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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tra (gen. tr), f. = tr; sv njta ek tr minnar, at veit tra mn, in good sooth, upon my word.
tra (tri, tra, trat), v. (1) to believe, with dat. (mundir t. fyrirbur essum, ef Njll segi r ?); (2) in a religious sense, to believe; t. e-n, to believe in (t. einn gu); (3) to believe in, trust (meyjar orum skli manngi t.).
trar, pp. believing; rtt t., orthodox; trair menn, believers.
tran-liga, adv. credibly;
-ligr, a. credible (tti mnnum s sgn -lig).
trari, m. believer.
tr-bo, n. preaching the gospel;
-bt, f. reformation in faith;
-brg, n. pl. religion.
trr (pl. -ar), m. juggler.
tr-fastliga, adv. faithfully;
-fastr, a. (1) trusty; (2) firm in the Christian faith;
-festi, f. faithfulness,firmness in faith;
-fylgja, f., -hald, n. observance of the faith;
-kona, f. a religious, devoted woman;
-lauss, a. (1) without religious faith; (2) infidel;
-leikr, m. faithfulness,fidelity;
-leysi, n. infidelity;
-liga, adv. faithfully;
-ligleikr, m. = -leikr;
-ligr, a. (1) faithful (-lig geymsla); (2) safe, to be relied on; ver er -ligt, the -weather bids fair; (3) credible; -ltill, a. weak in faith;
-lofa (a), v. (1) to pledge one's faith; (2) to betroth (-lofa sr konu);
-lofan, f. (1) pledging one's faith; (2) betrothment, of lovers;
-lyndi, n. faithfulness;
-lyndr, a. faithful, true, trusty;
-mar, m. a true believer, good Christian;
-mikill, a. strong in faith, believing.
trnaar-eir, m. oath of allegiance;
-flir, a. faithful, trusty;
-hylli, f. allegiance;
-kona, f. confidante;
-mar, m. confidant;
-ml, n. confidence;
-rur, f, pl. confidential talk;
-tmr, a. void of faith;
-traust, n. protection, security;
-vin, m. confidential friend.
trnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) trust, good faith (var etta sttm bundit me fullum trnai); ganga trna fyrir e-n, to become bound f or another, go security for one; (2) faithfulness (halda man ek vi ik fullum trnai); (3) trust, confidence; festa, leggja trna e-t, to give credence to; eiga trna undir e-m, to have confidence (faith) in one; hafa trna e-m, to place confidence in one; (4) confidence, secret; til hvers reit til ings, ef vill eigi segja mr trna inn, if thou wilt not tell me thy secret; segja e-m e-t af trnai, in confidence, secretly; mla trna fyrir e-m, to speak in confidence to one.
trr (tr, trtt), a. (1) true,faithful (t. skal ek r rum); (2) safe; er eigi trtt, at, it is not quite safe that, quite free from it (er eigi trtt, at mr hafi eigi skap runnit sonar-dau-inn); (3) believing (t. gu).
tr-rof, n. breach of faith;
-rofi, m. breaker of one's faith;
-rkinn, a. religious;
-skapr, m. faithfulness;
-skjldr, m. shield of faith;
-svikari, m. traitor.
tryga-eir, m. oath of fidelity;
-ml, n. pl. formula for making a truce;
-rof, n. breach of truce.
trygarofs-mar, m. truce-breaker.
trygir, f. pl. plighted faith, sworn truce (svkja e-n trygum).
tryggi-ligr, a. safe, to be relied on.
trygging, f. security, assurance.
tryggja or tryggva (-a, -r), v. to make firm and trusty (trygu eir rir sttir me sr).
trygg-leikr, m. = trleikr;
-liga, adv. safe;
-ligr, a. = tryggiligr.
tryggr (acc. -van and -an), a. (1) trusty, faithful, true (t. trnai); (2) without apprehension,safe (jtnum tti eigi tryggt at vera me sum grialaust).
trygill, m. a little trough.
trylla (-da, -dr), v. (1) to turn into troll, enchant (eir trylldu hann sv at hann var engum mennskum manni lkr); (2) to call one a troll; (3) refl., tryllast, to be turned into a troll, to be enchanted.
trni, n. snout (of a dog or bear).
trta (-tta, -tt), v. to trot about.
tr (gen. traar, pl. trair), f. (1) cattle fold, pen; (2) a lane between fences, leading up to a homestead.

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