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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


s. til um e-t, to arrange (hversu eir skyldi til s. um ferina); s. sv til, at, to mangae, that (n skulum vr s. sv til, at eir ni eigi at renna); (4) to tune an instrument (s. hrpu, strengi); (5) to walk with measure, noiseless steps (hann stillti at rekkjunni hljliga); (6) to entrap, outwit (hann ykkist n hafa stilltan ik mjk essu).
stilli, n. (1) self-control, calmness (me gu s.); (2) trap (n hefir refrinn s. gengit).
stilli-liga, adv. composedly, calmly, with moderation (mla, fara - liga);
-ligr, a. moderate, calm, composed.
stilling, f. (1) management (kunna ga s. e-u); (2) moderation, calmness, temperance (hafa s. vi).
stillingar-mar, m. moderate man.
stillir (gen. -is), m. moderator, king.
stilltr, a. calm, moderate, composed.
stinga (sting; stakk, stungum; stunginn), v. (1) to thrust, stick, with dat. (hann stakk nir merkinu eldinn); s. nir nsum, to bite the dust; s. vi ftum, to stop short; (2) to stab, with acc.; s. augu r hfi manns, s. t augu e-s, to put out one's eyes; impers., stingr mik hjartat, my heart aches; s. e-n af, to make away with one; s. af stokki vi e-n, to push away, cut one short; s. af um liveizlu, to refuse to grant help; (3) refl., stingast til e-s, to thrust oneself forward ( hefir mjk stungizt til essa mls).
stingi, m. a stitch in the side (kenna sr stinga undir sunni).
stinnr, a. (1) stiff, unbending, strong (stinnt spjt); flga stinnt, to fly with great force; (2) stiff, great, heavy (stinn manngjld).
stira (-a), v. to stare, = stara.
stir-fttr, a. stiff-footed, stiff-legged;
-kveinn, pp. stiff in composition, of poetry;
-lyndr, a. stubborn, obstinate;
-lti, n. frowardness, hard temper.
stirna (a), v. (1) to become stiff, stiffen; stiranar af elli, stiff with age; (2) to become severe (ver tk at s.); of the temper, to become harsh (eir tku mjk at s. vi hann).
stir-orr, a. having difficulty of utterance (fmltr ok -orr).
stirr, a. (1) stiff, rigid (ftinn gri stiran sem tr); stirt kvi, a poem lacking in metrical fluency; e-m er stirt um ml, one talks with difficulty, has no fluent tongue; (2) harsh, severe (s. dmr); (3) stiff, unbending (Helga grist stir vi Hrafn).
stirfinn, a. froward, peevish.
stirndr, a. starry (s. himinn).
stirtla (a), v. to raise with difficulty; karl getr stirtlat sr ftr, managed to stagger to his feet.
sta (a), v. to pen lambs.
stfla (a), v. to dam up (s. lk).
stfla, f. dam (gra stflu rsinum).
stga (stig; steig or st, stigum; stiginn), v. (1) to step, tread (hn mtti ekki s. ftinn); s. ftum land, to set foot on land; s. fram, to step forward; to die, = fara fram; s. undan bori, to rise from table; s. hest, s. bak, to mount one's horse, get on horseback; s. af hesti, af baki, to alight; s. skip, to go on board; s. fyrir bor, to leap overboard; s. ofan, to step down; s. upp, to ascend; s. til rkis, to ascend the throne; s. yfir e-t, to overcome; s. yfir hfu e-m, to get the better of one; (2) to step on, set foot on, with acc.; hr st hn land af legi, she landed here from the sea; O. steig sundr orfit, O. trod asunder the scythe-handle.
stgr, m. path; see 'stigr.'
stll, m. style (of writing).
stma (a), v. to have a tussle.
stman, f. hubbub, tumult.
stvarr, f. steward.
stjaka (a), v. to give a push to, with dat. (Fri stjakai honum).
stjarna, f. star; spec. polar star.
stjri, m. (1) steerer, ruler (gumna s.); (2) stone anchor.
stjrn, f. (1) steering, steerage; (2) helm, rudder; sitja vi s., to sit at the helm; Ormrinn lt ekki at s., did not obey the rudder; s., on the star-

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