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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


wooden club;
-kttr, m. mouse-trap;
-lauss, a. treeless;
-ligr, a. wooden, of wood;
-lurkr, m. wooden cudgel;
-mar, m. wooden man.
trna (a), v. to become hard and woody, of a tree or plant-stem.
tr-n, n. the carving on a post of a person's likeness in an obscene posture;
-reii, m. wooden equipments (masts, oars, etc.);
-rfr, n. wooden roof or shed;
-saumr, m. wooden nails (skip seymt -saumi).
tresk, n. hair, tresses (poet.).
tr-skrn, n. wooden shrine;
-smir, m. craftsman in wood, carpenter;
-smi, n. wood-work, carpentry;
-spnn, m. chip;
-stabbi, -stobbi, m. log of wood, tree-stump;
-stokkr, m. block of wood;
-stlpi, m. wooden pillar;
-stubbi, = -stobbi;
-toppr, m. top of a tree;
-virki, n. woodwork (brann allt -virkit).
treyja, f. (1) jerkin (fara treyju); (2) war-jacket (hann hafi ga brynju ok styrkja treyju).
treyju-bla, n. flap of a jacket.
treysta (-sta, -str), v. (1) to make trusty, make strong and safe (Hskuldr treysti mundria skildi); (2) to make firm (t. vinttu e-s); t. herinn ok eggja, encourage and exhort the troops; (3) to try the strength of a thing with the hand (hann treysti 'silkibandit' me handa-afli ok slitnai eigi); (4) to trust to, rely on (t. e-m or t. e-n); (5) to dare, venture (n er s ld Noregi, at ek treysti eigi at halda ykkr hr heima me mr); (6) refl., treystast = treysta 4 (treystust Numidiumenn betr ftum en vpnum); = treysta 5 (hann mun eigi t. ru en gra sem ek vil).
tr-ak, n. timber roof;
-r, f. wooden arrow.
tripla (a), v. to chant in three voices (hvrki t. ea tvsyngja).
trippi, n. a young colt (tamit t.).
trjna, f. (1) snout; (2) pole.
troa (tre; tra, trum; troinn), v. (1) to tread; t. sk, to wear out shoes; t. e-n undir ftum, to tread one under foot; t. stafkarlsstg, to wander as a beggar; (2) to cram, pack, stuff (into a receptacle), with dat. (r var hanzka troit); (3) to slop, cram with, t. e-t e-u (hann trer belginn lyngvi ok mosa); (4) refl., troast, to throng, crowd upon each other (troist eigi sv kaft).
trog, n. trough (t. fyllt af sltri).
trog-sull, m. trough - shaped saddle (hann hafi fornan -sul).
troll, n. (1) a monstrous, evil-disposed being, not belonging to the human race (hann var mikill sem t.); t. hafi ik, or na vini, the trolls take thee, or thy friends; (2) a human being having the nature of a troll.
trolla-gangr, m. troll-hauntings;
-ttr, m. a tale of trolls;
-ing, n. meeting of trolls,
troll-aukinn, pp. 'troll-eked'-', possessed by a troll;
-domligr, a. belonging to witchcraft;
-dmr, m. witchcraft;
-karl, m. male troll;
-kerling, -kona, f. female troll;
-menni, n. a giant-like man;
-ria, a. indecl. ridden by a troll, witch - ridden;
-skapr, m. nature of a troll, witchcraft (tlma heiingjans -skap).
trolls-liga, adv. fiendishly;
-ligr, a. troll-like, huge;
-lti, n. pl. fiendish howlings (etta eru -lti).
tros, n. leaves and small twigs.
tr, n., tra, f. faggot-wood.
tr-vir, m. = tro (eldrinn las skjtt -viinn).
Trju-land, n. the land of Troy.
tr-verskr, a. Trojan.
trumba, f. (1) pipe; hvann-njla t., the stalk of the angelica; (2) trumpet (eyta trumbu).
trumba (a), v. to trumpet.
trumbari, m. trumpeter.
trumbu-hlj, n., -ytr, m, sound (flourish) of trumpets.
trunsa (a), v. to turn up one's nose at (t. v e-u).
trutta (a), v. to shout trutt, trutt! or trrrh, as horse-drivers do.
tr (gen. trar), f. (1) faith, word of honour (segir lafr at upp t. sna, at hann skal essa menn t leysa); (2) religious faith, belief'(Helgi var blandinn mjk t.); taka vi t., to receive the Christian faith.

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