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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-leysi, n. idleness;
-mar, m. (1) worker (-mar mikill ok starfsmar gr); (2) bailiff, the king's steward (at the same time justice and tax-gatherer).
sta (-tta, -ttr), v. to lament or mourn for one (eir sttu hann sem dauan); s. vi e-u, to grumble at, grudge (stir glggr vi gjfum).
sti-ligr, a. sad (-ligr harmr).
sting, f. wailing, mourning.
s-borg, f. sea-side town;
-brattr, a. steep towards the sea;
-byg, f. coast-district;
-byggjar, m. pl. coast-dwellers;
-daur, a. dead at sea, drowned; cf. 'sjdaur'.
si, n. (1) seed (fra nir s.); (2) in pl., crops on the field.
s-farar, f. pl. sea-faring, voyages;
-frr, a. (1) sea-worthy (skip -frt); (a) fit for sea-faring (ver hvast ok eigi -frt);
-fng, n. pl. stores from the sea;
-garpr, m. sea-champion (var hann ok inn mesti sgarpr sjlfr);
-hafa, a. indecl. driven out of one's course (vera -hafa).
sing, f. bed,= sng.
sæing, f. sacrifice, sacrificial beast.
s-karl, m. sea-carl, raftsman;
-kona, f. mermaid;
-konungi-, m. sea-king (vru margir -konungar, eir er ru lii miklu ok ttu engi lnd);
-kvikendi, n. sea-beast;
-kyrra, f. sea-calm, smooth sea (eir reru logni ok saekyrru).
sla, f. bliss, happiness (eilf s.).
sla (-da, -dr), v. to bless.
sl-borinn, pp. high-born.
slda, v. to bolt, sift (s. mjl).
sldar-lf, n. happy life; -star, m. happy place.
s-li, n. help at sea (rendered to a ship in distress).
saeligr, a. = slligr (sligt setr).
saelingr (-a, -ar), m. wealthy man.
sll, a. (1) in good circumstances, well-off, well to do; slir ok ftkir, wealthy and poor; (2) happy, fortunate (rllinn mlti at jafnan, at hann ttist s.. ef Otkell. tti hann); in greeting, kom heill ok s., frndi!; (3) poor (ek hefi eigi kst kerlinguna slu inni); (4) of a saint, blessed hinn sli Magns jarl).
sl-liga, adv. blissfully;
-ligr, a. happy, blissful;
-lfi, n. life of enjoyment, luxury;
-lifr, a. living a life of enjoyment, voluptuous.
slu-dagar, m. pl. 'days of bliss', the Ember days;
-hs, n. hospice (in deserts and mountains to receive travellers);
-setr, n. = -hs;
-skip, n. ferry-boat;
-songr, m. a mass for one's soul;
-vika, f. Ember week (= sludaga-vika).
s-lgja, f. mist on the sea (logn mikil, okur, ok slgjur);
-lgr, a. lying on the sea (myrkvi -lgr).
sng, older form sing (gen. sngr or saengar; pl. sngr), f.- (1) bed (kona liggr snginni); byggja eina s., to sleep in the same bed; (2) childbed (andast s.).
sngar-fr, -kona, etc., = sngr-.
sngr-fr, f. child-bed (kona hans var ndu af -fr);
-kli, n. pl. bed-clothes;
-kona, f. woman in childbed;
-stokkr, m. bed-side.
sr (gen. svar), m. sea (xn gengu upp r snum), = sjr, sjr.
-sr (-s, -stt), a. seen (au-sr, ein-stt).
sra (-a, -r), v. to wound; s. e-n sri, to inflict a wound upon; recipr. srast, to wound one another.
sring, f. wounding.
s-sjkr, a. sea-sick;
-skip, n. sea-ship;
-skrmsl, n. sea-monster.
sta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to sit in ambush for, waylay, with dat. (hann tlar at s. yr, er r fari sunnan); to watch for an opportunity (essu stir Sturlaugr ok hggr); (2) to undergo, expose oneself to, suffer (vildu eir heldr rma land en eptir sitja ok s. afarkostum af konungi); (3) to bring about, cause, with dat.; s. hlaupum vi e-n, to attack one; s. vlrum vi e-n, to scheme against one; (4) to amount to, be equivalent to (E. var ar at bi snu, sv at at stti vetrum eigi allfm); s. tindum, to be important news, be of importance (er at komit til eyrna mr, er mr ykkir strtindum s.); s. ri, to be advisable (litlu ri ykkir mr s. fer essi); s. sannindum ok rttindum, to

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