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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


move them after a meal; t. upp byg sna, to remove one's abode; hn tekr mart at upp, er fjarri er mnum vilja, ske takes much in hand that is far from my will; drykk ok vistir, sv sem skipit tk upp, as the ship could take; t. upp n goor, to establish new priesthoods; t. upp verkna, to take up work; t. upp str, to take to pride; t. upp sk, to take up a case; t. upp draum, to interpret a dream; t. e-t upp, to choose (seg n skjtt, hvern kost vill upp t.); absol., t. upp, to extend, rise (rekkju-stokkr tekr upp millum rma okk-arra); t. t, to run out (E. tk t r stofunni); t. vi e-u, to receive (A. hafi tekit vi furarf snum); t. vel vi e-m, to receive one well, give one a hearty welcome; t. vi tr, to take the faith; eir tku vel vi, they made a bold resistance; tk vi hvrr af rum, one took up where the other left off; t. yfir e-t, to extend over (hann skal eignast af Englandi at, sem uxah tekr yfir); impers. to come to an end, succeed (kvest n vnta, at n mundi yfir t.); eir munu allt til vinna at yfir taki vi oss, to get the better of us; (13) refl., takast, to take place, begin (tkst orrusta); r au skyldu t. at ru sumri, the wedding should take place next summer; takast me eim gar stir, they came to love one another much; to be brought about, take effect, succeed; at tkst honum, he succeeded; t. til, to happen (ef sv vill til t.); t. e-t hendr, to take on one's hands (mun ek at hendr t. at fylkja ar fyrir lii mnu); lta af t., to let oneself be deprived of; recipr., takast (at) orum, to speak to one another; t. , t. fangbrgum, to wrestle; t. hendr, to shake hands.
taka, f. (1) taking, capture, of a fortress, prisoner; (2) taking, seizing, of property; (3) revenue, = tekja (me llum tkum ok skyldum).
tak-f, f. destitution, poverty;
-mark, n. line of demarcation, boundary;
-mikill, a. able to take good hold, strong.
tal, n. (1) talk, parley, conversation; vera (sitja) tali vi e-n, to be (sit) talking with (ek hefi verit tali vi Hrafn ok Sturlu); eiga t. vi e-n, to have a talk with; taka t. sitt, taka t. me sr, to begin to talk together; skilja talit, to cease talking; hlt biskup mikit t. af honum, held much talk with him; taka annat t., to change the conversation to another subject; (2) speech, language ( munt vera tlendr, v at t. itt ok yfirbrag er ekki lkt hrlenzku flki); (3) tale, number; tlf einir talsins, only twelve in number; vera bnda tali, to be reckoned among peasants; (4) tale, list, series (konunga-tal, skalda-tal).
tala, f. (1) speech, discourse ( hf hann tlu sna upp ok sagi); lta ganga tluna, to go on with one's tale (rir agi, mean Grettir lt ganga tluna); (2) tale, number; hann hafi tlu essum mnnum, he took tale of, counted them; hafa e-n rla tlu, to reckon one among thralls, treat one as a thrall; (3) number, in grammar; (4) bead (glertala).
tala (a), v. (1) to talk, speak (t. htt ok hvellt); with acc., san tluu eir leyniliga ragr sna, after that they talked over their plans by themselves; (2) to speak, make a speech (talai konungr fyrir liinu ok mlti sv); (3) to record, tell; ok er ekki um hans ferir at t. fyrr en hann kemr heim, there is nothing to tell about his journey till he comes home; (4) with preps., t. til e-s, to talk (speak) to one (Rtr talai til Marar); to talk about, = t. um e-t; t. vi e-n, to speak to one (n talar Flosi vi menn sna); recipr., eir tluust mart vi, they talked about many things.
talar, pp. spoken, speaking; t. vel, a good speaker (snjallr mli ok t. vel ingum).
tal-hlinn, a. listening to talk, credulous (konungr var -hlinn ok eigi djpsr).
tamning, f. taming, breaking in.
tamr, a. (1) tame, = tamir, of a colt; (2) familiar, ready (at var tamast, sem skunni hafi numit).

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