f. summoning of twelve neighbours.
tyllast (t), v. to go with light step.

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