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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fram stefnunni, keep on in the same direction; (2) appointed meeting (N. konungr kom fyrr miklu til stefnunnar ok bei ar lengi); (3) the appointed time for meeting (er s. s var liin, er kvein var, etc.); (4) summons; riggja ntta s., a summons with three days' notice; Otkell ltr egar dynja stefnuna, O. immediately thundered out the summons.
stefni, n. prow, stem, = stafn.
stefning, f. summoning, citation.
stefnu-bo, n. a summoning to a meeting;
-dagr, m. day of summons (leggja e-m -dag); plur., -daggar, summoning-days (when summoning could be lawfully done);
-fr, f. summoning-journey (fara -fr);
-lag, n. appointment for a meeting;
-leiangr, m. naval expedition to an appointed meeting;
-myrginn, m. the morning of a citation-day;
-star, m. meeting-place, appointment (halda -sta);
-stund, f. the time of an appointment;
-sk, f. a case of citation;
-tal, n. discourse at a meeting;
-tmi, m. meeting-time;
-vttr, m. a witness to a summons;
-vtti, n. evidence of a lawful summoning.
steggi, m. he-bird, in 'andar-steggi'.
stegla (-da, -dr), v. to expose, set up (a slain enemy's head).
steigur-liga, adv. proudly.
steik (gen. -ar, pl. -ar), f. steak.
steikara-hs, n. kitchen;
-hfingi, -meistari, m. head cook, master cook.
steikari, m. roaster, cook.
steikja (-ta, -tr), v. to roast (s. teini); s. smra en, to have a smaller steak on the spit than.
steina (-da, -dr), v. to stain, colour, paint (skipit var allt steint fyrir ofan sj); steind kli, coloured cloths.
steina-br, f. stone bridge, stone arch;
-srvi, n. stone necklace.
-stein-btr, m. sea-wolf, wolf-fish;
-blindr, a. stone-blind;
-bogi, m. stone arch;
-borg, f. stone castle;
-delfr, m. wheat-ear, fallow finch;
-dyrr, f. pl. doorway of stone;
-garr, m. stone fence;
-geit, f. ibex.
steingeitar-merki, n. Capricorn.
stein-glf, n. stone floor;
-hjarta, n. heart of stone;
-hs, n. stone house;
-hll, f. stone hall;
-kast, n. throwing stones, a stone's throw;
-ketill, m. stone kettle;
-kirkja, f. stone church;
-ligr, a. stony (-ligt hjarta);
-meistari, m. stone-mason;
-mustari, n. = -kirkja;
-mrr, m. stone wall.
steinn (-s, -ar), m. (1) stone, boulder, rock (s. einn mikill); (2) precious stone (bitullinn var settr steinum); (3) calculus or stone in the bladder; (4) paint (skip teint bi hvtum steini ok rauum); (5) stone building, cloister, cell; setjast (or ganga) stein, to become a hermit.
stein-nkkvi, m. stone-boat;
-r or -i, a. violent (eptir at kom -r tnyringr);
-pikka, f. mason's pick;
-rfr, n. stone roof;
-setja, v. to set with stones;
-smir, m. mason;
-smi, f. stone-masonry;
-smi, n. (1) = -sm; (2) articles worked of stone, stone implements;
-stt, f. calculous disease, stone;
-spjald, n. stone tablet;
-stlpi, m. stone pillar;
-strti, n. paved street;
-tlga, f. stone-carving;
-veggr, m. stone wall;
-virki, n. fortification of stone;
-ildr, pp. panelled with stone;
-r, f. stone coffin;
-r, f. stone arrow.
stekkr (-jar or -s, -ir or -ar), m. lamb's fold (sem lamb r stekk).
stekk-t, f. the time when the lambs are kept in folds.
stela (stel; stal, stlum; stolinn), v. to steal, with dat.; s. e-u fr e-m, to steal from one; s. e-n e-u, to rob one of (s. e-n eign sinni); ss er stolinn hamri, Thor is robbed of his hammer; refl., stelast at e-m or e-n, to steal upon, attack one unawares; s. fr e-m, to steal away from; recipr., stelast fr, to steal from one another.
stelari, m. stealer, thief.
stelkr, m. redshank (a bird).
stelling, f. mast-step (ss var stellingunni); cf. 'stallr' 3.
stemma (-da, -dr), v. to stem, stop, dam up, esp. a stream or fluid (eir stemdu sv uppi vatnit); steinn s, er stemdi urftina, stopped the urine; impers., stra lki stemdi uppi, were stemmed, obstructed; refl., stemmast,

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