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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


intercalary week, inserted every seventh year at the end of summer
-vxtr, m. the summer produce -bjrg, f. summer work (for one's support during the winter);
-b, n. summer-stock;
-dagr, m. summer's day; -dagrinn fyrsti, the first day of summer;
-fang, n. summer produce, summer catch;
-fullr, a. full as in summer (fara -fullum dagleium);
-gamall, a. a summer old;
-hagi, m. summer pasture;
-hiti, m. summer heat;
-hold, n. pl. summer flesh on cattle;
-hll, f. summer palace;
-kaup, n. summer wages;
-langt, adv. during the summer;
-ligr, a. summer-like;
-magn, n. midsummer-tide; at -magni, in the height of summer;
-ml, n. pl. the first days of summer (um vrit at -mlum).
sumarmla-dagr, m., -dagr hinn fyrsti, the first day of summer;
-helgr, f. the Sunday that falls in the beginning of the summer.
sumar-ntt, f. summer night.
sumarr, m. = sumar.
sumar-skei , n. summer-season;
-t, f., -tmi, m. summer-time;
-verk, n. summer work;
-vir, m. wood for use in summer.
sumbl, n. banquet; gra s., to make a feast;
-samr, a. given to, desirous of, banqueting.
sumr, a. some; fll in sum landsur, a branch of the stream ran away to the south-east; sumu landinu, in some part of the land; gekk sumt eptir, still some things came to pass; sums kostar, partly; sums staar, in some places; sumir, some people; sumir ... sumir, sumir ... arir, some ... others.
sumra (a), v. to become summer.
sumrungr (-s, -ar), m. (1) an animal a summer old; (2) summer -workman.
sunar-, = sonar-, genitive sing, of 'sonr';
-ligr, a. filial.
sund, n. swimming (kasta sr s.); sundi, swimming; me sundi, by means of swimming (hann komst me sundi til lands).
sund, n. (1) sound, strait, channel (var ar s. milli eyjanna); (2) a narrow passage between houses, lane (ar vru fimm menn f sundinu); (3) a small space, interval (fr G. aldri harara eptir en s. var milli eira).
sunda-lei, f. a course leading through straits.
sund-farar, f. pl., -fer, f. swimming;
-fimi, f. adroitness in swimming;
-fjr, f. fin;
-frr, a. able to swim ( ert vel -frr, slendingr);
-ft, n. pl. swimming clothes (vera -ftum);
-hreifi, m. swimming-paw, flipper (of a seal);
-rtt, f. the art of swimming;
-kli, n. pl. = -ft.
sundla (a), v. impers., mik sundlar, I am giddy, my head turns.
sund-laug, f. swimming - bath; -leikar, m. pl. swimming sports;
-lti, n. pl. swimming movements;
-mr, a. tired with swimming.
sundr, adv. asunder, = s. (skipta, deila, hluta s.); segja e-u s., to declare at an end (segja frii s.).
sundra (a), v. (1) to cut in pieces, cut up, a killed beast (s. hjrtinn); (2) to break up (mun hn gefa til nkkut r at sundra st eira).
sundr-borinn, pp. of different origin;
-brotna (a), v. to break asunder;
-dreifa (-a, -r), v. to scatter, disperse;
-grein, f. (1) distinction; (2) discord;
-greiniligr, a. different, various.
sundrgra-mar, m. one who distinguishes himself from others, esp. in dress (skartsamr ok -mar mikill).
sundr-grir, f. pl. new or striking fashions in dress.
sundringum, adv. scatteredly.
sundr-lauss, a. (1) not continuous, scattered (ltil byg ok -laus); fara -laust, to go in loose order; (2) not bound together, opp. to 'samfastr'; -laus or, prose;
-leitr, a. heterogeneous, at variance (eru mjk -leitir siir varir);
-ligr, -likr, a. different;
-litr, a. = -leitr;
-lyndi, n. discord;
-lyndr, a. disagreeing;
-mr, a. born of a different mother;
-ora, a. indecl., vera -ora, to come to words;
-skila, -skilja, a. indecl., vera -skila, skilja, to be separated;
-skipti, n. sundering, separation;

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