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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


board side. (l landit s.); stjrn Hkoni jarli, on the starboard side of Earl H.; (3) rule, government; at er meire s., at, it is more fitting, that.
stjrna (a), v. to rule over, govern, with dat.; (lifir hann of allar aldir ok stjrnar llu rki snu).
stjrnaar-mar, m. ruler.
stjrnan, f. ruling.
stjrnar-bla, n. the blade of a rudder ( stafni ok -blai).
stjrnari, m. (1) steersman; (2) ruler, guider (s. himintunglanna).
stjrnar-lauss, a. without rule (-laust rki);
-mar, m. (1) steersman; (2) ruler (-mar yfir e-u);
-vald, -veldi, n. authority;
-vlr, m. tiller; cf. 'hjlmunvlr'.
stjrn-bitlar, pp. bitted, bridled, of a horse (br hn af stalli -bitluum);
-bori, m. starboard side;
-byringr, m. starboard man;
-fastr, a. provided with a rudder;
-lauss, a. rudderless;
-ltr, a. = -samr;
-ligr, a. orderly;
-marr, m. poet. 'ruddersteed', ship;
-samr, a. able as a ruler, fitted to rule;
-vi (gen. -vijar), f. band fastening the rudder to the ship;
-vlr, m. = stjrmar-vlr.
stjp-barn, n. stepchild;
-dttir, f., -fair, m., -mir, f. step-daughter, -father, -mother.
stjpr, m., stepson, = stjpsonr.
stjlr (acc. pl. stjlu),m. rump.
stjrnu-bk, f. (book of) astronomy or astrology.
stjrnubkar-list, f. = stjrnbk;
-mar, m. astronomer, astrologer.
stjrnu-gangr, m. the course of the stars;
-rtt, -list, f. astronomy;
-ljs, n. star-light;
-mark, n. constellation;
-meistari, m. astrologer;
-rm, n. astrology;
-tal, n. number of stars;
-vegr, m. constellation.
sto (pl. str, ster, later stoir), f. (1) pillar, post; eru veggir hans ok ster ok stlpar af rauu gulli, its walls and pillars and posts are of red gold; (2) fig. prop, support (margar stoir runnu undir hann, frndr, mgar ok vinir).
stoa (a), v. (1) to stay, support, back (s. ml e-s); s. til e-s, to help, assist in a thing; (2) to avail, boot, with dat.; ekki mun mr at s., ef mr er daui tlar, that with stand me in no stead, if death is doomed for me; hvat stoar at, what boots it?
stoa-mar, m. supporter.
stofa, f. sitting-room (milli stofu ok eldhss; fr eldaskla inn stofu).
stofn (-s, -ar), m. (1) stump of a cut tree (var eytt skgunum ok stu stofnarnir eptir); (2) foundation; standa sterkum stofni, to stand on a strong footing, stand firmly (rkit er ungt ok stendr eigi sv sterkum stofni sem skyldi); setja vel (illa) s. vi e-n, to treat one well (badly); hefjast tveim stofnum, to look uncertain, of a journey.
stofna (a), v. to establish, found (s. mustari); s. heit, to make a vow; s. hestaping, to arrange (get up) a public horse-fight; s. r, rager, tlan, to form a plan; s. kaup, kaupmla, to strike a bargain; S. kva hann vst verr launa vistina en stofnat var, worse than was intended.
stofu-bnar, m., -dyrr, f. pl., -gluggr, m., glf, n., -horn, n., -hur, f., -pallr, m., -reykr, m., the hangings, doorway, window, floor, corner, door, flooring, smoke of a sitting-room.
stokka (a), v. to build, raise; s. htt, to aim high.
stokka-belti, n. a belt composed of plates clasped together;
-br, n. a chamber built of stocks or logs (as in Norway);
-ker, n. a cask placed on stocks (sruker er stokkaker).
stokkinn, pp. from 'stkkva'; bli s., sprinkled with blood, blood-stained; E. var fra aldri ok stokkit hr hans, E. was up in years, and his hair was sprinkled with grey.
stokk-lauss, a. without a stock, of an anchor.
stokkr (-s, -ar), (1) stock, trunk, block, log of wood (skutu eir stokki hryginn sv at sundr tk); fra frnir stokkum ea steinum, to offer to stocks or stones; (2) the wall of a log-house; innan stokks, fyrir innan stokk, inside the house, in-doors

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