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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


esp. when in harbour; brega tjldum, to take down (strike) the tents; (2) hangings, tapestry.
tjalda (a), v. (1) to pitch a tent (at var annarr sir eira at t. aldri skipum); (2) to hang with cloth or tapestry (lt yri t. hllina grm vamlum).
tjald-ss, m. tent-pole;
-b, f. tent-booth, the Tabernacle;
-dyrr, f. pl. tent-doors;
-kla, f. tent-knob;
-lauss, a. tentless, in open air.
tjaldr, m. oyster-catcher (bird).
tjald-skr, f. the edge of a tent.
tjalds-nagli, m. (1) tent-peg; (2) peg to which hangings are fastened.
tjald-star, m. place for pitching a tent;
-steinn, m. a rock looking like a tent;
-stokkr, m. tent-block;
-stuill, m., -stng, f. tent-pole.
tjalds-trnur, f. pl. tent-frame.
tjald-viir, m. pl. wooden frame of a tent or tabernacle.
tjara, f. tar (svartr sem t.).
tjarga (a), v. to tar.
tjasna, f., a kind of peg.
tj (t, ta, tr; later tji, tja, tjr), v. (1) to show, exhibit; er honum er t sver, when the sword is shown him; t. e-t fyrir e-m, to show it to one; (2) to tell, report, relate ( hluti, er ar grust, ta ek r fyrra brfi); Gunnarr tji, hversu vel eim hafi farit, G. told how well they had behaved; also, t. e-t fyrir e-tn (hann tji fyrir konu sinni, at Hrafn vri skapgfr); (3) to show, grant; t. e-m gvilja, to show one a kindness; (4) with gen., t. eigi tanna, ' not to show the teeth', to take no food (vi essi tindi gladdist mjic G. konungr, sv at hann tji eigi tanna); (5) to be of use, boot, avail, =tja, tja, tja (rir s, at mundi ekki t. at leyna); (6) as an auxil. verb; sl tr sortna, the sun grows dark.
tja (a), v. to avail, = tj 5.
tjr, n. tether (hestr tjri).
tjra (a), v. to tether.
tjn, n. and f. damage, loss (gera. e-m t).
tjnar, m. help, assistance (me tjnai lismanna hans).
tjn-samr, a. losing heavily.
tjga, f. pitch-fork.
tjgari, m. poet, destroyer (tungls t).
tjgu-skegg, n. fork-beard, a nickname (of King Sveinn of Denmark),
tjrgar, pp. tarred.
tjrn (gen. tjarnar, pl. tjarnir), f. (1) tarn, small lake; (2) pool (hann kenndi, at t. var glfinu).
tjru-pinnr, m. tar-pin.
toddi, m. bit, piece, slice.
tog, n. rope, line, cord; hafa (leia) hest togi, to have a led-horse.
toga (a), v. (1) to draw, pull, stretch (san togar hann honum tunguna); t. af e-m, to draw the shoes and stockings off a person; fara sem ftr toga, to run as hard as one can go; (2) refl., togast r hndum e-rn, to be drawn out of one's hands; t. vi fast, to pull hard; t vi aldr, to pull against old age, grow old (ekki muntu vi aldr togast).
togan, f. drawing, pulling.
tog-drapa, f. a drpa composed in a special metre called' toglag'.
toginn, pp. drawn (enn logni hjrr).
tog-l, f. a body of twelve.
togna (a), v. to be stretched; dagr tekr at t., the day begins to lengthen.
tolla, v. to cleave to, hang fast.
tolla (a), v. to toll, take toll.
tollr (-s, -ar), m. toll, duty, tax (slendingar skulu engi toll gjalda Noregi nema landaura).
toppr, (1) tuft, lock of hair, forelock; (2) top; t siglu, mast-top, mast-head. topt or tupt, f. (1) 'toft', homestead; Skai byggvir fornar toptir fur, S. dwells in her father's old home; (2) a place marked out for a house or building (skyldi ar vera kaupstar; hann gaf mnnum toptir til at gera sr ar hs); (3) the mere walls or foundations of a (former) building (t me firinum eru va toptir).
tor-, an inseparable adverbial prefix in compels., opp. to ' au- ';
-breytiligr, a. very difficult;
-breyttr, a. = -breytiligr (-breytir vegr);
-bnn, a. hard to move by prayer;
-bttr, pp. hard to make good again.
tord-fill, m. dung-beetle.
torf, n. (1) turf, sod (hfu Danir gert borgarvegg af grjti, torfi ok

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