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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


˙l÷g, n. pl. injustice, lawlessness; at ˙l÷gum, in a lawless manner;
˙l÷gliga, adv. illegally.
˙maga-aldr, m. minority, nonage, childhood (vera ß -aldri);
-eyrir, m. the money or property of a minor;
-framfťrsla, f. maintenance of paupers, etc.;
-lauss, a. having no '˙magi' to sustain;
-ma­r, m. a person who has many '˙magar' to sustain.
˙-magi, m. a helpless one, one incapable of self-maintenance (including children, aged people, men disabled by sickness, paupers, etc.).
˙-mak, n., trouble;
˙maki, m., trouble;
˙makindi, n. pl. trouble;
˙makligr, a. unworthy, undeserving;
˙mannan, n. a person fit for nothing;
˙mannligr, a. unmanly, inhuman;
˙mßli, a. speechless, dumb;
˙mßlugr, a. silent, taciturn;
˙mßttis, adv. exceedingly;
˙mittr, m. faintness, swoon;
˙mßttugr, a. without strength, weak, infirm;
˙mßttuliga, adv. slightly, faintly (koma ˙. vi­ hur­ina);
˙mßttuligr, a. (1) faint, weak; (2) impossible;
˙mßtuliga, adv. immensely;
˙meg­, f. (1) the State of being ˙magi; me­an erfingjar vˇru Ý ˙., whilst the heirs were in infancy; (2) a person in ˙meg­; sitja fyrir ˙meg­um, to have '˙magar' to sustain;
˙megin, n. swoon;
˙meginn, a. faint impotent;
˙megn, n. = ˙megin;
˙megna, v. impers., e-n ˙megnir, one faints away;
˙meinn, a. harmless;
˙meinsamr, a. harmless;
˙mennska, f. (1) unmanliness; (2) inhumanity;
˙merkiliga, adv. insignificantly, foolishly;
˙merkiligr, a. (1) insignificant, unworthy of notice (er draumr ■essi ˙. ok mun vera fyrir ve­rum); (2) foolish, silly;
˙merkr, a. (1) insignificant, silly; (2) not to be relied on;
˙merktr, pp. unmarked, of the ears of sheep;
˙meskinn, a. ? indifferent.
˙tmetna­ar-samliga, adv. unpretentiously.
˙-mettr, pp. unsatiated;
˙mildi f. uncharitableness;
˙mildleikr, m. inclemency, severity;
˙mildr, a. (1) uncharitable; (2) unrighteous;
˙minnast (t), v. to be unmindful of (˙. e-s);
˙minni, n. forgetfulness, oblivion;
˙minnigr, a. unmindful, forgetful
˙minnis-h÷fgi, m. lethargic sleep;
-veig, f. draught of oblivion.
˙-miskunnsamr, a. unmerciful;
˙mislyndr, a. even-tempered;
˙mj˙kliga, a. unsoftly;
˙mj˙kligr, a. inflexible, stiff;
˙mj˙kr, a. 'unsoft', harsh (˙. Ý or­um);
˙mˇ­r. a. not weary, fresh;
˙mundangligr, a. excessive;
˙myldr, pp. uncovered with earth, unburied;
˙myndiligr, a. shapeless, monstrous;
˙mŠldr, pp. unmeasured;
˙mŠliligr, a. unbounded, immense;
˙mŠtr, a. void, worthless;
˙mŠtta, v. impers., e-n ˙mŠttir, one loses strength, faints away;
˙mť­iliga, adv. without tiring;
˙m÷guligr, a. impossible;
˙nafnligr, a. ill-sounding, of a name;
˙nau­igr, a. uncompelled, not compulsory; eigi ˙nau­gari, not less unwilling;
˙nß­a (). v. to trouble, disturb;
˙nß­ir, f. pl. troubles, disturbance (gera e-m ˙.);
˙nß­uligr, a. troublesome, vexatious;
˙nßtt˙rligr, a. unnatural;
˙neiss, a. 'unshamed', honourable, renowned;
˙neytr, a. = ˙nřtr;
˙notinn, pp. unused;
˙nˇgr, a.= ˙gnˇgr;
˙numinn. pp. not taken, of land;
˙nytja, f. waste; fara at ˙nytju, to be wasted;
˙nytjungr, m. a good for-nothing fellow;
˙nytsamligr, a. useless;
˙nytsamr, a. useless;
˙nřta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to make useless, spoil, destroy; impers., ˙nřtti h÷ndina, the hand became unfit for use; (2) to quash, make void (˙. l÷gru­ning); (3) refl., ˙nřtast, to come to naught, be made void, of a suit;
˙nřtr, a. (1) useless, unfit for use, spoiled (var honum h÷ndin ˙nřt um daginn); (2) worthless (ill ok ˙nřt er y­ur Šfi);
mßlum vßrum er komit Ý ˙nřtt efni, our matters are come to a dead-lock;
˙nťfr, a. unskilled;
˙or­, n. bad language;
˙or­asamr, a. chary of words, reserved;
˙or­inn, pp. future;
˙or­sŠll, a. in bad repute;
˙piniligr, a. free from pain;
˙prˇfa­r, pp. unproven;
˙pr˙­liga, adv. ungallantly;
˙pr˙­r, a. inelegant;

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