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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


stkk li eirra, to put them to flight; stkki, suddenly.
Stkkr, a. (1) brittle (koparr harr ok s.); (2) slippery (slinn var s.).
stkkull, m. sprinkler (dreifa bli me stkkli).
stkkva (stkk; stkk, stukkum; stokkinn), v. (1) to leap, spring; s. htt, to make a high leap; eir stukku upp, they sprang to their feet; s. af baki, to leap off the horse; (2) of things, to spring; ftrinn stkk r lii, the foot sprang out of joint; hringrinn stkk tv hluti, sprang in two; sundr stkk sla, the pillar flew asunder; (3) to take to flight, flee away (s. fltta, r landi, undan); (4) impers., Flosa stukku aldri hermdar-yri, angry -words never escaped from Flosi's mouth.
stkkva (-ta, -t), v. (1) to cause to spring, make to start, drive away (s. aldar-flokki essum); s. e-m r landi, to drive one out of the land; (2) to sprinkle (stkti hann vgu vatni um allt skipit); (3) to besprinkle (hann stkkvir bli himin ok jr).
stkkvi-vg, n. pl. isolated cases of manslaughter,
stng (gen. stangar; pl. stangir and stengr), . (1) staff, pole (taka mikla s. ok binda vi hvta blju); (2) a standard-pole, = merkis-stng (jarl tk merkit af stnginni); lta menn ganga undir s., to make them go under the staff (in order to be counted); bera f til stangar or stanga, to carry the goods to the banner (in order to be rightfully distributed).
stpla (a), v. impers., strum stplar n yfir, the sea dashes over the boat; refl., stplast, to be spilt (stp-luust yfir kerit nkkurir dropar); stplaist t af kerinu, a little was spilt out of the beaker.
stpull (dat. stpli), m. (1) steeple, tower (hljpu eir upp stpulinn); (2) pillar, = stlpi (s. fr fyrir eim).
stpul-sm, f. building a tower.
sur, n. the south (ver var suri); fr suri, from the south.
sur, adv. (1) south, southwards; ra s., to ride south; s. horfu dyrr, the doors faced the south; ganga (fara) s., to go south on a pilgrimage (to Rome or Palestine); s. af kirkju, to the south of the church; hj haugi Gunnars s. fr, by Gunnar's grave-mound, on the south side of it; (2) in the south (hann dvaldist s. landi).
sur-br, n. south bower, south room; -dyrr, f. pl. south doors.
Sur-eyjar, f. pl. the Hebrides.
sur-eyskr, a. from the Hebrides;
-fer, -fr, f. (1) a journey to the south; (2) pilgrimage (to Rome);
-ganga, f. = -fr; -haf, n. the South-sea;
-hallr, a. inclining to the south (sverja eia at sl inni -hllu);
-hlfa, f. the southern region;
-land, n. (1) the south shore of a fjord; (2) pl.,
-lnd, the southlands, Saxony, Germany;
-mar, m. southerner, esp. a Saxon, German;
-rei, f. a journey to the south;
-rki, n. the southern empire, esp. Central and Southern Europe;
-strnd, f. the south shore;
-stka, f. the south wing of a building;
-vegar, m. pl. the southern lands; vera -vegum, on a pilgrimage;
-veggr, m. the southern wall;
-j, f. southern people;
-tt, f. the south.
su-rnn, a. southern (drsir -rnar drt ln spunnu); var -rnt, a south wind was blowing.
sufl, n. whatever is eaten with bread; 'kitchen'.
sukk, n. (1) noise, disturbance, tumult (kenslupiltar geru s. kirkjunni); (2) reckless living; hafa allt sukki, to be extravagant or wasteful.
sukka (a), v. (1) to make a disturbance; (2) to squander, waste, with dat. (hann hafi sukkat gzi hins heilaga lafs).
sullr (pl. -ir), m. boil (s. fti).
sultar-kv, f. 'famine-fold'.
sultr (gen. -ar), m. (1) hunger (deyja af sulti); (2) famine ( var s. mikill Noregi).
sumar (dat. sumri, pl. sumur), n. summer; um sumarit, in the course of the summer, during the summer; at sumri, next summer; mitt s., midsummer; s., this summer.
sumar-auki, m. 'summer-eke', an

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