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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ant, authority; (2) the hero of a tale;
-sgn, f. tradition.
sg-vsi, f. tattling propensity.
sk (gen. sakar, pl. sakar or sakir), f. (1) charge, the offence charged; snn s., a true charge; gera sakar hendr sr, to incur charges; gera sakir vi e-n, to do offence or harm to one; sannr at s., proved (found) guilty; gefa e-m (upp) sakir, to remit a charge; gefa e-m s. (sakar) e-u, gefa e-m e-t at s., to make a charge against one; frast undan skum, to plead not guilty; vera (bundinn) skum vi e-n, to have done offence to one (konungr tk str gjld af bndum eim, er honum ttu skum vi sik); (2) suit, action, in court; eiga s. e-u, to have a ground for complaint; ek sjlfr s. v, that is my own affair; skja e-n skum, to prosecute one; svfa allar sakar, to settle all causes; fara me skina, to conduct the suit; segja fram sk sna, to declare ones suit; (3) effect; hafa ekki at s., to effect nothing; tk roddr at vanda um kvmur hans, ok hafi ekki at s., but to no effect; (4) cause, reason (tti konungi sakir til, tt hann hefi eigi komit); fyrir hverja s., for the sake of what, why ? fyrir (essa) s.,for that reason, therefore; af eim skum, from that cause (sv lauk essu, at hsfreyja lzt af eim skum); fyrir e-s sakir or skum, for the sake of, because of; fyrir star sakir, for love's sake; with respect to (skyldi boit vera sem vegligast, bi fyrir tilfanga sakir ok fjlmennis); fyrir mnum skum, for my sake, for my part; um sakar nar, for thy sake; of time, um nokkurra ntta sakir,for a few nights; of (um) stundar sakir,/r a -while; um sinns sakir, for this once; um ntr sakir, for one night; sakir e-s, skum e-s = fyrir sakir e-s, fyrir skum e-s.
skkva (skk; skk, sukkum; sokkinn), v. to sink (sktan skk nir me llum farminum).
skkva (-ta, -t), v. to sink, make to sink, with dat. (reru eir menn t fjr ok sktu ar nir kistunni); refl., skkvast, to sink down (ormrinn sktist sinn).
sktt, a. n., in the phrase, eiga s. vi e-n, to have many quarrels with ( ek s. vi flkit).
sknur, m. = saknar.
sk-tal, n. = saktal.
sku-dlgr, -nautr, m. a person with whom one is at variance, enemy, adversary.
sk-vrn, f. defence in a suit.
sl (gen. slva), n. pl. an edible seaweed, dulse.
slu-, gen. from 'sala';
-v, f. a piece of common stuff, wadmal.
sluvar-brkr, f. pl., -kufl, m., -kyrtill, m. breeks, cowl, kirtle made of ordinary stuff (sluv).
slva-fjara, f. beach where dulse is gathered, dulse-gathering (vera -fjru);
-kaup, n. purchase of dulse.
sndugr, a. sandy, = sendinn.
sng-bk, f. song-book, chant-book;
-fri, n. musical instrument;
-hlj, n. pl. singing, music;
-hljmi, m. sound of music;
-hs, n. choir;
-rtt, f. = -list.
sngla (a), v. to make a jingling or ringing sound (spratt jrnit glfit, sv at snglai vi).
song-list, f. art of music;
-mar, m. singer;
-mr, f. (1) singing maid; (2) a kind of bell;
-nm, n. instruction in music.
sngr (-s, -var), m. (1) singing, music (heyra fagran sng); (2) song, lay (upphaf snganna).
sng-raust, -rdd, f. singing-voice;
-tl, n. pl. = -fri.
sngvinn, a. given to singing.
srvi, n. necklace (steina-srvi).

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