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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vium); (2) turf for f uel, peat; grafa t., to dig peat.
torfa, f. turf, slice of sod.
torf-bss, m. a shed to keep peat;
-bingr, m. a pile of turfs or peat,
tor-fenginn, -fengr, a. hard to get;
-fluttr, pp. difficult to carry.
torf-fri, n. pl. tools for cutting sods and peat;
-grf, f. peat-hole;
-hraukr, m. peat-stack;
-hrip, n. turf-pannier, peat-basket;
-kast, n. pelting with sods;
-krkr, m. a kind of box to carry peat and sods;
-leikr, m. ' turf-game', pelting with sods;
-mr, m. turf-moor;
-naust, n. a ship-shed built of turf;
-skeri, m. an implement for cutting sods or peats;
-skurr, m. cutting turf or peat;
-stakkr, m. peat-stack.
torf-vir, m. = tyrvi, tyr-vir.
tor-fyndr, a. difficult to find;
-fra, f., -fri, n. a difficult, dangerous passage;
-friligr,-frr, a. hard to pass
torf-x, f. axe for cutting turf.
torg, n. market, mart, market-place (hann var ti staddr torgi).
tor-gtr, a. hard to get, rare;
-kenna (-da, -dr), v. to disguise;
-kenndr, pp. hard to recognize;
-kenning, f. disguise;
-leii, n. = -fra;
-merki, n. difficulties; telja -merki e-u, to raise difficulties about;
-mi, f. rancour;
-nmr, a. hard to learn.
torrek, n. (severe) loss.
tor-reyfiligr, a. difficult;
-rki, n. misfortune;
-sttligr, a., -sottr, pp. hard to overcome, or to come at; of things, hard to perform;
-sveigr, pp., -sveigr, a. hard to sway or bend;
-snn, a. hard to see;
-skiligr, a. = -sttligr;
-sr, a. = -snn;
-talinn, pp. hard to count;
-tma (-da, -t), v. to destroy, kill (honum mtti hvorki -lma glgi n virgill);
-tryg, f. doubt, suspicion, incredulity; hafa -tryg e-m, to suspect;
-trygginga, adv. suspiciously;
-tryggiligr, a. doubtful, suspicious;
-tryggja (-a, -r), v. to mistrust, suspect;
-tryggleikr, m. distrust;
-tryggligr, a. = -tryggiligr; -tryggr, a. doubtful, incredulous (hann er sv -tryggr, at hann trir engum manni).
toru-gtr, a., older form = torgtr.
tor-unninn, pp. hard to overcome;
-velda (-lda, -ldr), v. to make difficult (-vekla e-t fyrir sr).
torvelda-laust, adv. without difficulties (komast -laust yfir na).
tor-veldi, n. and f. difficulty;
-veldligr, -veldr, a. hard, difficult (tti honum -velt at rtta eira hlut);
-virr,a. difficult to estimate;
-eystr, pp. hard to stir;
-reytiligr, a. difficult to perform;
-ri, n. bad season, famine, = hallri.
toskr, m. tusk, in ' Rata-toskr'.
t, f. grassy spot among cliffs (gammrinn settist t eina, er var bjrgunum).
t, n. wool; vinna t, to card or dress wool (konur unnu t daginn).
tl, n. pl. tools (geru eir hamar ok tng ok steja ok aan af ll tl nnur).
tla-kista, f. tool-chest.
tlf, card. numb, twelve.
tlf-eyringr, m. a twelve-ounce ring;
-femingr, m. a space twelve-fathom square;
-greindr, pp. divided into twelve;
-menningr, m. a company of twelve, at a banquet;
-rr, a. consisting of twelve tens;
-rtt hundra, a duodecimal hundred, 120.
tolftar-kvir, m. = tylftar-kvir.
tlfti, ord. numb, the twelfth.
tlftungr, m. the twelfth part.
tlf-vetr, a. twelve years old;
-ringr, m. a twelve-oared boat;
-rr, a. twelve-oared.
tm, n. leisure; Aron kva n eigi t. at v, A. said there was no time (leisure) for that; tmi, at leisure; leika tmi vi, to allow oneself time, take one's time (hann s hvert r, er bezt gegndi, ef hann lk tmi vi); gu, rnu tmi, at good, ample leisure; af tmi, by and by.
tm-latr, a. slow, leisurely (eigi voru r n -ltir, slendingar);
-liga, adv. slowly, leisurely;
-lti, n. slowness, leisureliness (eir sgu orleif mjk slenzkan fyrir -lti sitt).
tmr, a. (1) empty; me tvr hendr tmar, empty-handed; (2) vain, mere, idle (vera kann at etta s eigi tm or, er talar n).

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