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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(-da, -dr), v. to shed tears;
-felling, f. shedding of tears;
-mildr, a. profuse of tears, apt to weep (-mild augu);
-stokkinn, pp. tear-besprinkled (me trstokknum augum).
trug-hlra, a. with tearful cheeks.
t, n., in the phrase, at er yr jafnan t, it is always free to you.
teja (te, tadda, taddr), v. to dung, manure (t. vel gara).
tefja (tef, tafa, tafinn), v. to hinder, delay (t. e-n, t. fyrir e-m).
tefla (-da, -dr), v. (1) to play at tables, chess, draughts, etc. (sumir tefldu skktafl ea hneftafl ea kvtru); (2) t. uppnm, to expose the pieces, so that they can be taken (vildi S. bera aptr riddara, er hann hafi teflt uppnm); (3) t. e-n upp, to beat one in a game of draughts, fig. to deprive one of what one has; (4) to weave checks.
teflingr, m. checkered cloth.
tegund, f., see 'tigund'.
teigr (-s, -ar), m. strip of field or meadow-land (at sl teig ann, er heitir Gullteigr).
teig-yrki (pl. -yrkjar), m. field-labourer (-yrkjar ok verkamenn).
teikn, n. token, = tkn.
teikna (a), v. (1) to denote, signify (hvat mun etta hafa at t. ?); (2) to make a sign, indicate by a sign, = benda (konungr teiknai mr, at ek skylda byrla honum).
teiknan, f. beckoning, = bending.
teina, f. basket made of twigs.
teindr, pp. beaten into rods or bars.
teinn (-s,-ar), m. (1) twig; sprout, = teinungr; (2) spit (tk ek eira hjrtu ok teini steiktak); (3) a stake to hang things on; (4) = hlautteinn (eir hristu teina).
teinungr, m. sprout, twig.
tein-vndr, m. wand, rod.
tein-ringr, m. ten-oared boat; -rr, a. ten-oared (skip -rt).
teita (-tta, -ttr), v. to gladden, cheer, make cheerful.
teiti, f. gladsomeness, cheerfulness.
teitr, a. glad, cheerful, merry.
tekinn, pp. from 'taka', (taken) ill (l hann ok var mjk t.).
tekja, (1) take, taking; (2) seizure, booty; (3) income, revenue (konungr gaf eim hlfar tekjur vi sik).
telgja (-a, -r), v. to shape, hew, carve, cut wood or stone with adze or knife; san telgi hann af rnarnar, he cut off the runes.
telja (tel; talda; talir, taldr, talinn), v. (1) to count, number (G. biskup hafi t.ltit bndr slandi); t. kyn sitt til e-s, eiga til e-s at t., to trace one's descent from; tt eigir frndsemi at t. vi mik, though thou canst reckon thyself my kith and kin; (2) to tell, say, set forth; hann taldi litla sna fsi at ra lengra, he said that he had little mind for rowing farther; t. tlu, to make a speech, preach a sermon; (3) to reckon, consider (H. telr sik n hraustari mann en r var hann); t. sr e-t, to claim for oneself, reckon as one's property (. krkr taldi sr dalinn, ok kallai hann at sitt landnm); (4) t. fyrir vindi, to go well before the wind, of a ship (skipin voru rskrei ok tldu vel fyrir vindinum); (5) with preps., t. e-t af, to dissuade; t. e-t af fyrir e-m, to dissuade one from; t. at e-u, to blame, find fault with, object to (man ek ekki at t., at trir at go, er r lkar); t. e-n, to rebuke, blame; t. e-t eptir e-m, to grudge one a thing (ekki tel ek mat eptir ykkr); t. fyrir e-m, to try to persuade one (S. boai angbrandi heini ok taldi lengi fyrir honum); t. tr fyrir e-m, to preach the gospel to one; t. e-t ofan, to dissuade from; t. til e-s, to claim (taldi hann til rkis); t. e-t upp, to enumerate, reckon up ( taldi . upp konur r, sem vru Borgarfiri giptar); (6) refl., teljast undan e-u, to decline, refuse (telst hann undan frinni).
temja (tem; tamda; tamir, tamdr, taminn), v. (1) to tame, break in; xn nam at t., he took to breaking in oxen; (2) to train, exercise (t. sik vi rttir or t. sr rttir); hann tti hrafna tv, er hann hafi tamit vi ml, he had two ravens which he had trained to talk.

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