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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a. divisible;
-skipting, f. = -skipti;
-skorning, f. a cutting asunder;
-slita, a. indecl. scattered, torn asunder (fara -slita).
sundrung, f. sundering, scattering.
sundr-ykki, n., -ykkja, f. discord;
-ykkjast, v. refl. to fall out, quarrel;
-ykkr, a. disagreeing, dissenting;
-ykt, f. discord.
sund-vrr, m. 'sound-warder'.
sunna, f. sun, = sl.
sunnan, adv. (1) from the south (koma, fara, ra s.); (2) on the south side, = at s. ( sst mannarei upp me Hvt at s.); fyrir s. land, in the south of the land; fyrir s. nesit, south of the ness; with gen., s. Rnar, south of the Rhine.
sunnan-fer, f. journey from the south;
-herr, m. southern army;
-lands, adv. in the south part of the country;
-mar, m. southerner;
-ver, southerly wind;
-verr, a. southern ( -verum himins enda er s salr); -vert England, the southern part of E.;
-vindr, m. = -ver.
sunnar, adv. compar. more to the south; -la, -liga, adv. towards the south (eir tku Nreg -liga).
sunnarst, adv. most to the south.
Sunn-lendingr, m. a man from the south of Iceland.
sunn-lenzkr, a. southern, from the south; -mar, m. Southerner, German (-manna gramr).
sunnu-dagr, m. Sunday.
sunr, m. son, = sonr.
s, f. overlapping edge of a board (in clinker-built boats or ships).
s-aktr, pp. covered with over-lapping boards, of a house.
sga (sg; saug or s, sugum; soginn), v. to suck (sveinninn saug hana daua).
sl, f. pillar, column.        
sla, f. (1) = sl (s hll stendr slum); (2) gannet, solan-goose.
spa (sp; saup, supum; sopinn), v. to sip, drink (s. skyr); s. , to take a sip; to sip (hann saup rj sopa).
súra, f. sorrel.
sr-eygr, a. blear-eyed (skygn ok -eygr); -leikr, m. sourness.
srna (a), v. to become sour; srnar augum, the eyes smart (from smoke).
srr, a. (1) sour (srt vn); (2) bitter, unpleasant (s. ertu daui).
sr-skapr, m. unfriendliness.
ss-breki, m .grief, affliction (poet.).
st (pl. -ir), f. (1) sickness (eptir at fr hann s. mikla ok liggr rekkju um hr); (2) grief, sorrow, affliction (snst essi ht s. ok grt); ala s., to pine, feel care.
stari, m. tanner.
st-fenginn, a. mournful, sorrowful;
-flir, a. = -fenginn (-flt hjarta);
-ligr, a. painful.
sva, n., svai, m. slippery place, slipperiness (s.. var vellinum); fig., var vi sva um at mart manna mundi drukkna, it was imminent that many people would be drowned.
svail-fer, -fr, f. unlucky journey, disaster (fara -fer fyrir e-m; veita e-m -farar).
svaill, m. = svail-fer (fara svail fyrir e-m).
svails-fer, f. = svailfer.
svagla (a), v. to gurgle.
svala, f. swallow.
svala (a), v. to chill, cool; svalar e-m, one becomes cool.
svalar, f. pl., a kind of balcony along a wall (ganga t s.).
sval-brjstar, a. cold-hearted.
svali, m. coolness, coldness.
sval-kaldr, a. cool, chilly.
svalr, a. cool, fresh (vindr gerist mikill ok s.).
svan-brr, . female swan; -fjr, f. a swan's feather.
svangi, m. the groins.
svangr, a. (1) slim, slender, thin (svipta sli af svngum j); (2) hungry (lzt hann vera s. ok yrstr).
svang-rifja, a. indecl. bare-ribbed.
svan-hvtr, a. white as a swan.
svanni, m. poet. lady.
svanr (pl. -ir), m. swan.
svar, n. reply, answer, only in pl., svr; sitja fyrir svrum, halda upp svrum, to be answerable, take the responsibility; veita svr fyrir e-n, to defend one, stand up for one.
svara (a), v. (1) to reply, answer,

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