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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


stra, f. (1) adversity; (2) hardness, austerity,severity, opp. to 'bla'(hvrt sem hann mtti blu ea stru); (3) strife.
stra (-dda, -tt), v. (1) to harm, with dat. (strddi hn tt Bula); (2) to fight (s. vi e-n, mti e-m); s. e-n, to fight against, attack.
str-leikr, m. (1) vehemence, of a stream; (2) severity, rigour; (3) obstinacy;
-liga, adv. with severity;
-ligr, a. severe, hard;
-lundar, -lyndr, a. obstinate, sullen;
-lti, n. backwardness, obstinacy;
-mli, strong language;
-meltr, pp. using hard language.
strr, a. (1) strong, rapid (s. straumr); (2) hard, stubborn (eir munu r vera menn strastir); (3) severe (s. dmr); unpleasant; hvrt sem at er bltt er strtt, whether one likes it or not; tala strtt, to speak severely or harshly.
strs-kostr, m. means of fighting;
-mar, m. fighter, warrior.
str-viri, n. contrary wind;
-yri, n. pl. severe language.
strip-rendr, a. striped, with stripes.
strjka (strk; strauk, strukum; strokinn), v. (1) to stroke, rut, wipe; s. hendinni um ennit, s. um ennit, to stroke one's forehead; s. aldri frjlst hfu, never to be a free man; (2) to stroke gently (gekk hann jafnan ok strauk hrossunum); (3) to smooth, brush (en hskona strauk of ripti); (4) to flog (s. e-n til bls); (5) to dash off, run away (hann strkr t jafnskjtt ok braut skg egar); au eru ll strokin, they are all gone.
strjpi or strpi, m. the bleeding trunk or neck, when the head is cut off
strgr, m. bile, spleen.
strtr, m. pointed hood.
stryk, n. stroke (merkja ena lngu stafi me stryki).
strykr, m. gust of wind.
str, n. hards, hurds.
str-hrr, a. tow-haired.
strkja (-ta, -tr), v. = strjka.
strltr, a. scattered, dispersed.
strta (-tta, -ttr), v. to take by surprise (hann vill s. rdegis).
strti, n. street (ganga ti um s.).
strnd (gen. strandar, pl. strendr and strandir), f. (1) border, edge; (2) strand, coast, shore (li konungs stendr n eptir strndinni).
stubbi, stubbr, m. stub, stump.
stuill (pl. stular), m. (1) stud, prop, stay; (2) an upright on board ship; (3) either of the two alliterative letters in the odd lines of a verse.
stuning, f. support.
stuningar-laust, adv. without support (ganga -laust).
stuningr, m. = stuning.
stufa, f. = stofa.
stulda-mar, m. stealer, thief.
stuldr (-ar, -ir), m. stealing, theft.
stumra (a), v. to walk unsteadily.
stund (pl. -ir),f. (1) a certain length of time, a while; var s. til dags, it was a while before daybreak; er lei stundina, in the course of time, after a while; at var s. ein, it was but a short time; er stundir la (fram), as time goes on; dvelja af stundir, to kill the time; ltil er landi stund, brief is the fleeting hour; (2) adverbial phrases; af stundu, ere long, soon; af annarri stundu, ' the next while ' ,ere long; ltilli stunda, in a little while; fyrir stundu, a while ago; langri stundu fyrr, a long while before; um s.,for a while; litla (skamma) s.,for a short while; allar stundir, always; alla s., all the time; s. af s., s. fr s., little by little, by degrees; stundum (dat.), at times, sometimes (3) little distance, a little way, a bit (hann st s. fr dyrunum); (4) hour; tvr stundir dags, two hours; (5) pains, exertion; leggja s. e-t, to take pains about a thing.
stund, n. dust (gneri hann of andlit honum moldar stundinu).
stunda (a), v. to have one's mind bent upon, be intent upon, care for (tti Eirkr konungr enga hluti s. vilja, er landsmnnum vri til nytsemdar); also with preps., s. e-t, to strive after (essir s. fast at rna okkr); s. til e-s, to strive towards, aim at (stunduu bir til ess, at H. konungr skyldi gefa eim konungs

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