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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


nafn); ef it stundi angat, if ye proceed thither; to seek or cultivate one's friendship (ef hann vildi s. til Knts konungs).
stundan, f. (1) taking interest in; margir menn er hann r hefir haft s. af, who formerly have cultivated his friendship; (2) painstaking ( hefir ekki haft fyrir na s.); (3) pursuit, industry (af lfi nu ok s. munu mikil str-tindi hljtast).
stundar, gen. from 'stund'; with an adj. or adv., very, quite (s. heilrr; mla s. htt; kippa s. hart);
-bi, f. brief delay;
-l, n. brief storm;
-hri, f. small interval;
-vegr, m. short way, small distance;
-gn, f. brief silence,
stunda-tapan, f. loss of time.
stund-liga, adv. with zeal, eagerly;
-ligr, a. temporal, worldly.
stundum, adv. sometimes, now and then (see ' stund').
stunga, f. stab (from a weapon).
sturla (a), v. to derange, disturb (hv sturlar hjarta sjlfs ns ?).
sturlan, f. (mental) derangement or trouble (hugar s.).
stutt-brkr, f. pl. short trousers or drawers;
-binn, -klddr, pp. clad in short clothes (hann var -klddr);
-leikar, m. pl. abruptness; skilja -leikum, to part abruptly;
-leitr, a. short-faced;
-liga, adv. shortly, abruptly (mla -liga til e-s);
-ligr, a. brief, abrupt;
-mltr, pp. (1) short-spoken (-mlir ok ftalar); (2) harsh (hn var -mlt vi sveininn);
-orr, a. short-worded.
stuttr, a. (1) short (stutt skyrta, s. kyrtill); (2) scant (stutt hjlp); (3) short-spoken, snappish (konungr svarar stutt ok styggt).
stdera (a), v. to study,
stfr (-s, -ar), m. stump.
stka, f. (1) sleeve (cf. 'brn-, nfrastka'); (2) wing of a building.
stlka, f. girl, lass (ung s.).
stpa, v. to stick up (rare).
stra, f. gloom, sadness.
stru-mar, m. a care-worn man.
sttr, m. a stumpy thing (cf.' drykk-jarsttr'); a stump, end.
styja (sty, studda, studdr), v. (1) to rest (one thing on another), esp. so as to support oneself thereby; s. hendi, fti, to rest one's hand or foot on something (annarri hendi styr hann herar Jkli); (2) to stick, pierce (eir Gullveig geirum studdu); (3) s. e-n, to hold one up, support one; skrinai hann rum fti ok studdi sik me hendinni, he supported himself with his hand; (4) fig. to support, aid (hann studdi rvanda menn heilrum); (5) refl, styjast, to lean upon (. studdist xi sna); s. vi konungs bor, to lean the hands upon the king's table.
styg, f. dislike, aversion; hafa s. vi e-n, to show dislike to; mla af s., to speak disagreeably.
styggja or styggya (-a, -r), v. to offend (ek vil ik eigi s.); refl., styggjast e-t, to shun, abhor (s. manndrp); s. vi e-t, to be offended with (ba hann eigi s. vi etta); s. vi e-u, to get angry at.
stygg-leikr, m. aversion;
-liga, adv. harshly, angrily (svara, mla -liga);
-lyndr, a. hasty-tempered, peevish.
styggr, a. (1) shy (s. saur, hestr); (2) showing anger or displeasure (rr var inn styggasti vi biskup); mla styggt, = m. styggliga.
stykki, n. piece, chop (brytja s.).
styn-fullr, a. sighing, groaning.
stynja (styn, stunda, stunit), v. to sigh, groan (s. me sru brjsti).
stynr (-s, -ir), m. moaning, groaning (sjkra manna s.).
styrja, f. sturgeon (fish).
styrjaldar-mar, m. warlike man.
styrj-ld (gen. -aldar), f. fray, tumult, war; hefir pat skap, er engi -ld fylgir, thou art no man of war.
styrking, f. strengthening, support (hann var s. veikra).
styrkja (-t, -tr), v. (1) to make strong; (2) to assist (ek tla at s. Gunnar at nokkurn); (3) refl., styrkjast, to be strengthened, get strength,
styrkjandi, styrkjari, m. strength-ener; supporter.
styrk-leikr, m. strength; -ligr, a. strong-looking, = sterkligr.

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