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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-gingr, m. magnate;
-hagr, a. very skilled, handy;
-heimakligr, a. grossly foolish;
-heit, n, pl. great vows; -heru, n. pl. great districts;
-hlutir, m. pl. great things;
-hrddr, a. much afraid;
-hugar, a. high-minded, proud;
-hveli, n. big whale;
-hfingi, m. great magnate;
-hggr, a. dealing heavy blows;
-illa, adv. very badly; -illr, a. very bad;
-jartegnir, f. pl. great wonders, miracles;
-kappar, great champions;
-katlar, m. pl. big kettles;
-kaupmar, m. wholesale dealer;
-klki, n. pl. great wickedness;
-kostliga, adv. in grand style;
-kostligr, a. grand;
-kvikendi, n. pl. great beasts;
-kvi, n. pl. great poems;
-langr, a. very long;
-ltr, a. (1) proud, haughty; (2) munificent; (3) not content with little;
-leii, n. long way;
-leikr, m. (1) greatness, size; (2) presumption, pride;
-leitr, a. big-faced;
-lendur, f. pl. great lands;
-liga, adv. (1) greatly, very; (2) proudly;
-ligr, a. (1) great (-lig gfa); (2) proud, big (-lig or);
-ltt, adv. very little; -ljtr, a. very ugly;
-lokkar, m. pl. long locks;
-lyndi, n. magnanimity, generosity;
-lyndr, a. magnanimous, high-minded;
-lti, n. (1)pride, overbearing; (2) liberality, munificence;
-lnd, n. pl. great lands;
-mannliga, adv. like a grand man, munificently;
-mannligr, a. magnificent, grand;
-margr, a. very many;
-ml, n. pl. great suits (standa -mlum);
-mein, n. pl. great evils;
-meizl, n. pl. great injuries;
-menni, n. (1) bigmen (rr er lgr ok ltill hj -menni v, sem hr er me oss); (2) great man, man of rank; (3) liberal man;
-menska, f. greatness, munificence;
-merki, n. pl. wonderful things, great wonders;
-merkiliga, adv. wonderfully;
-merkiligr, a. wonderful;
-mikill, a. huge, immense;
-mjk, adv. very much, immensely;
-mli, n. pl. (1) great affairs (standa -mlum); (2) the greater excommunication; vera -mlum, to be excommunicated;
-nr, adv. very nearly;
-orr, a. using big words; big-worded, high-sounding (-ort kvi).
strr (stri or strri, strstir), a. (1) big, great, of size (s. fiskr, strt dr); str ver, rough weather, great gales; str sr, high sea; gri strt firinum, the sea rose high; (2) great, potent (at hann skyldi varast at gra laf eigi of stran); (3) great, important (tillagagr hinna strri mla); (4) proud (fann hann at brtt Sigri, at hn var heldr str).
str-rr, a. ambitious, daring ( ert bi vitr ok -rr);
-refsingar, f. pl. severe punishments;
-regn, n. pl. heavy rains;
-rki, n. pl. great empires;
-rkr, a. very powerful.
strra-mar, m. a man of great aims (hinn mesti -mar).
str-ri, n. (1) ambition; (2) dangerous, great undertaking;
-rk, n. pl. great events;
-sakar, f. pl. great offences;
-sr, grievous wounds;
-skaar, m. pl. great damages;
-skip, n. pl. great ships;
-skorinn, pp. huge, large-boned;
-skorinn andliti, big-faced;
-skriptir, f. pl. heavy penances;
-skuldir, f. pl. great debts;
-slg, n. pl. great visitations,plagues;
-smii, n. great, strong work;
-stair, m. pl. great towns, great church-establishments;
-sveitir, f. pl. large detachments;
-sti, n. large hayrick;
-smdir, f. pl. great honours;
-tkn, n. pl. great wonders;
-tindi, n. pl. great tidings, great events;
-tr, n. pl. huge beams.
stru (neut. dat. from 'strr'), adv. = strum;
-gi, adv. greatly, much (eigi -gi meiri).
strum (plur. dat. from 'strr'), adv. very,greatly, much; fair hennar ok mir uru s. fegin, were very glad; stga s., to take long steps; at berr s., it amounts to much; compar., strrum, more, in a greater degree; eigi strrum n smrrum, neither more nor less.
str-igr, a. stout-hearted, proud;
-farar, f. pl. great evils;
-vandi, m., -vandri, n. pl. great difficulties;
-vegir, m. pl. broad roads, highways;
-vegligr, a. very honourable;
-veislur, f. pl. great banquets;
-vel, adv. right well;
-verk, n. pl. great deeds;

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