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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tams-vndr, m. taming (magic) wand,
tand-raur, a. 'fire-red', of gold.
tandri, m. fire (poet. ).
tangi, m. (1) a point projecting into the sea; (2) the pointed end by which the blade is driven into the handle (sverit brast tanganum).
tanna-, gen. pl. from 'tnn';
-gangr, m. chewing, tearing with the teeth;
-gnastran, f., -gnistr, m. gnashing of teeth;
-hold, n. the gums.
tannari, m. tusk-chisel.
tanna-skjlfti, m. chattering of the teeth;
-verkr, m. tooth-ache.
tann-belti, n. a belt of walrus-tusk;
-berr, a. with prominent teeth;
-f, n. tooth-fee (a gift to an infant when it cuts its first tooth);
-garr, m. 'tooth-wall', the row of teeth;
-hjaltar, pp. tusk-hilted;
-hjlt, n. pl. a hilt of walrus-tusk;
-lausa, a. toothless; -refill, m. tusk-chisel;
-srr, a. tooth-sore, ill-treated;
-skeptr, pp. with handle of walrus-tusk;
-spjald, n. a plate (tablet) of walrus-tusk;
-tafl, n. pieces (chessmen) of walrus-tusk;
-vara, f. walrus-tusks.
tapa (a), v. (1) to lose, with dat. (ar tapai hn kambi snum); (2) to kill, put to death (t. e-m, lfi e-s); (3) refl., tapast, to be lost, come to nought.
tapan, f. (1) loss; (2) perdition.
tapar-x, f. a kind of small axe.
tappa (a), v. to tap, draw, from a cask (t. vn, mungt).
tarfr, m. bull.
targa, f. target, small round shield.
tarra (a), v. to lay forth, spread out (t. gulli ok gersimum).
taska, f. bag, sack (tskur tvr fullar me gull ok silfr).
tas-vgr, a. very busy (at e-u).
taufr, n. pl. sorcery, charms.
taufra (a), v. to enchant.
taufra-mar, m. sorcerer, enchanter.
taufrar, m. pl. = taufr.
taug (pl. -r), f. string, rope; -reptr, pp. ? having ropes in place of rafters, of a poor cottage.
tauma-lag, n. holding the reins..
taumr (-s, -ar), m. rein, bridle (. tk taumana); hfa hest taumi, to have a led horse with one; bera taum sinn, to measure the ice with a cord; ganga, akast tauma, to fail, not to be fulfilled.
tauta (a), v. to mutter, murmur.
t (gen. tr, pl. tr), f. toe; tin in mesta, the big toe.
t, n. path, walk (poet.).
tg (pl. -ar), f. stringy root, fibre.
t-jrn, n.' toe-iron ', fetter.
tkn, n. (1) token, mark (krossar ok ll heilg tkn); (2) token, wonder, miracle (n var at annat sinn, at lafr konungr geri fagrt t.).
tkna (a), v. to betoken, signify; t. fyrir, to forebode.
tkn-samligr, a. (1) symbolical; (2) miraculous (-samlig lkning).
tl (pl. -ar), f. deceit,allurement; pl. devices; draga e-n tlar, to draw into a trap, betray.
tlar-dsir, f, pl. guileful (female) spirits; -snara, f. treacherous snare or noose, = tlsnara.
tlga (a), v. to carve, = telgja.
tlga, f. cutting, carving.
tl-grf, f. pitfall.
tlgu-grjt, n. free-stone;
-knfr, m. carving-knife, whittle;
-tl, n. carving-tool;
-x, f. adze.
tlkn, n. gills of fish; whale-bone.
tlkn-fanir, f. pl. strips of whalebone;
-aki, n. a thick piece of whalebone (berja me -ski);
-sproti, m. wand of whale-bone.
tl-lauss, a. guileless;
-lausliga, adv. guilelessly, sincerely.
tlma (a), v. to hinder (E. konungr tlmai ekki fer hans).
tlman, f. hindering, obstruction.
tl-samligr, a. treacherous;
-sigi, m. bait, allurement;
-snara, f. a deceitful snare.
tr, n. tear (hrundu trin kinnr honum); fella tr, to shed tears.
tra-brunnr, m. flood of tears;
-fall, n. weeping;
-fullr, a. tearful;
-regn, n. = -brunnr.
trast (a), v. refl. to shed tears, weep (hann traist mjk).
tr-blandinn, pp. blent with tears; -feldr, a. weeping, tearful;

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