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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-viar, a. large-timbered (var skipit bormikit ok -viat);
-viir, m. pl. great timbers, big beams;
-viri, n. great storm;
-virki, n. pl. great achievements, feats;
-virkr, a. doing much work (bi sterkr ok -virkr);
-vitr, a. very wise;
-va, adv. very widely;
-yri, n. pl. big words;
-ing, n. great (cumenical) council;
-orp, n. pl. great villages;
-ungr, a. very heavy;
-urft, I. great need;
-tt, f. great family, noble extraction;
-ttar, a. high-born,
strandar-, gen. from 'strnd';
-glpr, m. 'strand-fool', of one arriving after the ship has sailed;
-hgg, n. = strandhgg.
strand-hgg, n. 'strand-raid', depredation committed on the coast (vkingar hfu haft mikit herfang ofan ok -hgg);
-mar, m. one who lives on the coast;
-setr, n. being left behind on the strand (sitja -setri eptir);
-varpa, f. a net to be laid along the coast;
-vegr, m. road to the coast.
strang-leikr, m. strength, violence;
-liga, adv. strongly, severely.
strangr, a. (1) strong; strng , a rapid river; strng orrosta, a hot fight; (2) rigorous, severe, hard (strangr ok strr dmr).
strauma-skipti, n. pl. change tides (-skipti ok ml at sigla).
straum-brot, n. breaking the stream;
-fall, n. (1) flow, current; (2) the falling of the tide (eir kstuu akkerum ok biu -falls).
straumr (-s, -ar), m. stream, current (ver var hvast ok straumar miklir); vi strauminum, against the current (rei J. vi strauminum, en B. forstreymis); reka fyrir strauminum, to drift with the tide; brjta straum fyrir e-u. to break the stream for a thing, bear the brunt, prepare the way.
straum-vatn, n. running water.
str (dat. pl. strm), n. straw (smjr drpr af hverju stri); liggja stirr strm, to lie stiff on straw, of a corpse (cf. 'nstr').
str (str, stra, strr), v. to strew, cover with straw (s. golf, bekki, herbergi).
strkr (-s,-ar), m. landlouper, vagabond (tti hn brn me strkum).
str-lausa, a.' strawless', of a floor;
-vii, n. brushwood, = hrvii.
streitast (tt),v. refl. to struggle hard.
Strandir, m. pl. people from places in Iceland called Strnd.
streng-flaug, f. the notch for the bow-string in an arrow;
-fri, n. stringed instruments;
-hlj, n. pl. music from stringed instruments.
strenging, f. binding fast (heit-s.).
strengja (-da, -dr), v. to fasten with a string, bind tight (hosan strengd at beini); hann strengdi alt milli skipanna ok bryggnanna, he stretched cables between the ships and the bridges; s. or s. aptr dyrr, to fasten the door; s. e-n inni or ti, to shut one in or out; s. heit or s. e-s heit, to make a solemn vow.
streng-lag, n. = -flaug; -leikr, m. (1) -leikar, stringed instrument (leika -leik); (1) lay, song.
strengr (-jar or -s; pl. -ir, gen. -ja), m. (1) string, cord, rope (strengir til at festa me hs); eir ristu strengi feldi sna, they cut their cloaks into strips; (2) anchor-cable; drekinn flaut um strengi, rode at anchor; liggja um strengi, -to lie at anchor; (3) bow-string, = bogastrengr; (4) string of an instrument (glumu strengir); (5) narrow channel of water, swift current (slyrur nkkurar rak ofan eptir strengnum).
streng-vrr, m. a watch kept at the anchor-cable (halda -vr).
streyma (-di, -t), v. to stream.
streymr, a. running; streymt sund, a strait (sound) with a current.
striga-dkr, m. sack-cloth; -slitri, -slitti, n. rag of sack-cloth.
strigi, m. sack-cloth, coarse cloth.
strita (a), v. (1) to drag with difficulty; (2) refl., stritast, to strive hard (stritaist hann vi at sitja).
str, n. (1) distress, grief, affliction (stti bi at henni s. ok elli); hann bar at me allmiklu stri, he was very much afflicted by it; springa af stri, to burst with grief; (2) strife, war ( var s. mikit Englandi).

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