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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


enninu, his hair curls on the forehead; (2) to swaddle, wrap, = sveipa (a), (fddi hn barn ok var at sveipt klum).
sveipa (sveipr, sveip, sveipinn), v. (1) to cast; sveip snum hug, he turned his mind; (2) to wrap, swaddle; kona sveip karl ripti, she swaddled him in linen; eldi sveipinn, encircled by fire; cf. sveipa (a).
sveipa, f. kerchief, hood.
sveipan, f. a wild fray, tumult,
sveipr, m. (1) fold, folding; s. f hri, a curl in the hair, curly hair; (2) a kind of head-dress, = sveigr; (3) a sudden stir, disturbance (opt verr s. svefni).
sveip-vsi, f. treachery (sn var -vsi);
-vss, a. false, treacherous.
sveit (pl. -ir), v. (1) body of men, small detachment (lii var skipt sveitir, tlf mnnum saman); (2) company, train (ek var me hnum ok hans s.); eir hldu s. um jlin, they held revels at Yule; (3) community, district, county (gekk pat hallri um allar sveitir).
sveita-, gen. frm 'sveiti';
-bora, f. sweat-pore;
-dkr, m. 'sweat-cloth ', napkin.
sveitar-bt, f. an acquisition to a party (ykkir oss -bt at brur num);
-drttr, m.faction;
-drykkja, f. drinking party (drekka -drykkju);
-gengi, n. help from a party;
-hfingi, m. a captain of a sveit (1);
-mar, m. a man of a party or of a community;
-rkr, a. expelled from a district (gera e-n -rkan); -skipan, f. administration of a district;
-vist, f, abode in a district.
sveitast (tt), v. refl. to sweat (s. bli, vismjrvi).
sveit-bi, m. a man of the same district, comrade.
sveiti, m. (1) sweat; spratt honum s. enni, the sweat burst out upon his brow; f sveita, to get into a perspiration; (2) blood; ar sitr Sigurr sveita stokkinn, stained with blood.
sveitir, sveitugr, a. in a perspiration (. var sveitir mjk).
sveitungr (-s, -ar), m. (1) a man of the same company, comrade (vil ek fylgja sveitungum mnum); (2) follower; Magns ok hans sveitungar, M. and his men; (3) one belonging to the same district (at komir mr stt vi sveitunga mna).
svelga (svelg; svalg, sulgum; slginn), v. (1) to swallow (mun hn slgit hafa yrmling nkkurn); jrin svalg hestinn me llum reiingi, the earth swallowed up the horse and all his harness; (2) absol. to take a deep draught (hann lekr al drekka ok sveigr allstrum).
svelgja (only in infin. and pres. svelgir), v. = sveiga.
svelgr, m. (1) swirl, whirlpool (var ar eptir s. hafinu); (2) swallower, spendthrift.
svell, n. sheet of ice.
svella (svell; svall, stillum; sollinn), v. to swell (sr pat tk at s. ok rtna); of wrath, anger (n svall Sturlungum mjk mr).
svellttr, a. covered with sheets of ice (n er snjlaust ok svelltt).
svelta (svelt; svalt, sultum; soltinn), v. (1) to die (nema Sigur s. ltir); (2) to starve, suffer hunger; s. hel (til heljar, til bana), to die of starvation.
svelta (-lta, -ltr), v. (1) to put to death (svinna systrungu sveltir helli); (2) to starve; s. e-n hel, to starve one to death; s. sik til fjr, to get money by starving oneself.
svelti-kv, f. a pen in which sheep are put to starve.
svengd, f. hunger (s. ok orsti).
svengjast, v. refl. to grow thin in the belly or waist.
svenskr, a. Swedish, = snskr.
sver, n. sword; taka vi sveri konungs, to lay one's hand on the hilt of the sword in the king's hand (in token of homage), to enter his service (n skaltu vera egn hans, er tkt vi sveri hans).
sver-berari, m. sword-bearer;
-fetill, m, sword-strap;
-fiskr, m. sword-fish.
svers-brot, n. pl. fragments of a broken sword;
-egg, f. sword's edge;

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