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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


to be stayed, to abate (kva vi at opt str manna stemmast).
stengja (-da, -dr), v. to bar (s. dyrr); s. ti, to shut out (r vili stengja ti pfann sjlfan).
sterk-leikr, m. strength (gtr at -leik);
-ligr, a. strong-looking.
sterkr, a. (1) strong, stark (hann var mikill mar ok s.); (2) great (sterk orrusta, sterk veizla).
sterk-viri, n. a strong gale.
sterta (-rta, -rtr), v. to stiffen (hskona sterti ermar).
stertr, m. short tail, dock.
sttt (pl.-ir), f. (1) pavement; (2) stepping-stones (eir fru stttir r na, er aldri hefir r rekit san); (3) degree, rank (hverrar stttar ertu?); (4) order, condition; (5) base of a vessel.
sttta (a), v. (1) to be the source of (s. mikit illt); (2) to aid, assist, with dat. or acc.; (3) to do good.
stttar-ker, n. a vessel with a base.
stttr, m. (1) rank, position; (2) condition, state.
steyldr, a. crouching, bent.
steypa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to throw (hurl) down (hann steypir sr t af ekjunni); (2) to overthrow (at mun gu vilja, at vr steypinn honum); (3) to cast on or off a garment (s. af sr brynjunni, s. sik grri kpu); hann hafi lokpu yzt ok steypt hettinum, had let the hood sink over the face; (4) to pour out, with dat. (s. soi leii hans); hann lt s. ar gullinu, he poured the gold out into it; hann tk varnar ok steypir eim nir fyrir sik, and throws them down before him; (5) to cast, found, with acc. (var taflit allt steypt af silfri); (6) refl., steypast, to tumble down, fall stooping (steyptist hann daur glfit); s. fyrir bor, to plung overboard; s. kaf, to plunge into water and dive.
steypari, m. caster, founder; cf. 'eirsteypari'.
steyping, f. overthrow, degradation.
steyptr, pp. coming down over the face (steyptir hjlmar).
steyta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to throw, cast violently (eir steyta eim t r vagninum); (2) to pound, bray.
steytr, m. shock (of a wave).
stig, n. (1) step, pace; (2) step of a ladder; (3) pl. degree, rank; af hfum (lgum, litlum) stigum, of high (low) degree (birth).
stiga-mar, m. highwayman.
stig-gata, f. footpath;
-hosur, f. pl. riding-stockings.
stigi, m. ladder (hann ttist sj stiga fr himnum).
stigr or stgr (-s, ar; pl. -ar, -ir, acc. -a, -u), m. path; ryja stginn, to clear the way; taka kunna stga, to walk in unknown paths; stemma stga fyrir e-m, to bar one's way, cut one off; kanna kunna stigu, to visit unknown paths (foreign lands); af hverjum stig, from everywhere.
stig-reip, n. 'stepping-rope', stirrup.
stik, n. pl. stakes, piles, which in times of war were driven in the mouths of rivers (hann lt ok s. gra na Tems me bl ok jrni).
stika (a), v. (1) to drive piles into; lafr konungr lt s. na uppi, he blocked the river by means of piles; (2) to measure with a yard-measure (s. lrept vaml).
stika, f. (1) stick; (2) candlestick (=kertastika); (3) yard, yard-measure, equal to two Icelandic ells (menn skyldi hafa stikur, r er vri tveggja alna at lengd).
stikill (pl. stiklar), m. the pointed end of a horn (stikillinn hornsins).
stikinn, a. disagreeable.
stikk-knfr, m. dagger, dirk.
stikla (a), v. to be roasted.
stilla (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to still, soothe, calm (Njrr stillir sj ok eld); s. sik, to control oneself, keep control of one's temper; s. sonu okkura, to restrain our sons; (2) to moderate, temper, with dat. (konungr var allreir ok stillti vel orum snum; (3) to arrange, settle; vel er essu hf stillt, this is very justly settled; s. grinni, to moderate, regulate the arbitration;

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