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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


trf, n. pl. fringes, see ' traf'.
tugla-, gen. pl. from ' tygill';
-mttull, -akinnfeldr, m. a cloak filled with straps.
tugr, m. = tigr; hafi hann rj vetr hins fjra tugar, he was thirty-three years old.
tug-tugti, ord. numb, twentieth, = tuttugti (vi tugtugta mann).
tumba (a), v. to tumble.
tundr, n. tinder (urrt t.)
tundra (a), v. to catch fire (eldrinn tundrai skjtt).
tundr-r, f. tinder-arrow.
tunga (gen. pl. tungna), f. (1) tongue; skar tungur, evil tongues; hafa tungu fyrir e-m, to have a tongue for a person, be the spokesman; gti hann, a honum vefist eigi tungan um hfu, let him take heed that his tongue do not twist a noose for his own neck; (2) tongue, language ( skiptust tungur Englandi, er Vilhjlmr bastarr vann England); dnsk t., the Danish (Norse) tongue; (3) tongue of land (. nam tungu alla milli Hvtar ok Reykjadalsr).
tungl, n. the moon (t. skjum).
tungl-r, n. lunar year;
-fylling, -fyllr, f. lunation;
-koma, f. new moon;
-skin, n. moonshine.
tungls-ljs, n. moonlight.
tungl-tal, n. lunar computation;
-rr, a. lunatic;
-ld, f. lunar cycle.
tungna-skipti, n. the confusion of tongues (at Babel).
tungu-brag, n. (motion of the) tongue, language (mjkt -brag);
-fimi, f. fluency of tongue;
-fimr, a. glib, voluble;
-hvass, a. keen-tongued;
-lauss, a. tongueless;
-mjkr, a. smooth-tongued;
-rtr, f. pl. the roots of the tongue;
-skorinn, pp. tongue-cut;
-ski, n. evil use of the tongue;
-skr, a. evil-tongued;
-snjallr, a. eloquent;
varp, n. motion of the tongue;
tunna, f. tun, barrel.
turn (pl. -ar), m. tower.
turna (a), v. to turn; t. e-u urn, to turn upside down.
turnera (a), v. to ride a tourney.
turniment, n. tilt, tournament.
turn-rei, f. = turniment.
turturi, m. turtle-dove.
tuskast (a), v. refl. to scuffle, tussle.
tutla (a), v. to push, shove.
tuttr, m. tom-thumb.
tuttugasti, tuttugti, ord. numb, the twentieth ( tuttugta ri).
tuttugu, card. numb, twenty.
tlka (a), v. to interpret; t. ml e-s, to plead one's case, be the spokesman; t. fyrir e-m, to be one's interpreter (mun ek fylgja r til staarins ok t. fyrir r); t. illa fyrir e-m, to give one a bad report, bear one bad witness.
tlkan, f. pleading.
tlkari, m. interpreter.
tlkr (-s, -ar), m. (1) interpreter (t. konungs); (2) spokesman.
tn, n. (1) a hedged plot, enclosure, court-yard, homestead; gullu gss tni, the geese screamed in the yard; (2) home field, home meadow (bleikir akrar, en slegin tn); (3) town.
tn-annir, f. pl. haymaking in the home meadow;
-brekka, f. the brink or edge of a home meadow;
-garr, m. (1) fence of a tn 2; (2) = tn ;
-gltr, m. home-field boar;
-hli, n. court-gate;
-ria, f. witch, ghost;
-svn, n. = -gltr;
-vllr, m. home field (Bjrn var ti -velli).
tve-falda, -faldr, see 'tv-falda, -faldr'.
tveir (tvr, tvau), card. numb, two; hggva tveim hndum, with both hands; hggva tvau, in two,asunder; tveimr er tveggja hugr, two men two minds; tveim megin Slsvkr, on both sides of Slesvik.
tvenning, f. duality; tvenningu, in two parts (fr flokkrinn optliga tvenningu).
tvennr, a. consisting of two different things or kinds, twofold (tvenn frsgn); tvennu lagi, in two parts; tvennir, two ( skginum voru tvennar leiir); n ferr tvennum sgunum fram, two tales now run parallel; tvennir skr, two pair of shoes; neut. tvennt, two things (sides,parts); hefir mr tvennt um snzt, there has seemed to be two sides to the matter.
tve-vetr, a. two years old.
tvinna (a), v. to double.

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