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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mad (drunk) like a swine;
-skinn, n. pig-skin;
-st, f. pig-sty.
svri, m. (1) neck, esp. of an ox; (2) part of a war-ship.
sv-vir, f. = -vira;
-vira (-ra, -rr), v. to dishonour, disgrace, put to shame;
-vira, f. disgrace;
-viring, f. = -vira.
svviringar-laust, adv. without shame;
-mar, m. mean fellow;
-nafn, n. disgraceful name.
svvir-liga, adv. disgracefully;
-ligr, a. disgraceful (fer en -ligsta).
Svj, f. Sweden proper.
svi, n. an open, exposed space.
svfa (-a, -r), v. (1) to lull to sleep (hn sng sv fagrt, at hn svfi skipshafnir); (2) to calm down, still, lull (s. s, reii).
svfill, m. head-pillow.
svla, f. (1) thick, choking smoke; (2) cheating (flr er svla).
svla (-da, -dr), v. to suffocate (stifle) with smoke (s. e-n inni sem melrakka greni).
svnskr, a. = snskr.
svra, f. mother-in-law.
svu-sr, n. a wound from a weapon glancing off a bone (verr pat -sr ok eigi beinhgg).
svppr (gen. svappar; pl. sveppir, acc. svppu),m. (1) sponge; ,(2) ball (s. at leika me) = soppr.
svrr (gen. svarar, dat. sveri), m. (1) the skin of the head (with the hair on); (2) = svar-reip.
syri, a. compar. more southern ( Reykjadal inum syra); it syra, by the south road.
syfja (a), v. impers., e-n syfjar, one gets sleepy; syfjar, sleepy.
Sygnir, m. pl. the men from Sogn (in western Norway).
sykn, a. (1) free from guilt, innocent (s. af manndrpi); (2) declared innocent, acquitted; gera e-n syknan, to acquit one.
sykn, f., sykna, f. the state of being sykn; fra (bera) fram syknu e-s, to declare one's innocence,=gera.e-n syknan,
syknu-leyfi, -lof, n. a licence of the 'aling' to grant 'sykna'.
sylgja, f. brooch, buckle,
sylgr (gen. -jar and -s), m. a drink of something, a draught.
syll (pl. syllr), f. sill.
syn (pl. -jar), f. denial,protest; setja s. fyrir, to deny, repel a charge (hann setti ar s. fyrir, ok bau skrslur).
synd (pl. -ir), f. sin.
synda (-nda or -nta, -nt), v. to swim.
synda-, gen. pl. frm 'synd';
-bnd, n. pl. bonds of sin;
-far, n. sins;
-flir, a. sinful;
-lausn, f. forgiveness (remission) of sins;
-lauss, a. sinless;
-lifnar, m. sinful life;
-liga, adv. sinfully;
-ligr, a. sinful;
-mar, m. sinner.
synd-auigr, -fullir, a. sinful.
syndgast (a), v. refl. to sin.
synd-getinn, pp. sin-begotten; -ligr, a. sinful (-ligt verk).
syndr, a. able to swim; s. vel, a good swimmer; hann var s. sem selr, he could swim like a seal.
synd-samligr, a. sinful, of a deed.
syndugr (acc. syndgan), a. sinful.
syndvar - liga, adv. with careful avoidance of sin.
synd-varr, a. wary against sin.
syngja (syng; sng, sungum; sunginn), v. (1) to ring, clash, whistle, of metals, weapons (sverit syngr; syngr atgeirinum); (2) to sing; s. messu, to sing mass; absol. to officiate in a mass (ar sng prestr s, er rndr ht).
synja (a), v. (1) to deny (sannai annarr, en annarr synjai); (2) with gen., to deny a. charge (vil ek essa verks s. fyrir mik ok fyrir alla oss skipverja); (3) s. e-m e-s, to refuse, deny.(hann vill s. mr rkis); (4) refl., synjast, to refuse an offer, of a lady.
synjan, f. denial, refusal.
synnstr, a. superl. southernmost.
syn-semi, f. disobligingness.
syrgi-liga. adv. sadly; -ligr, a. sad.
syrgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to sorrow, mourn (hann ba menn eigi s.); (a) to bewail (syrgi hann hana daua); s. sik, to bewail oneself.
syrpuings-lg, n. pl. a kind of entertainment.
systir (gen., acc., dat. systur, pl.

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