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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


saddle) off a horse; t. e-t af e-m, to take a thing from one, deprive one of (er vr tkum seglit af honum, grt hann); t. af sr pit, to cease weeping; t. e-t af e-m, to get frotn one (tekr hann af llu flki mikil lof); t. mikinn (mikil), ltinn (ltil) af e-u, to make (say) much, little of; hn tk ltil af llu, she said little about it, took it coldly; ngan tek ek af um liveizlu vi ik, I will not pledge myself as to helping thee; t. e-t af, to choose, take; G. bau r g bo, en vildir engi af t., G. made thee good offers, but thou wouldst take none of them; fara sem ftr mega af t, at the top of one's speed; hann sigldi sur sem af tk, as fast as possible; to abolish, do away with (lagi at allan hug al t. af heini ok fornar venjur); t. e-t aptr, to take back, render void (t. aptr at, er ek gef); to recall (t. aptr or, heil sn); t. e-u, to touch (hn tk augum hans); t. vel, auvelliga, ltt, illa e-u, to take (a thing) well, in good part, ill, in ill part (fluttu eir etta fyrir jarli, en hann tk vel ); t. e-t sik, to take upon oneself (kvast heldr vilja t. at sik at gefa honum annt augat); tku eir sik svefn mikinn, they fell fast asleep; t. arf eptir e-n, to inherit one; t. e-t eptir, to get in return; me v at gerir sv, sem ek b r, skaltu nkkut eptir t., thou shalt have some reward; t. e-t fr e-m, to take a thing away from one (eir tku spjtin fr eim ok bru t na); t. e-n fr e-u, to deprive one of (t. e-n fr landi, rki); t. e-t fyrir e-t, to take in return for (hann keypti sveinana ok tk fyrir vesl gott ok slagning); to take for, look upon as (lkum vr at allt fyrir satt; v tek ek at fyrir gaman); t. fyrir e-t, to refuse (tk E. eigi fyrir tanfer at sumri); t. hendi e-t, to thrust one's hand into; t. hnd e-m, to shake hands with one; t. mti, to offer resistance (eir brendu va bygina, en bndr tku ekki mti); t. nir, to pull down, demolish (t. nir til grundvallar allt at verk); to graze a little, = t. til jarar (eir lta n taka nir hesta sna); t. niri, to touch (feel) the bottom; t. ofan, to take down (Hgni tekr ofan atgeirinn); to pull down (hann hafi ltil t. ofan skla sinn); t. sundr, to cut asunder; impers., slmdi sverinu til hans, sv at sundr tk manninn, so that the man was cleft asunder; t. til e-s, to take to (tku margir til at na hann); t. til mls (ors, ora), to begin to speak; n er ar til mls at t, at, now we must take up the story at this point, that; t. til varnar, to begin the defence; t. til e-s, to have recourse to, resort to (t. e-t til rs, brags); to concern (etta ml, er til konungs tk); lta e-t til sn t., to let it concern oneself, meddle with (Gsli lt ftt til sn t.); t. e-n til e-s, to choose, elect (lafr var til konungs tekinn um allt land); absol., t. til, to begin (hann hlt allt austr um Svnasund, tk til vald Svakonungs); t. e-t til, to take to, do; ef hann tekr nkkut illt til, if he takes to any ill; t. um e-t, to take hold of, grasp (n skaltu t. um ft honum); t. e-t undan, to take away; impers., undan knni tk nyt alla, the cow ceased to give milk; t. undan, to run away, escape (B. tk undan me rs); t. undir e-t, to take hold under a thing; hann tk undir kverkina ok kyssti hana, he took her by the chin and kissed her; to undertake, take upon oneself; H. kvast ekki t. mundu undir vandri eira, H. said he would have nothing to do with their troubles; t. undir e-t me e-m, to back, help one in a thing (vil ek, at r takit undir etta ml me mr); au tku undir etta lttiliga, they seconded it readily; hann tk seinliga undir, he was slow to answer; t. undir, to echo, resound (fjllin tku undir); t. e-t undir sik, to take on hand (Gizurr tk undir sik mlit); to lay hold of (hann tekr undir sik eignir r, er K. tti Noregi); t. e-t upp, to pick up (S. tk upp hanzka sinn); t. upp f fyrir e-m, to seize on, confiscate; t. upp bor, to set up the tables before a meal, but also to re-

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