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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-fetill, m. = sverfetill;
-hjlt, n. pl. sword-hilt,
-hgg, n. sword-stroke.
sver-sklpr, m. scabbard;
-skr, m. the chape of a scabbard;
-skrei, f. sword-cutlery;
-skrii, m. sword-cutler (sverskria bir).
svers-oddr, m. point of a sword.
sver-taka, f. 'sword-taking', as a token of homage, cf. 'sver';
-takari, m.'sword-taker', a king's man.
sverfa (sverf; svarf, surfum; sorfinn), v. to file (svarf hann me snarpri l); lta s. til stls, see 'stl'; sverfr at, it presses hard.
sverja (sver; sr, svr or svara; svarinn), v. (1) to swear; s. vi guin, vi hfu sitt, to swear by the gods, by one's head; s. e-m trnaareia, to take the oaths of allegiance to one; s. e-m e-t, to swear a thing to one, promise upon oath (eir svru Sveini land ok egna); s. ess at, s. um, at, to swear that (viltu s. mr ess, at vildir eigi at mr fara ? konungr sr um, at at skyldi hann vel efna); (2) recipr., sverjast fstbrralag, to swear brotherhood by mutual oath.
sve-vss, a., false, = sveipvss.
svi, n. pl. singed sheep's heads.
svia, f. (1) turning; in 'saltsvia'; (2) singed thing, in 'hfusvia'.
svia, f. a kind of -weapon, cutlass.
svia-, gen. from 'svii';
-lauss, a. free from burning pain.
svi-eldr, m. = sviu-eldr.
svii, m. the smart from burning (hann kennir sr ok svia).
svina (a), v. to be singed (ar Herkju hendr svinuu).
sviningr, m. burnt woodland.
sviu-eldr, m. fire for singeing sheep's heads; -flski, m. ashes.
sviu-skapt, n. handle of a svia.
svif, n. (1) swinging round, veering,of a ship; (2) in pl. nick of time; eim svifum, at that moment.
svig, n. bend, curve; fara (ganga) s. vi e-n, to pass (go) in a circuit
so as to meet one (eir fru sv s. vi konung, at eir hittu hann at ru hverju); vinna (f) s. e-m, to make
one give way, get the better of, overcome.
svigi, m. switch (hann tk einn sviga ok tlar at berja piltinn me).
svigna (a), v. to bend, give way (geru Gotar atgngu sv hara, at fylking Hna svignai fyrir).
svik, n. pl. (1) fraud, treason; ra s. vi e-n, sitja svikum vi e-n, to plot against one; (2) poison; gefa;-m s., to poison one.
svika-drykkr, m. poisoned drink; -fullr, a. treacherous; -lauss, a. guileless, free from treason.
svikall, a. treacherous (jarl var trr ok s. vi vini ok vini).
svika-mar, svikari, m. traitor.
svik-dmr, m. treason;
-fullr, a. treacherous;
-liga, adv. treacherously;
-ligr, a. treacherous;
-lyndr, a. false-minded;
-mall, a. false-spoken;
-r, n. pl. treachery; sitja -rum vi e-n, to plot against one;
-ri, n. = -r;
-samliga, adv. treacherously;
-samligr, a. treacherous;
-samr, a. false;
-semd, f. treachery.
svilar, m. pl. husbands of two sisters.
svima (a), v. to swim (hann svimai yfir na); cf. next.
svima or svimma (svim or svimm; svara, svamm, svani um, summum; svimit, summit), v. to swim (svmu sumir yfir na); fig., s. fullslu, to swim in abundance.
svimi, m. swimming in the head, giddiness (sl, ljsta e-n svima).
svimma, v., see 'svima'.
svimra (a), v. impers., e-n svimrar, one gets giddy, is stunned by a blow (Rgnvald svimrai vi, vi at hggit var mikit).
svna (a), v. to subside, go down, of something swollen.
svinna, f. sagacity, good sense.
svinn-hugar, a. wise;
-ligr, a. sensible (at er svinnligra en, etc.).
svinnr, a. (1) swift; only in, svinn Rn, the rapid Rhine; (2) wise, judicious; s er s., er sik kann, he is wise who knows how to moderate himself.
svinnr, m. good sense, reason; sna svinn snu ri, to turn to reason, mend one's ways.
svipa (a), v. (1) to move swiftly, of a sudden but noiseless motion (fugl

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