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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


tabarr, m. tabard, cloak.
tabola, f. tablet, altar-piece.
tabr, n. labour, tambourine.
ta, n. manure, dung; reia t. akrland, to manure a field.
taa (gen. pl. tana), f. (1) the manured field, home-field (skulu eir sl tu dag); (2) the hay from the manured field (raka tu sna alla saman str-sti).
ta-skegglingar, m. pl. dung-beardlings (a contemptuous name).
tafl, n. (1) a board-game, 'tables', chess, draughts; sitja at tafli, leika t., at tafli, to play at chess; n eru brg tafli, there is a trick in the game, there is foul play; (2) the board with the pieces (taflit svarfaist); (3) piece in the game, = tafla.
tafla, f. piece in a game of tables.
tafl-bor, n. draught-board, chessboard;
-brg, n. pl. tricks of playing;
-f, n. the money played for, the stakes;
-mar, m. player at chess;
-pungr, m. a bag for the pieces;
-speki, f. skill in playing.
tafn, n. (1) sacrifice (hann ht miklu tafni); (2) bloody prey (poet.).
tagl, n. horse's tail (skera t. r hrossum); rarely, cow's tail.
tak, n. hold, grasp.
taka (tek; tk, tkum; tekinn), v. (1) to take, catch, seize (tku eir laxinn ok otrinn ok bru me sr); G. tk inni vinstri hendi spjtit lopti, G. caught the spear with his left hand; man hn t. f okkart allt me rni, she will take all our goods by force; t. e-n hndum, to seize one, take captive; tkum vpn vr, let us take to our weapons; (2) fig., t. tr, to take the faith, become a Christian; t. skrn, to be baptized; t. hvld, to take a rest; t. fltta, to take to flight; t. ru, umru, to begin a parley; t. r, to take a counsel (= t. til rs); t. e-n orum, to address one; t. sttir or sttum, to accept terms; t. enna kost, to take this choice; t. stefnu, to fix a meeting; t. boi, to accept an offer; t. stt, to be taken ill; t. glei, to get out of spirits; t. andviri, to meet with contrary winds; t. konung, to take, elect a king; t. konu, to take a wife; t. kunna stigu, to take to unknown ways; t. e-n or e-m vel, to receive one well; t. e-t vert, to take a thing crossly, deny flatly; t. upp hndum, to raise the hands; (3) to reach, stretch forth, touch; fremri hyrnan tk vibeinit, the upper horn caught the collar bone; v at ek tek eigi heim kveld, for I shall not reach home to-night; hrit tk ofan belti, the hair came down to her waist; (4) to reach and take harbour (eir tku land Melrakka-slttu); (5) to take, hold, of a vessel (ketill, er tk tvr tunnur); (6) to be equivalent to, be worth (hringrinn tk tlf hundru mrend); (7) with infin., to begin (hann tk at yrkja, egar er hann var ungr); n taka ll hsin at lga, now the whole house began to blaze; impers., tk at lgja verit, then the wind began to fall; (8) to touch, regard, concern (at allt, sem leikmenn tekr); (9) to catch (up), come up with (hann var allra manna fthvatastr, sv at engi hestr tk hann rs); (10) to start, rush (Eirikr tk t or stofunni, en konungr ba menn hlaupa eptir honum); t. rs, t. fr, to take to running, run away (sv illt sem n er fr at t., mun sarr verra); (11) impers. it is taken; tk af verit (acc.) then the storm abated; kom ftinn, sv at af tk, the stroke came on his leg, so that it was cut off; snina tekr fr e-m, one becomes blind; tk t skip angbrands, Th.'s ship drifted out; um vrit er sumarhita tk, when the summer heat set in; (12) with preps, and advs., t. e-n af lfi, lfdgum, t. e-n af, to take one's life, put to death; t. e-n af nafni ok veldi, to deprive one of his title and power; t. af hesti, to take (the

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