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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


systr, f. (1) sister; (2) sister of charity, nun.
systkin, brother(s) and sister(s).
systkina-synir, m. pl. the sons of systkin, first male cousins.
systra-synir, m. pl. sisters' sons.
systrunga, f. one's mother's sister's daughter, female cousin.
systrungr (-s, -ar), m. one's mother's sister's son, male cousin.
systur-barn, n. sister's child, nephew, niece;
-dttir, f. sister's daughter;
-sonr, m. sister's son.
sja, f. line of hoards in a ship (komnar voru nu sjur hvrt bor).
sýja (only pret. pl. séðu, pp. séðr, sœðr), v. to fasten together (the outer planking in a ship or boat).
skjast (t), v. refl. to grow ill.
skn, a., s. dagr, a day on -which lawsuits and actions are permitted.
sla (-da, -dr), v. to make stiff with ice (kuflinn var sldr allr); impers., to turn into ice (sldi hvern dropa, er inn kom); benjarnar sldi, the wounds became stiff with cold.
sn (pl. -ir), f. (1) the faculty of vision, sight (au hafa ekki ml, enga s. n heyrn); er Hkon konungr kom s. vi binn, when king H. came within sight of the farm; hverfa at s., to be lost to sight, disappear (sl hvarf at s. ok geri myrkt); er mr at at s. orit, er ek hefi opt heyrt fr sagt, I have seen with my eyes what I have often heard of; (2) vision (bar fyrir hann svefni mikla s. ok merkiliga); (3) appearance, look (lkari eru eir ursum at vexti ok at s. en menskum mnnum); frr snum, fair of face; at s., apparently (var eim ar vel fagnat at s.).
sna (-d, -dr), v. (1) to show (hn ba hann s. sr sverit); skalt enga fleika r s., thou must show no signs of coldness; (2) refl., snast, to appear, seem (sndist vitrum mnnum hann afbrag); s. e-m, to appear to one in a dream (honum sndist hinn helgi lafr konungr); e-m snist e-t, one thinks fit; veiti mr grpt slkan sem yr snist, give me such burial as you please.
sndr, pp.(1) having eyesight,able to see (gamall ok s. ltt); (t) of weather, clear ( bjrtu veri ok vel sndu).
sni, n. sight; til snis, for the sight's sake; var hann sendr konungi til snis, as a curiosity; til snis e-s or um e-t, in proof of, as a sample of (til snis um mikilleika hestsins).
sni-liga, adv. visibly;
-ligr, a. (1) visible; (2) sightly (. var mikill mar ok sterkr ok hinn -ligsti); (3) advisable (n ykki mr at -ligast at fara aptr rki mitt).
sning, f. showing, exhibition.
snn, a. (1) clear, evident, certain (r skal sn bhlf v vera); tti llum at snu ganga, at, all thought that it was clear, beyond doubt, that; dat. sing, 'snu' with a compar. a great deal, much (snu meiri, minni, betri, verri); with a superl., E. gekk upp snu fyrstr, far ahead; neut. ' synt' as adv. evidently, clearly (ik skortir snt vi hann); (2) fit, likely; ef yr ykkir eigi annat snna fyrir liggja en vera hr, if you have nothing better to do.
sr (gen. sr, acc. and dat. s, pl. sr), f. sow; also as a nickname.
sra, f. sour whey.
Syr-land, n. Syria; -lendingr, m. Syrian; -lenzka, f. the Syrian tongue; -lenzkr, a. Syrian, Syriac.
sru-ker, n. a tub with sour -whey.
ssla (a; older ssta, sstr), v. (1) to do, effect (E. konungr hafi mart sst landinu, at er nytsemd var ); with dat., er hann hefir sst eyrendum snum, when he had done his errand; s. e-t at, to effect (eir sstu at eitt at, at eir sttust vg Snorra); var sv til sst, at, it was so arranged that; s. urn e-t, to busy oneself with (hn ssti um rf gesta); (2) to procure, get (voru honum skjtt sslair hestar).
ssla, f. (1) business, work; hjn stu ar, hldu sslu, busy at their work; ganga um sslur manna, to go about as an overseer; (2) stewardship (hafa sslu Hlogalandi); (3) district, prefecture; also a diocese.
ss-liga, adv. (1) briskly, speedily, quickly (fara, ra -liga); (2) soon.
sýslu-fœrr, a. fit for work (vel -frr at flestu verki);
-lauss, a. unemployed,

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