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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tm-stund, f. leisure-hour, leisure (gefi mr -stund til ra-gerar); lj e-m -stundar, to give one time.
tna (a), v. to set in tunes.
tni, tnn, m. musical sound, tone.
tra (-a, -t), v. to vegetate, have a mere existence (lti t. at eins).
traar-veggr, m. wall of tr.
trak, n., trakr, m. a trodden spot.
traf, n., only in pl. 'trf', fringe; hn hafi kntt um sik blju ok vru mrk bl ok trf fyrir enda, a kerchief with blue marks or stripes and fringes at the ends.
trafir, pp. tattered, ragged.
traktera (a), v. (1) to treat; (2) to entertain (t. e-n vel ok herliga).
tramar, m. pl. fiends, demons.
trana, f., tranl, m. crane (bird).
trapiza, f. table (t. st glfi).
trau, f., in the phrase, vi t. ok nau, with great difficulty.
traua (a), v. to fail, be wanting.
trau-la, -liga.adv. scarcely, hardly;
-mal, n. hard-words.
traur, a. unwilling,loath, reluctant (t. mun ek af hendi at lta sveit essa); neut., trautt, scarcely, = traula (til ess munu menn trautt vita dmi).
traust, n. (1) help, protection, support (hingat em ek kominn at skja heilri at r ok t.); ek hefi ltil t. undir mr, small power, authority; (2) firmness, confidence (vr megum me minna trausti um tala); hafa (bera) t. til e-s, to dare, venture (veit ek eigi vn eira manna, er t. muni hafa at brjta or konungs).
traust-lauss, a. without protection; helpless;
-leiki, m. strength,firmness;
-liga, adv. firmly, confidently;
-ligr, a. safe, to be relied on.
traustr, a. (1) trusty, firm, strong (sirnir kvou 'silkibandit' vera nkkuru traustara en lkindi tti ); (2) fig., eigi var traust, at eigi fyki steinar skipin, it was not free from it; (3) confident.
tr (pl. tr, gen. trj, dat. trjm), n. (1) tree (hggva t. skgi); eigi felir t. vi it fyrsta hgg, the tree falls not at the first stroke; (2) the mast of a ship, = siglutr ( skipi Munans brotnai trit); (3) tree, rafter, beam, cf.'ver-tr'; (4) the seat of a privy.
tr-borg, f. -wooden fort;
-br, f. wooden bridge.
treja (tre, tradda, traddr), v. to tread down, trample.
tre-drumbr, m. log (of wood).
trefill, m. tatter, rag.
treflugr, a. tattered, ragged.
tr-ftr, m. wooden leg (ganga vi -ft); also as a nickname.
trefr, f. pl. fringes, = trf.
trega (pres. tregr, pret. tregi), irreg. v. to grieve; fjld er at, er fira tregr, many are the woes of man; hv tregr-at ykkr teiti at mla, how can ye bear to speak words of cheer?
trega (a), v. to grieve (marga menn tregai mjk andlt porlks biskups); to bring grief upon (munaar-rki hefir margan tregat).
trega-fullr, -samligr, a. mournful.
trega, f. reluctance, unwillingness; hafa tregur at gera e-t, to be unwilling to do a thing.
tregu-laust, adv. without cavil, willingly.
tregi, m. (1) difficulty, reluctance; hafa enga trega mlum essum, to raise no difficulties in these suits; (2) grief, woe (me trum ok trega); sv fellr mr etta nr um trega, at, this grieves me so much that.
treg-liga, adv. (1) with difficulty; (2) reluctantly, unwillingly (Brsi gekk -liga at llu sttmli); (3) moodily (gekk hn -liga ti sitja); -ligr, a. slow, reluctant (. var heldr -ligr fyrstu); it -ligasta, with the greatest difficulty,
tregr, a. unwilling, reluctant (Hrafn var inn tregasti at brega flokkinum); tardy, slow (t. til stta); neut., tregt = tregliga; mun honum at tregt veita, it will go hard with him.
treg-rf, n. tale of woe.
tr-gu, n. wooden idol;
-hafr, m. wood-buck;
-hs, n. wooden house;
-hvlf, n. wooden vault;
-hll, f. wooden hall;
-kastali, m. = -borg;
-kefli, n. wooden stick;
-ker, n. wooden vessel;
-kirkja, f. -wooden church;
-kumbr, m. log;
-kylfa, f.

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