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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ok hj til beggja handa); s. til e-s staar, to frequent a place (til Tnsbergs sttu mjk kaupmenn); (11) refl., skjast, to advance, of a work in hand (en er lei vetrinn, sttist mjk borgargrin); to be passed, of a road or distance; n er meir en hlf-stt, more than half-way; sttist eim seint skip eira Hrts, they were slow in boarding Hrut's ship; eir tla, at eim muni illa s. at vinna oss, they think it will be a hard struggle to master us; recipr., to seek one another skjast sr um lkir, birds of a feather flock together; to attack one another, fight (eir nafnar sttust lengi).
skjandi, m. prosecutor.
sla (-da), v. to slake (s. orsta).
sma (-da,-dr), v. (1) to honour; ef hann vildi s. hann nkkuru lni, if he would honour him with (the grant of) a fief; (2) s. vi e-t, to put up with, bear with (hann ttist eigi mega s. vi skap hennar); s. vi heiminn, to conform to the world; s. vi e-n, to attend, wait on (, kerling, skalt s. vi gestinn).
smd, f. (1) honour; f, hafa s. af e-u, to get , have honour from a matter; gera, veita e-m s., to do, show honour to one; (2) redress for loss or injury (ttist rarinn enga s. hafa fyrir vg orvalds brur sns).
smdar-atkvi, n. honourable mention;
-auki, m. increase of honour;
-bo. n. honourable offer;
-fer, f. honourable journey (fara -fer);
-fst, f. ambition;
-fr, f. = -fer;
-hlutr, m. (share of) honour (hafa -hlut af e-u);
-kli, n. robe of honour;
-lauss, a. honourless;
-mar, m. honourable man, man of distinction (munt ar ykkja -mar, sem ert); vera e-m at -manni, to do honour to one;
-ml, n. honourable mention;
-nafn, n. title of distinction;
-r, n. honourable match;
-skai, m., -spell, n. dishonour;
-seti, n. seat of honour;
-tkn, n. mark of honour;
-vald, n. privileged power;
-vnligr, a., promising honour.
smi-leikr, m. becomingness, propriety;
-liga, adv. honourably, becomingly;
-ligr, a. honourable, becoming;
-ligr kaleikr, a costly chalice.
sm-leitr, a., fine to look at.
smr, a. becoming, befitting (r er smra sver at rja).
snskr, a. Swedish, = svenskr.
sra (-a, -r), v. (1) to conjure, adjure (ek sri ik vi alla krapta Krists); (2) to exorcize (s. djfla fr um mnnum).
sri, n. pl. oaths, swearing (rjfa s.).
sring (pl. -r), f. exorcism.
sringa-mar, m. exorcist.
srr, a. to be sworn, of an oath (hann sr eim eiinn ok sagi , at eigi mundi vel s. vera).
sta, f., st, n. sweetness.
st-leikr, m. sweetness;
-liga, adv. sweetly;
-ligr, a. sweet (-lig rdd).
str, a. sweet (s. ilmr); tti mr slkkt it stasta ljs augna minna, the sweetest light of my eyes.
sla (a), v. to saddle (ok ba hann s. hesta eira); fig., s. e-u e-t or ofan, to add one (affront) to another (Bjrn slar v ofan, at hann kva vsu essa).
sla-br, n. saddle-room.
sul-bogi, m. saddle-bow;
-fjl, f. saddle-board, saddle-tree;
-gjr, f. saddle-girth;
-hringja, f. saddle-buckle;
-kli, n. saddle-cloth.
sull (pl. slar), m. saddle; leggja sul hest, to saddle a horse,
sul-reii, n. saddle-harness; -reim, f. saddle-strap; -treyja, f. saddle-cloth (?).
sg (gen. sagar, pl. sagar), f. saw.
sgn (gen. sagnar, pl. sagnir), f. (1) speech, opp. to 'gn' (s. ea gn haf r sjlfi- hug); (2) tale, report, news (konungr var allreir, er hann heyri essa s.); at er s. manna, at, people say, the story goes, that; nauga e-m, pna e-n, til sagna, to force one to confess, by torture; (3) host of men (cf. ' skipssgn').
sgu-, gen. from 'saga'; -bk, f. saga-book, volume of sagas;
-efni, n. materials for a saga;
-ligr, a. worth telling, important;
-lj, n. pl. historical poems;
-mar, m. (1) inform-

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