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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


einn fl inn um glugginn ok svipai um hsit); (2) refl., svipast at e-u or eptir e-u, to look after (s. at hrossum); s. um, to look around (svipuust menn um ok fannst hann eigi liinu).
svipa (a), v. to whip, horsewhip.
svipa, f. whip (hann hafi svipu hendi ok keyri hana).
svipar, pp. looking so and so; s. illa = svipillr.
svipan, f. (1) swinging, sweeping; at svera s., while the swords are sweeping; me sv harri s., so quickly; (2) fight (var ar hr s.); (3) the nick of time, moment ( eiri s. fll orgils).
svip-illr, a. ill-looking;
-liga, adv. smartly (frum vr n helzti -liga);
-ligr, a. (1) unstable, transient (-lig sla); (2) having a displeased air (ekki sndist henni konan sviplig); -lyndr, a. fickle-minded; -mikill, . imposing (-mikill drengr).
svipr, m. (1) a sweeping movement; (1) sudden loss (frndum Hrafns tti mikill s., er hann fr brott); (3) a brief glimpse of a person; a fleeting, evanescent appearance (Olafr vaknai ok ttist sj svip konunnar); (4) look, countenance (ik hefi ek st honum lkastan at svip).
svip-stund, f. moment, twinkling of an eye (at var -stund ein r stofan brann sv at hon fell ofan).
svipta (-pta, -ptr), v. (1) to throw, fling (hn svipti honum herar sr); s. borum, to remove the tables; s. e-u ofan, to sweep off, knock down (eir sviptu ofan llum gounum af stllunum); bjarndrit svipti honum undir sik, the bear got him under; (2) to reef (ver x hnd ok ba Bjarni s.); s. seglunum, to reef the sails; s. til eins rifs, to take in all reefs but one; (3) to strip, deprive, s. e-n e-u (hann sviptir hana faldinum); also, s. e-n af e-u (s. e-n af snum hlut); (4) refl., sviptast, to tug, wrestle (tkust eir konungr hendr ok sviptust fast).
svipta, f. loss (hann kva sr sviptu at eira skilnai).
svipti-kista, f. a movable chest.
sviptingar, f. pl. tugging-wrestling, tussle (vru r s. all-harar).
sviptir, m. loss (e-m ykkir s. e-u).
svipu-hgg, n. a lash with a whip;
-leikr, m. a kind of game.
svipull, a. unstable, transient.
svip-vindr, a. fickle, = -lyndr;
-vsi, f. = sveipvsi;
-vss, a. = sveipvss.
Svar, m. pl. the Swedes.
Sva-rki, -veldi, n. the Swedish kingdom or empire.
sva (svi; svei, svium; sviinn), v. (1) to singe, burn, roast (s. dilka-hfu); (2) to smart, of a wound, burn, etc. (sva star stir).
svfa (svf; sveif, svifum; svifinn), v. (1) to rove, ramble; sumir svifu at nautum, some went roving after cattle; sveinn ssliga sveif til skgar, the lad turned briskly to the wood; s. upp grunn, to run ashore, of a ship; lata samykki sitt s. til e-s, to sway one's consent towards, to agree to; (2) impers. with dat. to swerve, drift (sveif skipinu fr landi); svfr skipinu fyrir straumi ok veri, the ship drifts before wind and stream; hann hlt sv, at hvergi sveif, so that the boat swerved not; e-u svfr e-m hug, skap, it occurs to one's mind (Gestr svarar: essu sveif mr skap); segir rr, at svfi yfir hann, that he was taken suddenly ill; (3) refl., svfast um, to bustle about, be active; s. e-s, to shrink from; s. einskis, to shrink from nothing; eir munu einskis (engis) ills s., they will stick at no ill.
svkja (svk; sveik, svikum; svikinn), v. to betray, deceive, cheat (vil ek ik engu s.); s. e-n e-u, to defraud one of (fi opt svikinn).
svn, n. swine,pig; hafa svns minni, to have a short memory.
svna-bl,-bli,n. pig-sty;
-gzla, f. swine-herding;
-hirir, m. swineherd;
-hs, n. swine-house, pig-sty.
svn-beygja (-a, -r), v. to make one stoop like a pig;
-drukkinn, pp. drunk as a swine;
-fylking, f. a wedge-shaped phalanx;
-fylkja (-ta, -tr), v. to draw up in a wedge-shaded phalanx;
-ftr, m. pl., a term of abuse, paltry persons;
-galinn, pp.

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