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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


svrr, a. heavy, grave (poet.).
svs-ligr, a. lovely, delightful (at er kallat -ligt, er bltt er).
svss, a. sweet, dear, beloved (poet.); cf. 'svass' (used in prose).
svt, contracted for ' sv at'.
sveja (sver, svaddi, ), v. to slide, glance off, of a sword (sverit sver af stlhrum hjlmi).
svefja (svef, svafa, svafr), v. to lull to sleep, assuage, soothe (s. e-n, s. reii e-s); dglingr ba ik, at srdropa s. skyldir, to stay the bleeding wounds; refl., svefjast, to be appeased or soothed.
svefn, m. (1) sleep (ganga til svefns); s. rennr (sgr) e-n, one dozes off, falls asleep; vera sveini, vi s., to be asleep; (2) dream (illt er s. slkan at segja naumanni); r er svefns, thou dreamest.
svefna-snir, f. pl. dream-visions.
svefn-br, n. sleeping-bower, bedroom;
-farir, f. pl. dreams;
-gaman, n. 'dream-joy', poet, the night;
-herbergi, -hs, n. sleeping-room;
-hvld, f. rest to sleep;
-hfgi, m. heaviness from sleep, drowsiness;
-hfugr, a. heavy with sleep, drowsy; e-m er (gerir) -hfugt, one is (gets) drowsy;
-hll, f. sleeping-hall.
svefni, n. (1) sleepiness; (2) cohabitation (brjta konu til svefnis).
svefn-inni, n. sleeping-room;
-klefi, m. = -inni;
-lauss, a. sleepless;
-leysi, n. sleeplessness;
-lopt, n. sleeping-loft;
-ml, n. sleeping-time;
-rar, m. pl. dream-phantasms;
-samt, a. n., e-m verr ekki -samt, one is sleepless;
-sel, n. sleeping-shed (on a mountain pasture);
-skli, m. sleeping-hall;
-skemma, -stofa, f. = -br;
-stund, f. sleeping-hour;
-styggr, a. sleeping lightly; -t, f.= -stund; -tmi, m. = -ml.
svefnugr (f. pl. svefngar), a. sleepy (hann var s. ok fastai ltit).
svefn-vana, a. indecl. -wanting sleep;
-orn, m.' sleep-thorn'; stinga e-n -orni or e-m -orn, to stick one with the sleep-thorn (of a charmed sleep); -ungi, m. drowsiness, = -hfgi; -oerr, a. confused with sleep.
svei, interj. fie! s. r, fe upon thee !
sveif (pl. -ar), f. tiller.
sveifla (a), v. to swing, sweep (s. sveri, exi til e-s).
sveifla, f. swing, swinging.
sveigingar-or, n. pl. reprimand.
sveigja (-a, -r), v. (1) to bow, bend; s. boga, to bend (draw) the bow; s. hrpu, to strike the harp; muntu s. (opp. to 'bretta') inn hala, thou shall let thy tail droop; tla ek, at lgin muni sveig hafa verit, that the law was wrested; s. til vi e-n, til samykkis vi e-n, to give way, yield somewhat; (2) refl., sveigjast, to be swayed, sway ( tk at s. hugr jarls); lta s. eptir e-s vilja, to accommodate oneself to another's wishes.
sveigr (gen. -ar), m. a kind of headdress, snood (s. var hfi).
sveim, n. bustle, tumult, = sveimr ( eyjunum var sveim mikil).
sveima (a), v. to wander about, roam (eir sveimuu um binn ok drpu mart af Birkibeinum).
sveimr, m. tumult, stir, = sveim.
sveina-, gen. pl. from 'sveinn';
-drep, n. the massacre of the innocents;
-leikr, m. game of boys.
svein-barn, n. male child;
-dmr, m. boyhood, youth.
sveinn (-s, -ar), m. (1) boy (sveinar tveir lku glfinu); (2) in addressing grown-up men, boys, lads (hart ri r, sveinar!); (3) servant, attendant (eir vissu, at hann var s. Gunnhildar); squire, page.
svein-piltr, -stauli, m. boy, youth.
sveipa (a), v. (1) to sweep, stroke (hann sveipai hrinu fram yfir hfu sr); . sveipar xinni til hans, Th. sweeps at him with the axe; hann sveipai til sverinu, he swept round him with the sword; (2) to swathe, wrap (lt hann s. skipit allt fyrir ofan sj me grm tjldum); lkit var sveipat lndkum, the corpse was wrapped in linen; hann sveipar sik skikkju sinni, he wrapped himself in his mantle.
sveipa (-t, -tr), v. (1) to sweep; hann sveipti af sr flugunni, he swept (drove) the fly away; hrit er sveipt

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